Someone gave me a shout-out the other day and i'm not sure how to thank them.


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So, one of my subs who has a bigger audience than I do gave me a random shout out on their channel the other day and it resulted in me getting a boost in subs and views. Obviously, this means a lot to me and i've said thanks etc. but they are just a random person that I don't know and I never actually asked them to do it. I'm not really sure if I should be doing more to thank them?

Any thoughts on how to react to these sorts of situations? Has anyone been in a similar situation? Is this something that happens a lot? Should I expect more of this in the future?
What you can do is: In your next video, welcome the new influx of subs (acknowledging them will boost sub morale) and thank the specific channel who gave you a shout out. You can in return link them in the card. It's basically an empty gesture, as a lot of your subs actually came over from that channel, but it shows good manners.
This welcome and thank you can literally just be 10 seconds at the beginning of your new video, no need to drag it out.
If that happened to me I would say thank you to the creator (and also thank anyone who comments and says that's where they came from) and then pay it forward. If I think another creator is doing something cool, I shout them out. Maybe in time they'll do something I want to shout out, but it'll be more meaningful and sincere if it's a shoutout I don't feel obliged to give (if that makes sense).
I think you should thank that person in your next video and then pay it forward by mentioning a small channel also. Good luck