1. ie_research

    Question for those who sell Channel Memberships

    Hello Everyone, I would like to sell channel memberships on my youtube channel, but I have a very specific question that can only be answered by those who already sell channel memberships. The question is - what information about a channel membership purchaser can you see? When you get a new...
  2. F

    Something very important you have to know!!

    NEVER. NEVER. NEVER Delete your videos. I just got a video that I posted 2 years ago get picked up by the algorithm and gain 500.000 views in 1 week, and it seems like it's still growing. I didn't make a lot of money because the video was very short, but I gained a good chunk of subscribers, and...
  3. W

    First Real YouTube Video

    Hey guys! I've been around on here for awhile, but I haven't been in the YouTube game for a hot minute. I just posted my first major video on my new channel. I want to get off on the right foot. As such, I was wondering if you guys could review it and let me know what's good and bad about it...
  4. gettingfitdonewtw

    Low sub growth beginning stages.

    Hi. We are Getting Fit Done, Chalice and Christie's World Tour Workout. We are two cousins touring the world of fitness and trying out one sport at a time. First sport is Muay Thai. IMO, we have four high quality, highly edited videos on our Youtube channel, with cool and interesting content...
  5. K

    Need advice on channel name copyright issues

    Hi everyone. Just made an account on this site because i'm curious if a particular channel name would get me copyright issues. I play Fortnite, and my in-game name is "KalElWayne91" and i'd like to use this name for my youtube channel name. Problem is, Kal El is the name of Superman, and Wayne...
  6. genevieve

    should i tell my channel to friends?

    basically i have this channel that i made and it blew up with around 15k within the first few months.. i want to tell my classmates/friends about it but idk bc I'm scared they'll tell other people/leak a face reveal. i just feel like it would be fun to show off to them and maybe get a little...
  7. J

    My brand NEW channel is live

    Hi there ! I'vre created my first YT channel and i'm superglad to share it with you guys ! It's all about statistics and interesting facts from any topics that you guys could enjoy ! Please take a look and tell me what y'all think about it ...
  8. LandyVlad

    Showing 2nd channel to audience ? / Hiding subscriptions to other channels?

    Speaking of creators who have two channels eg The Detail Geek and The Detail Geek 2. When clicking on the channels tab it shows their 2nd channel. Whereas on mine it shows all the channels I am subbed to (when I only want it to...
  9. P

    How to find what Network a Channel is in?

    Is there a Website that shows that MCN/CMS/Network a Channel is in? I know Socialblade used to do this until like 2016 but I cant find anything else that does this
  10. ExpiredYT

    Need Collaboration buddy!

    Looking for a collab partner on xbox to do a gaming video with. Must be 16 or older
  11. HiNamesDev

    Interacting on Youtube

    Hi, My question is if you wanted to interact on other YouTube channels (not your own), like commenting on videos, talking in the community, liking, etc. Would it be ok to do those things from your Channel account? Or should you do those interactions more on a personal account? I kind of...
  12. A

    YouTube video ideas

    What are some good video ideas to do for a channel that is focusing only on a country? This country is Qatar.
  13. BillSanDiego

    Massive Decline in Analytics/Recommendations/Clicks

    Hi everybody, I'm a YouTuber from San Diego targeting the German audience. I am experiencing a huge drop in analytics — going down from 3K-4K clicks a day to 1K all in a sudden. I found out that YouTube stopped recommending my videos. Anyone experiencing a similar problem? What I did...
  14. M

    Google/Youtube account basics questions

    Could I trouble the community to clarify a few basics about Google & Youtube accounts? True or false: 1. You can only sign in to Youtube with a Google account. You can't just create a Youtube account with its own credentials. If you sign up to Youtube from Youtube, it will create a Google...
  15. Apatz

    How to neatly branch off in my channel?

    Hey folks So i started YT about a month ago and all my videos so far have been based around a single subject, football (soccer). I am really enjoying it all and I've penned down loads of ideas and am getting new equipment etc and generally just trying to spend a bit more time and care over what...
  16. BestNerdLife

    Anyone want to give some honest feedback on my nerdy channel?

    It would really help me you guys could give me some honest feedback about my channel, I talk about all manner of nerdy things. Cheers!
  17. Howard Wilson

    Feedback on video of us in the Philippines

    Hey guys, We are just starting back on our YT channel it revolves around traveling, doing dope activities, and of course all the epic food we encounter! We would love to get some feedback on the overall quality on our latest video. We want honest feedback is good or bad is welcomed. Thank you in...
  18. ProjectHydra

    Channel with animations. Any feedback is appreciated!

    Hi! I would like to show you all my youtube channel with Minecraft narrative animations. I put into this channel a lot o energy and my free time. Any feedback is appreciated!
  19. 5

    Gaming Trying to Collab with other Youtube creators on PS4

    Hit me up on 06/27/19 to collab and create an awesome video together on PS4. PS send me a message on psn: Fiftycloth6
  20. M

    Domain name in channel art & as channel name ?

    Does anyone know if it's allowed to show your domain name (url) in the channel banner and icon? I don't mean a button that shows on top of the banner or anything, but literally in the images themselves. Also, are you allowed to use that same domain name as your channel name? Probably should be...
  21. Jheril

    Please help review my Channel JheOfficial

    Good morning, I have a Youtube Channel that meets the requirements of 1000 Subscriber and 4000 showtimes. Please review immediately approved. My Channel : JheOfficial Thankyou. Bestregards, kita Jheril ( JheOfficial) email:
  22. Gits and Shiggles

    Do my style of videos, and my friends mesh well together?

    This is a Channel run by the two of us (I'm Josh) and we were hoping that having two separate people making videos for the channel doesn't mess too much with the channels overall vibe and style. Here's the one video he made for the channel: Here's My latest video: P.S General Feedback on the...
  23. Money Talks

    1000 total views!

    Finally hit 1000 total views on my channel! I know its not a lot but its progress and its great to see people enjoying our videos and hopefully learning from them! Thank you all for the support and I'm excited to continue making these videos in order to help others!
  24. Gits and Shiggles

    Video Variety and Channel Type

    Hello all, I was wondering what type of content works best on my channel, I upload longer videos and also short memes. Do ya'll think that both can exist together on the channel, or should I just stick to one? Thanks for your help and feedback! Channel...
  25. Money Talks

    20 subscribers on first day of channel!

    Hi Everyone, I'm excited to announce that within one day of starting my channel I have 20 subscribers already! I know it's not a lot but it's cool to see people take interest in my channel! Hopefully, the subs will start to add up and ill be able to reach and help more people with my channel! :)
  26. V

    need help with my suspended channel

    hello guys I am actually here to see if I can get any kind of help with my youtube chanel that was suspended last year for 3 copyright strikes which I didnt intend to do since I never knew there were rules to follow on youtube. I just posted all my family videos there, never did store them...
  27. N

    Would it be okay if I keep on bugging social media friends to sub me?

    I really have no idea in growing a YouTube Chanel - I maybe dumb for this. But with all honesty, all I do is ask my friends in social media to sub me and support my channel. However, I noticed that they are now ignoring my messages and posts. I think I made a mistake. Can you recommend a better...
  28. EpicCrusher

    Something I could do better on my channel?

    Hi I have almost just started my channel EpicCrusher, uploading first video soon.. So I just wanted to ask if some of you could give me honest answer on how you think my channel is? something I missing or has done wrong? Something I can do better? Thanks! Best regards EpicCrusher
  29. Aarondaboi

    How do i optimize search options?

    Hey guys, i was just wondering if theres a good free keyword search or something to boost relevance for your videos? Also how do you get more exposure to your channel? Thank you for any advice!