1. D

    Thinking about a name for your channel? I made this AI-Powered Youtube Name Generator

    You can just type in the idea for your content or general notion of the channel and get some pretty cool names. And I promise it will always make you laugh as well. It's trained on 5 mil+ channels. oh, a link would be cool! Here is the youtube name generator
  2. M

    Domain name in channel art & as channel name ?

    Does anyone know if it's allowed to show your domain name (url) in the channel banner and icon? I don't mean a button that shows on top of the banner or anything, but literally in the images themselves. Also, are you allowed to use that same domain name as your channel name? Probably should be...
  3. Lukerz

    Question About YouTube Names

    Hey all! I started a YouTube channel the other day with the name "Nexen" however, later I found out another larger youtuber (Nexen4games) had a similar name. So I was wondering, would it be a good idea to change my name before I really get started on my channel? This other Youtuber, Nexen4Games...
  4. M

    Need help with naming my Channel

    Hey everyone, I wanna start a YT Channel that's going to consist of cinematography, photography and vlogs however i can't come up with a name for it... I've seen all these people who are really talented and their channels are called their personal name, but i don't think my name sounds very...
  5. JackyB

    Which Username Do You Prefer

    Thanks for ur time!
  6. Life of Seth

    I need help with a name

    So I tried vlogging and decided to wait until I was older so I decided a want a channel all about small things that I do to make people happy like small pranks and little sprites like that and over all just a fun small channel I can upload to so can you help me with a name I am stuck
  7. M

    How do you introduce yourself in your videos?

    Hello all, I was doing a short intro for one of my videos and I wasn't sure how to start... Basically I wanted to say something like "hey guys, it's me and todays video is about whatever todays video was about.." But I wasn't sure whether to use my name or my username when introducing myself...
  8. JP16

    Struggling with Channel Name

    Hey guys i havent really uploaded anything yet and im just starting out but i would like a catchy name or something people will remember, i plan is to play games do let's plays and all that, all i can think of is my initals which is JP but ive been trying to make this sound good for a youtube...
  9. ProjectJamesify

    Video file name in notifications

    Hi there, I get complaints from my subscribers, who have enabled notifications, that the file name of the video appears in the notification. Obviously I would like the actual video title to be in there. It's not a huge issue, but if you guys could help me solve this, it would definitely help...
  10. G

    Hey there! Is "Goof3y" a good name? :P

    I want you guys to be completely honest with me. Is "Goof3y" a good name or just weird? :I
  11. Zachary Blaylock

    Need Help thinking of a Channel Name

    My friend and I are going to be starting a YouTube channel that is along the same lines as rob ****'s twisted tens, serial killer files or videos like Top5's. Essentially we want to start a channel that talks about mysteries, murders, aliens, and just unknown things that the world has yet to...
  12. Oliwier

    Channel name ideas?

    Hi everyone I have a youtube channel that till now has been called ok productions since ok where my initials it has gained a few subs since then. Now my friends joined me on the channel and we no longer only make vlogs we also make gaming videos therefor okproductions doesn't really fit anymore...
  13. Kazniev

    A good YouTube name?

    I haven't started yet, but I'd like to, so maybe I can already think of a name. I was thinking about FrostHeart, which describes my personality. Then I thought Kazniev, from the Balkan word 'kazna', which means punishment. I'm not Balkan myself, but I think it's a beautiful word. What do you...
  14. R

    So, I need some help with a name.

    Hey guys :) So I've already made a thread on this, but I've got a whole new idea. So, I'm thinking of making a new channel, and I'm not very creative on naming haha. So I'm going to be doing commentaries, gaming, and stories. I was thinking of doing 'RandomTheM', but I don't really like it. Any...
  15. n3bsvid

    Should I change my username if I can't change my custom URL?

    Hey guys, first post! I want to change my username because I don't think it's really easy to remember and spell (it's n3bsvid now). The only problem is I already picked that as my custom URL and now I can't change it :( I'm even considering starting a new channel because of this. Anyone have...
  16. R

    I need help making a username...

    Okay, so I already have a channel (RainbowDoesThings) but I want to make another channel. Me and my friend want to make a ranting channel but we can't come up with a channel name. Idk if this will help but here's our separate channel names MissNerdyMoon RainbowDoesThings
  17. Stearmans Toy Review

    How do I change my YouTube Url?

    Right now it's: thestearmanfamily but would like to change it to our channels name: Stearman's Toy Review. IS there anyway to do this? Thanks!
  18. ChaseAndFriends

    Please take 5 seconds to help me out :)

    I need to know which is catchier for a channel name
  19. ablamök

    Perfect youtube channel name

    How did you guys come up with your channel name? I just can't come up with any decent name, every name I think of sounds cheesy and isn't easy to remember. The best I've come up with was happyfapTV but people might get the wrong idea from that kind of name. How about happyeelTV or happyelkTV...
  20. Puck Mitchell

    Youtube channel name // link - HELP

    Alo elo everyone who's clicked. I'm having trouble with my well, banner for a start but also my channel name. My youtube name is infact - ThePuckingtonReborn Yet the link is to a dead channel. I have managed to input the correct url which is the first link available however the second is testing...
  21. SaberOfMoonLight

    Help me name a series!

    I'm working on a series about hacking games, and I need a name for the series. I don't just want to call it "Hacking (blank)," I want to have a clever name, like A+Start's "Son of a Glitch" series. If you have any suggestions, please post them below. I'll look at them and choose a name, and when...
  22. Michelle Swenson

    Vlog/Lifestyle Channel Name?

    Some of you already know that I am restarting/creating a new channel due to some family stuff. Would you help me come up with a name for it? Let me tell you a bit about myself: I'm 18 years old. I've lived in Chicago all of my life. I'm moving to Florida in a month. I'm starting college. I'm a...
  23. Harmonic Music

    Name suggestions?

    Hey! I have a Music promotion channel where I upload House & Edm (especially tropical and deep house) With permission from the artists. The name of the channel right now is "Harmonic Music", but I have only had the channel for one and a half week and don`t know if I will continue With the same...
  24. UnaverageNorwegian

    Name change?

    Hi guys, im doing a vlog on my channel, but i feel like my name is not as good as i would like it to be. On youtube i go by the name "not the average Norwegian" which i think is too long and hard for people to remember. I have also been going by "N.T.A.N" but there is this musician with...
  25. Cindereffa

    Channel Name Suggestions?

    Hey everyone! I currently keep going back and forth in my head about what I desire my channel name to be. I plan to post gaming Let's Plays, and want to start with the Sims, and when I get the hang of things I will branch into other games like Undertale, Stardew Valley, Slime Rancher and...
  26. M

    A Name for the People of my Community?

    So hey guys, thank you so much for taking the time to read this thread. :) I've been trying to come up with a name for the people of my community; lately, I've spent a lot of time re-branding my channel in a few ways - primarily, in the graphical way. Well, I've gone for a "foresty-green-ish"...
  27. S

    Need a name for my Gaming channel.

    Hello, everyone! My name is Shawn and I'm starting a new gaming channel, focusing on PC where I'll be uploading videos such as walkthroughs but i m stuck on choosing a name.
  28. Leonard Melnik

    What should I name my new series?

    I am looking to create a new series on my you tube channel. I already made two vids and uploaded them on my channel, if you could check out my channel and recommend a name for the series that would be awesome. And while you are there please tell me if there are any other mistakes that I should...
  29. artiflex

    Remember Names & get better Relations - 3 Easy Techniques

    Remember Names & get better Relations - 3 Easy Techniques --------------------------- Remembering a name is essential it can improve your relations or connections by 300%. In the books "How to inluence people and win friends." They say "A names is a person's greatest asset. If you forget a...
  30. DukWin

    Does The Video File Name Affect SEO?

    So I've heard some rumors lately that the raw filename affects how high it is ranked in the YouTube algorithm. Is this true? Has anyone actually tested this? I'm wondering because there is a line of video information in the Info and Settings section reading Raw file: 'example file name'.