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So far on my channel I have posted 3 videos on a game called Jump Force. The two first ones got around 50 views which is decent for me, but my latest on got a little above 10, even though it’s the best videos I have ever made. I put more effort into that one than the others so why is it not getting views? Apparently to get views you need viewer retention. But I looked at the analytics and almost everybody who watched the video watched it until the end. I have 50 minutes of watch time on it, the length is 8.50 minutes and I have 14 views.
Also should I remove the - from my name?
The video quality looks pretty good, but you may want to look into a better quality microphone in the future or potentially look into light audio editing. Its not terrible but its not exactly easy on the ears. Also, how different are the tags for your videos?
Thanks for your feedback, my microphone is actually pretty good, the problem is that it picks up the noise my PS4 makes and don’t know how to fix it. What do you mean by how different my tags are?
Look into using a Noise Gate mate. It makes the mic cut off under a certain db level and only record when it detects a louder sound - aka your voice