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  1. Curtym23

    4000 hours of watch-time in just 1 week

    Hello everyone ! Do you want to reach 4000 hours of viewing quickly? You are in the right place. I can provide 4000 hours of viewing in just 1 week! The price for 4000 hours of viewing is $35. Here are the different prices: - 1,000 hours: $20 - 2,000h: $25 - 3,000h: $30 - 4,000h: $35 For more...
  2. Curtym23

    Services 4000 hours of watch-time in just 1 week

    Hello everyone ! Do you want to reach 4000 hours of viewing quickly? You are in the right place. I can provide 4000 hours of viewing in just 1 week! The price for 4000 hours of viewing is $35. Here are the different prices: - 1,000 hours: $20 - 2,000h: $25 - 3,000h: $30 - 4,000h: $35 For more...
  3. The_Partisan_Spy

    Searching for advice on Watch time vs Subs.

    Hello guys, Have anyone experienced or is at the same moment I am? My channel is really close to getting the 4.000 watch time hours, but on the other hand, it is a bit short on subs. I am reaching out for advice from anyone that has been in the same situation or if I am doing something wrong or...
  4. SoSuperLoud

    Brand watch time based off...

    Does the brand account ability to have videos monetized, base it's watch time off of your main channel account? Example: My current channel is able to monetize videos and meets the requirements. I want to branch off with something in a different niche, so I create the brand channel. Can I...
  5. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Get More Watch Time on YouTube

    Watch time on YouTube unlocks everything and learning how to get more watch time, increasing youtube watch time on the channel overall and boosting channel watch time from existing video traffic is easier than you think. Get People Watching For Longer - How To Increase Watch Time on YouTube...
  6. C

    Is Somebody is Hacking my YT Settings..?

    Its a few issues: In videos, edit, advanced settings, my videos keep selecting 'allow live chat replay for this premier'. I do not want this. I keep deselecting it, save, leave the page, and when I return its there again. In the same area under 'Syndications' BOTH options to select...
  7. S

    Video and channel Review please help

    So far on my channel I have posted 3 videos on a game called Jump Force. The two first ones got around 50 views which is decent for me, but my latest on got a little above 10, even though it’s the best videos I have ever made. I put more effort into that one than the others so why is it not...
  8. TheAllSenses

    Healthy watch time (monthly ?)

    Hi, YB states that the watch time of a video is an important setting in it's algorithm, but how much of watch time is considered good ?is it daily ? monthly ? Thanks.
  9. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Get 4000 Hours of Watch Time in 2019

    How To Get 4000 Hours of Watch Time on YouTube in 2019 // How to get more watch time in 2019. Watch time and audience retention helps YouTube to decide if a video is performing well or not. An engaged viewer that is entertained by the video they are watching with stay around for longer, interact...
  10. LifeofReado

    1000 hours

    So after nearly 4 months since our first upload, we have finally hit the 1000 watch hours! well just over 1024! definitely celebration worthy!! :wavespin::wavespin::bounce::bounce::woohoo!::woohoo!: Next Milestone push is the 700 subs....and the 20,000 overall views!! gotta keep at...
  11. Cookie6

    Does Audience Retention matter?

    So, I've made 4 videos so far on my new channel and currently my Audience retention is 41%. I'm not sure if this is good or not? What is everyone else's for comparison? and does it even matter towards your videos being pushed a little more for example? Love to know what everyone thinks!
  12. Lock

    Live streaming = watch time ?

    Has anyone tried live streaming on their channel and does the time you are doing a live stream count as your hours of watch time?
  13. Mark Stise

    How do I know when I reach 4000 watch hours???

    Hello Everyone Well as I expected my Chatting with Mark Stise channel was demonetized. No surprise there as I only have 475 subscribers so for. I'm not worried about getting to 1,000 Subscribers It's the 4000 hours of watch time I'm not very clear on. Is it 4,000 Hours of watch time per year...
  14. vMinti

    watch time > 100% (how & why?)

    So that's what they show me ↓ I'm thinking it could be that people repeat some parts of the video again and again (?) Perhaps someone knows how does that work?
  15. IVY

    How to be more entertaining (more watch time)

    I have a pretty low watch time. For a 2 minute video I get an average watch time of 50%. Any tips?
  16. Kindrrr

    How to get more views on YouTube?

    More watch time = more views! More interesting video = more watch time! Watch this video This video about the application to add scrolling text over the video. Due to this, the video becomes more interesting, informative and video gets organic growth.
  17. Milano and Lelas toy box

    how to engage your audience ?

    hi everyone, Just a quick advice question. We are a kid/family based channel. Videos on toys, fun days out etc apart from trying to make sure you have good video content, what other tips to keep your audience from clicking off your video before it has finished? I know that watch time/avaerage...
  18. Dutchie Abroad

    Learning to read YT Analytics

    Hello everyone! Everyone is always talking about the importance of the analytics page, so I look at it frequently (though it doesn't tell me much, since I only have 1 video up right now xD). However, I realized I often don't actually know what I'm exactly looking at. So I was wondering if you...
  19. radialDomo

    YouTube Erasing legitimate Views and Watch Time

    First let me start off by saying I'm not entirely sure if this is the right forum to be posting this, but anyways: Ever since I started YouTube a month in a half ago, YouTube or YouTube's algorithm has been taking down watch time and views that were legitimate and completely freezing their view...
  20. Robot Elixir

    Just hit 100,000 views! On the path to 1k subs

    I've just passed the 100,000 views mark on my channel - YAY!!!! My channel is now 2 years old and I'm super excited with this achievement. I'm hoping to reach the 1k subscriber milestone soon and to be honest I thought I'd have reached that sooner, but I'm not complaining. At least people are...
  21. hatlesschimp

    650 Subscribers & 150,000 views

    So I never celebrated 600 subs, I came onto the forum to make a post but decided that I shouldn’t and just went on to congratulate others that had achieved their Milestones. However 650 has just clicked over and I felt like I need to achieve this to allow myself the time accept that I have...
  22. Tac0cann0n

    The First 10 Seconds Are The Most Important, Right?

    I hear that 'the first ten seconds of the video are the most important' quite a bit when I ask questions about audience retention. My question is, what are some of the techniques that you all use to keep people engaged? I don't really like the concept of having an intro, not only since I feel...
  23. adams eats

    Recipes, longer or shorter videos?

    OK so I watched an hour long seminar by Derrel eves yesterday which was fascinating. He was talking about baseline watch time minutes and how he helped channels double their views each month by capitalising on YouTube's algorithm. He basically said that watch time is king and you should be...
  24. StrawberryJamT

    Does a change in consistent uploads penalise your channel?

    Hi there! I was wondering if anyone else had experience with changing the consistency with your uploads and how that has affected your overall views/watch time? Last year I had a change in uploads per month: Month 1: 28 videos Month 2: 14 videos Month 3: 20 videos Prior to month 1, I stuck...
  25. ChimpTv

    10,000 minutes watched!!

    Hey peeps, Obviously not as glamorous as 10,000 subs or even 50 haha (im on 18). I'm really pleased with 10,000 minutes watched from a little over 3k views in about 3 weeks. I suppose its all about celebrating the little achievements.
  26. adams eats

    Watch time vs video length

    One of my viewers left a really nice comment on one of my videos about a week ago. They were advising I shorten my videos and cut out some of the crap so I get to the point more. which I agreed with. Then I started looking at the way youtube works now, and it all being about watch time! so I'm...
  27. Tiny Tunes

    Does watch time take into account how much of the video you watch?

    I know that watch time is one of the most important factor in getting you videos up the search results but I have a question about the quality of that watch time. If someone watches 100% of my 2 minute video, is that better than someone watching 20% of my 10 minute video? (also 2 minutes in case...
  28. ApexTV

    20,000 Subscribers, 10 Million Views!

    Hi everybody here on YTTalk! It's been a while since my last milestone announcement (10K Subs) and I can't believe that my subscriber count has doubled since then. I'm overflowing with happiness! :) I started my YouTube channel is November of 2014 and I learned that if you post videos regularly...
  29. SeanFace101

    Does My Own Views Effect Watch Time & Retention?

    Does my own views effect such things as watch time, etc...? I'm talking about the views by me wen I'm doing something to my video, editing settings, etc.. I clike on my video then click to edit settings, cards or whatever, but that view of mine that only lasts a few seconds or so, does it harm...
  30. ApexTV

    Watch Time Vs. Views

    Lately, I have attempted to begin focusing more on watch time rather than views. Sure, it is attractive ti have a video that has over 1 million views, however views themselves may not be the most accurate statistic for measuring your success. After some research I found that back in 2012...