video review

  1. K

    I would LOVE some feedback on this gaming video! I believe it is my best video yet!

    Here is my oblivion video, that I play in 2022 I would LOVE feedback on the video and I would to know what I can improve on (be in voice OR be in the video etc). Any feedback would be appreciated :)
  2. KooL KiD Gamers!

    Looking for feedback on my video if possible.

    Video took me a lot of time. So was hoping to see some feedback on it! Took me like 3 weeks to get this video done
  3. NathanB

    Review On A Spoken Word Type/Style Of Video That I Made

    I'm always looking to improve and this is a video that I decided to make about the way I've lived my life and something important that I've learned. It's more of a personal video but I'm looking for critique on editing, the flow of the video, and feel free to bring up anything else that might've...
  4. S

    Video and channel Review please help

    So far on my channel I have posted 3 videos on a game called Jump Force. The two first ones got around 50 views which is decent for me, but my latest on got a little above 10, even though it’s the best videos I have ever made. I put more effort into that one than the others so why is it not...
  5. PhysicsFreak101

    Can you help me improve my content?

    I would like a review on my newest video, I spent a lot of time with it and want to make my next even better! Feel free to be harsh with criticism, seeing as this is a new type of content that I am experimenting with! Thank You! Link : (youtube address)//watch?v=OwXEiVfZJlQ Its called...
  6. Doodel

    Need a bit of help

    So I just uploaded a video yesterday, it's a ''GamingLemon'' type video. And I think it's good, but was wondering what others think. And also, if I was to try and grow, should I only upload videos like them (Which would have to be every month or something, because I would have to wait for new...
  7. Michael Masters

    New Series with Different Content Direction

    Hi friends, I'm always incredibly delighted with the feedback I get in here. So, this time I'm asking about a specific video. I typically post entertaining content designed to relate with and inspire creators. I'm still going to be doing that. But, I also have been considering doing content...
  8. BrettTaylorYT

    New Music!?

    Hey! So I did a video with not much talking but it’s kind of just a tour type of video I guess. Not much talking but there is music with lyrics playing the background. Usually when I do these types of videos I only use instrumental songs. What do you think of songs with lyrics?
  9. BrettTaylorYT

    New Type of Video! [Video Review]

    Hey y'al! I made a new type of video and I would love your opinion on it! I'm really proud of it but I'm totally down for criticism and to see what outsiders think on it!
  10. U

    Arctic Air Review | Air Conditioning Anywhere?

  11. Brittneytaylorwg

    Haul video review!

    I recently uploaded a spring 2018 haul video and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on the way I edited the video, the quality of the video, and if it is worth watching in other people's opinion. Thank you!!!
  12. Firefang

    Need honest feedback on my latest video

    Hey there! Firefang here, requesting some feedback for my latest video. I'd specifically like to know about the audio level, seeing as how I had a lot of trouble getting the video not too sound too loud in the beginning and too silent elsewhere. Also, I'd like to ask how I did with the video...
  13. MentallyGames

    Could use some feedback

    Hi there everybody! Been making videos for a few months now and there is really no growth to see. That probably means that I am missing something or I'm doing something wrong. I feel like the channel side of things is good enough, so I am thinking it might be something that I am doing wrong...
  14. getTekt

    New YouTube Detective Series Review

    Started a new YouTube Series base on the mall order boxes Hunt A Killer. We do kinda a mock of Sherlock. 1. How do you feel about the flow of the video. Does it keep you watching? 2. Would you watch more of this style video. 3. Your thoughts on Lighting, Coloring and Soundtrack. Thank You for...
  15. KantoGaming

    What Am I Doing Wrong?!

    I would love some honest feedback on my overall channel. Such things as : -Channel Art -Video Content -Channel Trailer review? -Overall audio / video quality I just moved my mic around today for the livestream I did. I found positioning your mic higher makes the sound quality better. So my...
  16. hatlesschimp

    Please Review my latest video.

    Hi People, This isnt my latest video its my second latest, im on roughly 660 subs and trying to push hard to get to 1000 subs. Only thing for me is no matter how many videos I put out I feel like there is ever only soo many fish in the pond that are truly interested in my content so I think I...
  17. Omnicide

    *HELP!! How can I make this.. Better?

    Recently uploaded a new video, and I would really appreciate you leaving me any feedback (goods & bads) here! I would like an in-depth review of the different aspects of the video like my commentary and how I can improve Naturally the video itself won't mean anything to most viewers, but if you...
  18. Omnicide

    *Feedback on my latest video!

    Recently uploaded a new video, took ages to make so I would really appreciate you leaving me any feedback (goods & bads) on the video or here! Its only 2 minutes long so it would be great if you could view the whole thing. Thanks a lot for reading this far haha XD. Thanks for watching!
  19. Eaglewolf Magic

    2 Simple Magic Trick Anyone Can Do!

    Hey guys! I appreciate you taking the time to checking out my tutorial :) I'm just wondering about the basic questions, Is it clear enough? Did you learn anything? Is there anything you see that you would like to improve? Thank you everybody on this forum, you've helped me out a TON...
  20. AM2PM

    Cold Water Test - numb to the reviews

    This is #11. We put our hands in Ice water and whoever lasted longer won. I've included music now and we "tried" to be funnier in our commentary. Still learning and trying new things. Love to hear your thoughts on anything and everything. Thanks in advance.
  21. Ewan Wilson

    Introducing Ellie - Ellie's Corner

    Howdy all, So for those of you who don't know me and Ellie run the channel VlogsCast. We like to engage with our subscribers and tell them stories and just talk about things they would like to hear. Ellie jut uploaded her first video last night tittle "INTRODUCING ME - ELLIE'S CORNER" We...
  22. Sonalib

    New Type of video. Tell me what you think

    I just uploaded a new video to my YT called "Summer Twenty Sixteen". It is a bit different from what I would usually upload. Could you please give it a look and tell me what you think?
  23. Super Pawsitive

    Oy, what do you think of this video?

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey. It's been a while, review forum. I've missed you. Right, so here's the deal. I have a video that went up this past Saturday, that in my opinion did phenomenally well. The video got 300 views before the weekend was over, and is still pulling in a decent amount of views. So, my...
  24. Redford1900

    My most complex video to date...

    I volunteer for an animal shelter and I make YouTube videos for them and 30 second adoption videos for individual pets. These films usually have images of pets with a song as the audio and are typically no more than 1.5 minutes. This one is a lot different - longer, uses audio of a person...
  25. ProjectJamesify

    Looking for cold, hard, constructive feedback, please!

    Hi hi, Please take a look at my channel, perhaps my latest video, and leave constructive feedback. It would help me the most if the feedback is as cold, hard and constructive as possible. If there's anything positive, please let me know as well. That way I can work on my channel and actually...
  26. Pluralize Entertainment

    Latest Vlog Episode | Please Give Feedback

    Hello, I'm attempting to make my vlogging series more interesting/engaging, and I'd love some feedback on my latest episodes! The series is about stories in my life, this one specifically is about how this past summer I lived a double life. Thank you for your time!
  27. Jbarker91

    Beauty By Barker - Makeup, DIY, Life Hacks and MORE

    Hey everyone! My wife just created her YouTube channel a couple weeks ago and today her first video went live! So now she has her first video up, and I knew that I could look to the community for suggestions and comments. I would appreciate if everyone could check out her video and let me know...
  28. KantoGaming

    Top 5 Ghost Pokemon!

    Hey Pokemon Trainers! I just posted a new Top 5 video about Ghost Pokemon to get in the spirit of Halloween! I have only done one other Top 5 video, and I think I did a lot better on this one! I would appreciate some feedback on the video, good and bad! Thanks so much!:)
  29. IrishEmerald

    Feedback Badly Wanted!! :)

    Hey guys, I just started youtubing in the last 8 months. My youtube channel is all about Pokémon; from let's plays to competitive pokemon battles. I have been finding it hard to grow my channel and I was wondering is there anything content wise or promotion wise that I could do better? Here's...
  30. Vlodril

    Made my first game review would like some opinions

    So i have a let's play channel. Last few months i have been doing some first looks (small 20-40m videos) that seem to get some more views and likes than normal let's play videos. After i finished a let's play for the technomancer i decided to try my hand at a full review. Obviously the quality...