1. F

    How to answer comments much faster and generate more engagement

    My own channel Coding in Flow has 201k subscribers today. A big part of that growth is due to me answering a lot of comments and this way creating a loyal fanbase and generating more engagement. Since I am a programmer, I'm constantly looking for ways to make my workflow easier and more...
  2. F

    Wanna beta test a Chrome extension that makes it faster and easier to reply to Youtube comments?

    Good day. I'm Looking for some Youtubers that want to beta test a Chrome extension that makes it faster and easier to reply to Youtube comments. You don't need to provide your credentials to test it. The tool isn't ready yet but will be soon. As a thank you, I'll gift you a free year or...
  3. NickNobody847

    YouTube Is Being Invaded By Bots!

    As a new YouTuber, you upload your first video. Moments later, you get a comment. What does it say? Usually compliments about your video. You might be really happy. But DONT. In most cases, these video complimentors are BOTS!!! It is easy to prove if It's a bot or not. If you see a repeating...
  4. HiNamesDev

    Interacting on Youtube

    Hi, My question is if you wanted to interact on other YouTube channels (not your own), like commenting on videos, talking in the community, liking, etc. Would it be ok to do those things from your Channel account? Or should you do those interactions more on a personal account? I kind of...
  5. Kaitlyn Moore

    Comments Disabled?

    Hey all! It's been a hot minute since I was last active around here college got me super busy. Anyways for some reason, youtube is disabling my comments section and I have no clue why. I tried changing the settings to "not for kids" hoping that would work but still nothing..
  6. Gits and Shiggles

    Post Comments that Grind your Gears!

    Do you have a comment on a video that's dumb, wrong, crazy, or just annoying? Well, post it here! I think most can agree that seeing YouTubers read their hate comments can be entertaining, so reading each other's should be fun to some extent. This can also help new users to the forum realize...
  7. Gits and Shiggles

    Youtube Comments are Making me Lose my Sanity.

    When I first started youtube I decided to let anyone comment and never remove anyone's comment as a free speech thing. But, there is just so much idiocy that my will to continue that is being destroyed daily. I made one video as a JOKE poking fun at a pyrocynical video about the game Lost in...
  8. A

    Why do my comments disappear in YT Live?

    This only happens on one channel. I can comment on her regular videos just fine, but when she does lives, I can't. I type up my comment, press send, and it disappears. I did it on her first live ever and I noticed that. I can comment on other YouTubers lives just fine.
  9. M

    Comments that appear in my notifications (bell), sometimes do not appear in my videos / disappear! (Anyone else had this issue?)

    When viewing comments using the notification bell, I can see the comment - but when I come to click on it to reply (the new feature that let's you reply within the notification box) it just comes up with an empty box. I also then try to view it on the YouTube video itself, it's not there. I...
  10. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Turn Off On Video Comments with NEW YouTube Studio 2019

    How To Turn Off On Video Comments with NEW YouTube Studio 2019 // Need to enable comments, disable comments on your YouTube video? Maybe you want to stop comments for a while turn on comments to let people give you feedback. How To Disable Comments on YouTube - The youtube comment section can...
  11. G

    Commenting strategy for singer/musician

    I am a musician/singer and I am trying to build my following as well as get more views of my music videos. I do understand that by getting involved in the community you can drive traffic back to your channel and videos. Problem is, I am not sure how to do this without sounding spammy. For...
  12. Hirudov

    What is the highest number of likes, without a dislike you have on a video?

    Usually I get few "fans" who automatically dislike almost every new video, but for one video seems they somehow missed it and the video is now with 156 likes and 0 dislikes (I was thinking it is impossible to have higher than 90%/10% like/dislike ratio), but now with 100% likes it is really an...
  13. Pierre Maynard


    Hello there Anime fans! YES FINALLY!! another anime that i can actually talk about, I'm so hyped to talk about this!!! It has been a long time since the last review, apologies about that. Today we are going to talk about HOW NOT TO SUMMON A DEMON LORD, and getting so excited over some fan...
  14. Pierre Maynard

    Nottingham Vlog | WITH SOME OLD FRIENDS

    Hello everyone, I know i haven't been on here for a while but i just thought i would come back and share the amazing experience i had in Nottingham! :D I would love to hear some feedback? :)
  15. Kylie


    Hey yall, Ive realized that my comments are not posted publicly. I do not comment over the limit, I don't use profanity and I am almost positive i have not been blocked on each site that I comment a supportive message. Please help. Ive googled everything and still no answers.
  16. Pierre Maynard

    FIFA 18 Northampton Town Career Mode EP2 | FINDING FORM

    Hello everyone it has been a while but i'm back with some more FIFA gameplay! :D Let me know what you think of this episode, or what could be improved? Also as i mentioned at the end of the video, comment which is your favorite Anime at the moment as i am a fan because i love it :D Thank you...
  17. Curiosity Ridge

    Issues with audience engagement

    Hey friends, I'm having a bulit of trouble getting audience engagement. Nobody seems to want to comment, like and most importantly subscribe. Most of my traffic comes from people who are not subscribers (92%) so you can imagine getting these people to interact is one of my top priorities. Some...
  18. GTCastle

    My Comments Show Up Only For Me

    Hello i am new to this forum and to youtube as a channel owner ,i have a big problem and i couldn't find a solution ,i tried along time ago to promote my videos with youtube comments on other viral videos with videos links my channel link etc ... not knowing that this will cause to get my...
  19. Pierre Maynard

    Need an Honest review

    So i have made a second channel, and would like you to review it and what could be improved. This can be anything ranging from, choice of graphics, Quality of content including visual and audio as well as any other little detail that could make the difference. Thank you very much, I appreciate...
  20. The Happy Gamer

    PHILIP DEFRANCO | Responding to Comments #2

    I can't stop moving my hands! Thank you for all your wonderful comments!
  21. Pierre Maynard

    Ed Sheeran - Perfect (Cover)

    SO FINALLY FINALLY! Any of you a fan of Ed Sheeran, check out my new Cover song i did on his new Album Divide - song Perfect I want each and everyone one of you to share with everyone joking ;) But seriously if you like what you see then share and also subscribe to my new channel Pierre...
  22. Pierre Maynard

    Need a Channel review for 2017

    Helle everyone! So i have been on Youtube for a few years now, and my channel has changed for the better! :D I do Gaming videos, music videos, Spanish videos, Cover songs, Vlogs, and spectacular events! But i just need some reviews and opinions on what i could change on my channel, what i...
  23. Stearmans Toy Review

    Nasty Comments..

    So.. here lately we have been getting some really nasty comments.. some from younger kids.. Some say our videos are cringey.. some say the boys are stupid (this one really bothers me).. some even say they wish they could die after seeing this.. has anyone else experienced this? I have a few...
  24. Pierre Maynard

    FRIENDS FOREVER! | Life is Strange Episode 2 - Part 2

    YES YES YES MORE LIFE IS STRANGE! Hello everyone! I'm back once again after a few months time, with some More Life is strange gameplay! I have just brought the new Life is Strange game - Before the storm for my Birthday which is today. So the next video i upload will be Life is Strange -...
  25. Courtney Candice

    YouTube comments disappearing

    I noticed that comments under my videos are disappearing at first I thought YouTube was putting them into the spam section so I checked that's not it, for the past couple days my comments have been slowly disappearing!
  26. Pierre Maynard

    Journey to the stage #1

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to my new Vlog, and a new series called Journey to the Stage. This is a new series in which i record the highlights leading up to my next Gig, this could become more of a thing in the future if it becomes a success! Don't forget to Like Subscribe and turn on...
  27. Pierre Maynard

    My new Introduction to my Channel 2017!

    Hello everyone. I know it's been a long time since i have been on here, But i'm back and with an awesome video! Hello and welcome to my channel. You will find a lot of interesting things here, including the following: - Music - Cover Songs - Vlogs - Gaming Videos - Spanish Videos - Spectacular...
  28. S

    Comments Not Appearing on Other Vids

    Hi, my problem is that i my comments don't show on other videos. When i am logged in my comment appears but when i check again logged out, it does not. I have checked many times over the course of the last two weeks. My account account is pretty old. I haven't spammed. I don't post often (1-4...
  29. lindseyhazel

    Duplicate Comments when Commenting

    Ever since the new UI on YouTube when I go to comment on someone's video it leaves a duplicate comment and then I have to delete one. I use Chrome, has this happened to anyone else or do you know how to avoid this? It's VERY annoying and makes me feel like this...
  30. BigBryanGames

    Why are all new comments on my videos labeled as spam?

    I don't understand why this keeps happening. Every single time I get a new comment on my videos, it's reported as spam and I have to manually accept it. I've gone to settings, creator studio, everywhere I can possibly think of or what I can change and still all comments are reported as spam. Has...