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  1. A

    Does adding the main topic in channel name boost SEO? For Example: [Calm Lands] | [Calm Lands - Music] Should I include my niche at the end of name?

    Normal Name: [Calm Lands] Topic Name included: [Calm Lands - Music] Does having the topic inside of youtube name boost SEO?
  2. T

    Would like some feedback on my channel

    My channel (TheMemeFryer) is a meme-focused channel, I post daily and try to be unique with how I do things. I have only been posting daily for about 3 months now and would like some feedback on what I could do better with my channel! here's a link to the channel...
  3. ExtoicGamer

    Really Need help with a Fun, Easy to say Channel name

    In the past my channel was all About Call of duty Zombies so i Made my Channel name IKillZombie but now that i want to do other content Coming up with a Name now is the hardest thing If you have Ideas Let me know on Discord or just reply down. Please and Thank you IKillZombie#6829
  4. GlobalDayz

    Requesting Channel Review

    I'd greatly appreciate anyone who could provide me w/a channel review. I was recently demonetized last month due to "reused content" following 3 yrs of being a creator & I'm currently attempting to modify my channel & my style to meet the latest guidelines while awaiting response following...
  5. George Hudson

    Need your advice

    Hello Everyone, So I just have started uploading again recently and did a whole channel refresh, new thumbnails, new channel art and higher quality content. I would really appreciate it if everyone could go and check it out and let me know what they think!
  6. N

    Would it be okay if I keep on bugging social media friends to sub me?

    I really have no idea in growing a YouTube Chanel - I maybe dumb for this. But with all honesty, all I do is ask my friends in social media to sub me and support my channel. However, I noticed that they are now ignoring my messages and posts. I think I made a mistake. Can you recommend a better...
  7. WarriorDan

    Requesting a channel review

    I've been producing videos on my channel for several years now, however over the past year or so, I've noticed that my growth has effectively stagnated, with just enough new subscribers to offset the auto-removed dead subs that YouTube yanks from my channel every now and then. I've really...
  8. Doodel

    Need a bit of help

    So I just uploaded a video yesterday, it's a ''GamingLemon'' type video. And I think it's good, but was wondering what others think. And also, if I was to try and grow, should I only upload videos like them (Which would have to be every month or something, because I would have to wait for new...
  9. W

    Naming a channel

    I have a name chosen for my YouTube channel which is not my actual name, because I would like to keep my actual name private. The problem I have is that I don't know if I should or shouldn't name the Google profile with my actual name in order to keep it private on YouTube, but still remain...
  10. Mirko

    Be harsh with feedback

    I'm looking for some constructive feedback and I want you guys to say it how it is. What else can I do in order to grow as my current growth is about 1 sub every few days! Also if you have any video ideas that would help my channel (gaming related) be sure to leave them! Thanks to anyone...
  11. Mirko

    I'm Getting Views But Not Likes!!

    Hi everyone, so my YouTube channel has been doing good with views but people don't like the video. For example my latest video has over 1000 views but only 12 likes. and my other videos that get about 50-100 views get maybe 2 or 3 likes. What tips have you guys got for people like me to help...
  12. Chicken Tendies

    More channel feedback

    So for the most part I got a new logo and channel banner and my skills at making thumbnails is slowly increasing and I feel I have reached a new peek of my channel and I wanted a nice honest look/Review of the channel to see if I need to improve it more
  13. Mirko

    I have stopped growing

    There was a time where I was growing on YouTube quite well but now it seems to be getting harder. I would like some feedback to see if there is anything else I can improve on. Thanks.
  14. Mirko

    What Else Can I Improve On?

    So I've been doing YouTube for nearly a year now and I always think there is room for improvement, even the small things can make a BIG difference! Be harsh! Let me know if I can improve on any areas!
  15. Justine

    Time For A Channel Review!

    So I recently started uploading more often because I've been on my summer break! That being said, I made some changes to my channel; my commentary videos now feature my face instead of just my voice over some gameplay! I've also started to use a microphone arm for my mic so I don't have to...
  16. Khantastic

    i have a question. new channel or old?

    basically i have an old channel with about 4k subs or but they are almost all bots besides 100 or so. they also seem to be dropping. how ever i seem to still be getting views. the thing is i'm not sure if the ranking has been affected or anything. it was made in about 2013 and is monetised. i...
  17. Derrick Toys

    Best way to save videos?

    We created a new spin off from Derrick Toys called Kids Fun Reviews for both my children. Any advice how to save videos without using so much storage space? We already have a hard drive for Mac but I would like to start using my Laptop :) Also, I'm using Imovie so do you save everything to...
  18. N

    Channel Feedback

    Hey guys I just want to know your opinion on my channel and what I need to do to improve the channel here’s the link to the channel. YouTube Channel: Just in case the other link doesn’t work so I just put it in
  19. Chicken Tendies

    Channel Re-Branding

    So I have plans to rebrand and Re-name my channel, problem is that I am having trouble finding a better name. I need to find that good 2-3 syllable name because i need it to be a memorable name. As funny as it is Chicken Tendies isn't very memorable. Suggestions or any advice would be great...
  20. S.A.D

    Have had this channel for over 2 years now. Losing the motivation

    Right, so the title says it all. but allow me to explain. I, with two other fellas run a gaming and movie review channel. Here we mainly do reviews for movies and video games and even do discussion vids. now we have been at this channel for over 2 years now and we have not even cracked the 400...
  21. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Change Your YouTube Channel Name 2018

    How To Change Your YouTube Channel Name 2018 // Change YouTube Channel Name, Username change to update your branding. Like a custom channel url link the channel name is an important feature to get you noticed. You can change your youtube channel name or youtube profile name to update your brand...
  22. Pedro Nascimento

    Can OLD VIDEOS hurt my channel?

    Hello everybody, For long time I have tried to find why I don't get many subscribers or views and now I came with an idea that might be true. I have about 150 videos that I make for the last 3 years that I have my channel. Some old videos they don't have many views and have a low audience...
  23. YonderYon

    Branding/Channel Design Critique Wanted

    I'm looking to have the overall look of my channel looked at by someone that has 0% biased. My friends are... well my friends. I always get "that looks good" or "that's cool", not "oh I like the bit where you did this/ I'm not a huge fan of that." I just want someone more experienced than I am...
  24. Hashtag10

    I need your advice. About everything.

    Hello guys. I was thinking to create a kids entertainment channel (you know, those annoying channel that play games on tablet and are everywhere) just to see how well i can manage a Youtube channel and see how far i could get with it, but i really need your advice. And i need it like step by...
  25. shauna

    What to do with my channel...

    So i make mostly covers and my main focus is music but i no longer want to be know as a cover artist so I wont be uploading covers as much anymore. I know its good to pick a niche and I want to create other videos but i feel like if i upload vlogs/lifestyle/short films/travel videos people will...
  26. Milano and Lelas toy box

    No views AT ALL without using ad words

    Hi, We are a fairly new channel and we have been using adwords since day one... we stopped using adwords and we didn’t and never do receive 1single view with out using it! We make sure we put in appropriate tags, we think our thumbnails are ok! (Getting better with time) we try to use good...
  27. Your Buddy Gas

    How honest should I be to my viewers?

    When I'm playing games or doing a commentary and make mistakes, I always feel the urge to admit them. Luckely, you won't see me doing it a lot in my video's. Still, I feel that I should think to myself and decide what's getting in the video. Of course I make an exception for responding to...
  28. Pierre Maynard

    Need a Channel review for 2017

    Helle everyone! So i have been on Youtube for a few years now, and my channel has changed for the better! :D I do Gaming videos, music videos, Spanish videos, Cover songs, Vlogs, and spectacular events! But i just need some reviews and opinions on what i could change on my channel, what i...
  29. Zaki Family Playlab

    Kids toys Channel idea

    Hi, I am thinking creating a brand new channel about kids and toys play. Do you think it is good to go? Thanks
  30. RavitsART

    Looking for a channel review!

    Hey guys! I got back into YouTube 12 days ago, and have been posting a daily video ever since, but i don't feel like its working out so well... I want to grow, i really do, and clearly posting daily, or just the content that i post or the quality of the content is not going to get me anywhere...