Struggling with Channel Name


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Hey guys i havent really uploaded anything yet and im just starting out but i would like a catchy name or something people will remember, i plan is to play games do let's plays and all that, all i can think of is my initals which is JP but ive been trying to make this sound good for a youtube channel, i would like just JP but seems to short and looks boring, i did think JPGamer but seems bit childish :D, well anyway if any of you could help me out would be great im currently making logos and channel art but i need the name to finish it,

do you also think JP is to short or JP16, or should i leave JP out of it and think or something brand new ?
Just don't over think it, let it come to you. Mine was literally just "brandon" up until I thought of mine. I'm a visual artist, hence, Visual Brandon. Some may think it's a bit bland/generic but I like it a lot and that's all that matters. Take something that is important to you, and try your best to incorporate it! I would personally leave out the numbers. Have none if you can.
Thanks for the reply, i agree about the numbers i will defintaly leave the numbers out i think
Don't stress over your channel name that much. Sure it's important, but your actual content will be why people subscribe to you. There's plenty of successful channels with awful names - xXSlyFoxHoundXx, everynightxRIOT, LordMinion777, KYRSP33DY, Sl1pg8r, SSoHPKC - just to name a few.

That being said, I do think channel names that are just initials and numbers are hard to remember. Maybe if you want to incorporate JP or 16, it should be combined with another word/phrase that's easier to remember.
i agree that jp is hard to remember, im trying to think of something that goes with it or sounds alright with it, but i am also trying to think of something different altogether like something to do with gaming[DOUBLEPOST=1489098251,1489095038][/DOUBLEPOST]well i have had i think and thought of the following:

Tribal Gaming
Ferocity Gaming - Or just Ferocity ( i like this one alot if i jus named it ferocity)
Just Plain Gaming (Thought this was quite cool cause it stands for my initals JP)
this is all i have thought of so far does anyone like these?