Domain name in channel art & as channel name ?


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Does anyone know if it's allowed to show your domain name (url) in the channel banner and icon? I don't mean a button that shows on top of the banner or anything, but literally in the images themselves.

Also, are you allowed to use that same domain name as your channel name? Probably should be done without the dot character. E.g. 'MyDomainNameCom' as a channel name and displayed on the channel art.

Reason; I don't have any intention to use any unique name for my channel, but rather the domain name I hold is going to be the brand itself.

Man, I Googled about a half an hour for these two questions, and zero results!

I don't think there is any particular rule against it. Unless if it's a scam I guess.

What I do know is that YT doesn't normally condone directing people off site deceptively. Unfortunately, this has been misinterpreted to mean any kind of link, but the rules make it clear, deception is the problem.

Horses mouth: Spam, deceptive practices & scams policies

Interpret that accordingly.