1. MacroShire

    Quantity vs Promotion

    Which strategy is better to get more views on youtube, producing large number of videos or fewer videos with lots of promotion on forums , blogs etc .. ?
  2. T

    Frozen analytics

    Hello! My analytics is frozen. Also my views, likes, dislikes, comments and everything else are frozen. I know that to verify that views are real and accurate, YouTube may temporarily slow down, freeze, or change the view count, as well as discard low-quality playbacks. I have been waiting for...
  3. Noria

    $6k at 2 million views?

    Hello, Over the past 30 days my channel has gained close to 3 million views but I only get paid about $2k a month. I have a friend who gets paid significantly more but has less views than me. He gets paid about $6k from YouTube and has only gained 2 million views this month. How come? Does...
  4. V

    My views

    Hey guys, voltrox here (95k subs right now) I have a question. A month or 3 ago my videos got 500k to 2 million views. Right now they don't even get 10k.... Does anyone know how this can happen? My YouTube channel:
  5. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    5 Overlooked Ways To Get More Views on YouTube - In 5 Minutes!

    Get more views on YouTube 2020 with a few methods you may have simply overlooked. There is a lot of things you can do to hook and keep people watching on YouTube but some of these aren't banged on about as much as meta tags and titles. Today I am going to share with you my 5 Overlooked Ways To...
  6. BestNerdLife

    Hit 10,000 views! Woop woop!

    As you can tell by the title of this thread, I recently hit 10,000 views! Super happy with that.
  7. Leal

    Getting more views to old channel

    I have a youtube channel in the kids niche with about 4 Million Views and 8000 subscribers. The majority of the views came in the beginning of this year up to early summer, until I (unfortunately as I know now) changed the description and tags of one of my most successful videos which brought me...
  8. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    9 BEST Places To Share YouTube Videos for Views and Subscribers

    Looking for the BEST Places to share your YouTube Video? Promote Youtube videos to get more views. YouTube promotion is simple as sharing your videos on social media like TikTok, facebook, Instagram forums and blogs. This will help you grow your youtube channel, promoting your channel to get...
  9. Howard Wilson

    Feedback on video of us in the Philippines

    Hey guys, We are just starting back on our YT channel it revolves around traveling, doing dope activities, and of course all the epic food we encounter! We would love to get some feedback on the overall quality on our latest video. We want honest feedback is good or bad is welcomed. Thank you in...
  10. BestNerdLife

    70 subscribers and 5000 views!

    After hovering around the 67/68 mark for a few days, my sub count has FINALLY hit 70. My views have also shot past 5000. I'm pretty dang happy with that tbh as it's been just a little less than 2 months since I really started any effort to make videos.
  11. BestNerdLife

    Someone gave me a shout-out the other day and i'm not sure how to thank them.

    So, one of my subs who has a bigger audience than I do gave me a random shout out on their channel the other day and it resulted in me getting a boost in subs and views. Obviously, this means a lot to me and i've said thanks etc. but they are just a random person that I don't know and I never...
  12. BestNerdLife

    1000 views and 10 subscribers!

    After a rather wonderful long weekend, my stats have jumped up past 1000 views and 10 subscribers! Got some lovely positive comments too. It really does help to motivate you doesn't it?
  13. BestNerdLife

    Just hit 100 views!

    The "about me" section of YouTube is lagging slightly, but i've definitely hit 100 views! I started on May 1st 2019 and i've uploaded 5 videos. Currently trying to find my niche by throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks. Thanks for reading!
  14. Andreassandström

    1500 Veiws!

    I just hit 1500 Views and that is pretty big for me! 75 Videos and 1500 veiws, I am actually very proud of that seeing as my original goal for 2019 was 1500 views! Next stop: 2K! Hopefully before October but, if not, I know I will hit it after! What is your recent achievement? PS. This is...
  15. S

    Video and channel Review please help

    So far on my channel I have posted 3 videos on a game called Jump Force. The two first ones got around 50 views which is decent for me, but my latest on got a little above 10, even though it’s the best videos I have ever made. I put more effort into that one than the others so why is it not...
  16. HowTo101

    40,000 total views and 100 subs!

    I know its not a lot but i finally hit 40,000 total channel views!! I need to increase my subs but I finally hit 100 which seems like a small but good steeping stone to build off of. Thank you to all of you who support my channel and have subscribed I appreciate it! Im having fun making my...
  17. Ivana Kinsley

    What free source can give me 200 to 1,000 free YouTube views?

    I have a brand new channel about pet niche. But there was no view. My video content concept was how to train your pet, pet care, pet funny moments etc. How can I get view using free sources on internet.
  18. B

    Just hit 3K views

    Whoop whoop just gone over 3K views really happy :)
  19. B

    Do you using unskippable ads in your videos?

    I'd like to know, if other creators using unskippable ads or not, especially those who producing videos with less than 10 min length, and if so how strong correlation it is have with amount of views? My views got huge drop after new year, so I trying to find the reason in that area too.
  20. Dixieee_

    How can I improve?

    Hi guys! Just wanted to ask if someone could review my channel? The subs and views are standing still and I dont know what to do. Im not trying to reach a billion subs or views or anything, but 1 more or something would be nice What can I do to make the thumbnails better? What can I do...
  21. K

    Subs are missing

    Hey can anyone explain me please one thing. I am a new youtuber and how the sub system count works. I just had like 170 subs and in 1 min instantly i lost 15 subs, how ever on chanel analytics the number shows 200 subs. Why there is such a big difference? And why on my main page is other number...
  22. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Get More Views on YouTube in 2019

    How To Get More Views on YouTube in 2019 // More views in 2019 means more watch time on youtube in 2019. If you want to grow your youtube channel in 2019 you need to make the videos that people want to see... and you can do that by seeing what videos that wanted to see from you in 2018. Get...
  23. Darren Taylor

    "Not Subscribed" Are More Engaged Than "Subscribed"

    In my channel I am looking at my analytics and I can see that my views from unsubscribed users have a much higher retention than subscribed, and in addition I get more views from non subscribed too. I also get most of my views from search and not suggested, so in a lot of ways my channel is back...
  24. 601Travels

    Just passed 50,000 views!

    My channel is just about to turn 1 year old on 12/23 and today I hit the 50,000 view mark! I had no idea what was going to happen when I started it and I have grown to 385 subscribers so far. Very happy about this small milestone.. Next goals are 100k views and 1k subscribers!
  25. Valentinas Playhouse

    Paw Patrol Candy Hunt

  26. AllVisuals4U


    I just passed through 50K video views! Thanks everyone who viewed my videos!
  27. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Does Monetization Increase Views? - No Ads = Less Views?

    Does Monetization Increase Views - No Ads = Less Views? // Does demonetization affect views? Since the adpocalypse many people have worried that if their videos did not adverts that YouTube would push the videos less and get you less views overall. This is an urban legend that I wanted to...
  28. Dixon1380

    What is the best way to get subscribers and views?

    I am so stuck right now. Sometimes I feel like every time I post videos and upload them to YT. Nothing...I see my views goes up but that's only me. Some people say it's the SEO, Some people say it's Google Adword/Adsense and some say it's social media. Well, I tried all of that...nothing works...
  29. M

    My 300,000+ subs channel is dying.. any ideas?

    I have a 300,000+ subs channel which was averaging a nice 35,000+ views daily as well as 100 subs on average gained daily on passive traffic alone as I haven't uploaded anything in months. A couple of days ago, it collapsed to 5000 views a day and losing 10 subs daily... while it is true that I...
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