Does watch time take into account how much of the video you watch?

Tiny Tunes

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I know that watch time is one of the most important factor in getting you videos up the search results but I have a question about the quality of that watch time. If someone watches 100% of my 2 minute video, is that better than someone watching 20% of my 10 minute video? (also 2 minutes in case you can't do the maths! ;))
I guess they use a mix of time watched and percentage watched. Otherwise short videos would never show up at the top, what isn't the case.
There are lots of 5 second videos with a lot of watch time! Really some are too fast to click off before they finish!
It is better, from what I've heard. At least for that individual video's ranking. It's better if they watch at least 50% of your video. I don't know the exact details though.
I think there is more to it than that as well, if someone continues to watch youtube after moving from your video to another it's good (even if they didn't finish). If they stop watching youtube in the middle of your video it's bad. I'm sure their are a lot more of these kind of statistics taken into in the youtube algorithm and they will never share it with us probably :)