How did you start?

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I have started to do youtube videos a couple of days ago.
It started during the quarantine as my daughter and i watched some youtube videos
and then we saw some families posting videos of themselves on yt
so my daughter asked me if we could post videos on yt aswell
and from there i began to trim cut and make family videos
it has become a really great gift for my daughter,when she sees new videos of her on yt
Now i want my channel to become successful,not because i want to get rich or something by it
but because my daughter is always looking on how many likes and watches she has everyday
thast our channel PLZ
visit and give us suggestions on how to improve our channel
thank you
All just a bit of fun for me, also as many others started during the coronavirus and just wanted to share some of my travels with people who may be interest to see it.

I'm not bothered about making money from it, its about sharing a journey, I wish I done it years ago as I have been to so many places which I could also have shared.

Now its all about having a good balance and not spending all my free time taking videos and uploading.
So basically I was inspired by iinixiaa and Emily - TheRobloxian! They are my favorite youtubers. But I mainly just wanted to do it for fun, and I still am. I love doing it even when barely anyone sees it.
First thought, to be able to play with a community/group. Or any game, just together and create content, trust each other while having fun.
So i just started my own and hoping some day that i can be a member of it. I do enjoy playing video game, especially survival game, resource gathering, idle/clicker game. So create channel to look for people who has the same hobby as me ;)
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i do youtube for the fun but I feel really sad because people dont view my chaneel. :devil:
I started when the UK coronavirus lockdown began. I only intended to document what lockdown was like but now things have opened up I intend to carrry on, in fact I've made films more regularly since things have eased than during the stricter lockdown. Vlogging has become part of my routine and I find talking to the camera therapeutic!
I like the creating side and tinkering with stuff but my ultimate goal unashamedly is to make money everything else is a bonus