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I've Got It
So I never celebrated 600 subs, I came onto the forum to make a post but decided that I shouldn’t and just went on to congratulate others that had achieved their Milestones. However 650 has just clicked over and I felt like I need to achieve this to allow myself the time accept that I have achieved something. Since 500 it’s been a little struggle, I’ve been producing some good videos and my latest is my best but I would have thought I would have had some better reward for the effort. My 150,000 views which I'm also celebrating, have only had around 1% interaction with my channel with likes and dislikes and comments etc. So viewer engagement isn’t the best. Maybe I need to be more controversial or maybe put less info in my videos so people have to ask? I do have the diehard fans and they always chip in but I obviously have to change some things again to improve this.

I've set out a strategy to produce 6 to 8 videos in the next 2 weeks with 2 of them being very risky and edgy but viral potential unlike my other videos that are just general consumption. I’ve redone my tags for all my videos and I’ve seen them better position themselves in search results but also I refocussed them a little more to try and remove the viewer that was accidently recommended my video. I do get YouTube recommending my videos a lot and I know what I do to make this happen, so just stay the course on that one but I need to increase my viewer watch time for my channel, at the moment it’s at 2:16 and my later videos are around 4 minutes so I’ve gone through and culled some older videos and re adjusted the tags on the lower performing videos so that viewers that do find them actually do want to watch that video.

So hopefully after this grand plan I will be back in here soon saying I'm at 1,000.


Congrats!!! I hope it keeps working out for ya. I was thinking about re optimizing keywords myself after the experiment I did today worked. Controversy does seem to sell though. How do you get controversial on a gaming channel though?
You and i LITERALLY had the same problem and found the same solution, i have since taken down a lot of my videos as i feel they damaged the brand of my channel. if i were you i would keep trying the viral videos, thats the way to break into the market.

Ps your channel is dope, keep up the good work