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So I just uploaded a video yesterday, it's a ''GamingLemon'' type video. And I think it's good, but was wondering what others think.
And also, if I was to try and grow, should I only upload videos like them (Which would have to be every month or something, because I would have to wait for new games also, since it's difficult to make more than 2 videos like that on the same game, and still make the first different than the last)
Or should I upload videos in between, for example playing with friends?

Hopefully you guys can help me out :) Thanks in advance
Somewhere in between I would say. Choose whatever games you like to play and upload it at least once in every week if you can while waiting for new games to come out. Consistent upload is key to growth especially your video revolves around long play through. It good to see that you upload video of new games instead of old ones. If possible, don't make your videos too long. Lessen it to at least 10 minutes and if not enough just upload the remaining part of the videos.