1. SeanFace101

    Do you allow comments on your video with/without approval first?

    Do you allow your viewers to comment on your videos without needing you to approve the comments first before other people can see them? or Do you just allow the comments to be shown straight away as soon as they have been made?
  2. Jeran

    How do you handle messages and comments?

    Why is Google and YouTube so behind in regards to how they handle messages and comments. My private messages are so full and you can't even delete them? Anyone have any shortcuts or api scripts that help with messages? My comments are out of control and it is all bumming me out. They are...
  3. ProfessionalRik

    [Pro Rik's New Series] GAME SCHOOL (Feedback and Comments Welcome)

    Hello, YTTalk! I'm ProfessionalRik. Now, let's get onto why I'm making this thread. I have this idea, nay a vision! I want gaming to be something that everyone feels they can do without judgement or stigma. I want everyone to find a common ground on the digital plane. I believe there's a...
  4. Adamsy

    Help with spam filter

    hey everyone i have an issue with youtube where most of my comments are marked as spam by youtube even if they aren't. Is there a way to get past this or is it just the youtube algorythm being silly?
  5. Tyhd

    Offhand Comments?

    Not necessarily weird, more just unexpected. This guy commented that my voice was "soothing" and then he comments this. I don't sound like Morgan Freeman as much as I would like to (I wouldn't like to)
  6. Pierre Maynard


    Welcome to the story of my managerial career, re-booted. This is the start of the story, in which I went from job seeker to start my professional managerial career with that of League 1 side, Southend United. After their promotion from League 2 in the 2014/15 season, Southend United had caught...
  7. SeanFace101

    Tube Buddy, anyone?

    Anyone use "Tube Buddy"? I just seen an ad here on this website and had a look at the home page of it and it says I can manage all my videos, thumbnails, comments, etc.. in one interface and also that it integrates in with my YouTube account. :P Is it any good? or Is it easier just to use the...
  8. GameTime

    Discussion section as SEO

    This got my interest. Many channels have a "discussion" section, you can enable it too if you want (if you don't have it already), and I'm wondering what impact does it have for SEO.. If your viewers comment there a lot of keywords, will you rank higher in search results? Same goes for regular...
  9. Anthony Cooper

    Looking for Feedback on my Channel - Photography

    Hi Folks, I'm looking for some feedback on my recent videos and channel. Before I create a new video I want to make sure that I have most of my points covered. So far I have - The issue with sound, people no hearing me talking Poor lighting in some videos video thumbnails lack that...
  10. AwesomeBomber

    What Are YOUR Thoughts on "Self-Promotion"?

    So, what I mean by self-promotion is when people go around on other people's channels with the sole purpose being to promote their own content/channel. Personally, I'd say I'm a big advocate against this and whenever I ask any of my friends and acquaintances, who are also YouTubers, there seems...
  11. LadyAiluro

    Channel Review

    Hello fellow YT Talkers, I've been working on improving my channel and videos, so I'm at this point of wondering if there is anything else I could do to improve. i know there is always something, but I would love to hear any comments, suggestions, anything you can think of. Thank you so much...
  12. Kecha.L

    I got roasted...

    Please review my newest video! I will give you back a review as well :)
  13. Pierre Maynard

    2,000 posts on YT Talk!

    Yes yes i now have 2,000 posts on YT Talk what a ride it's been! :D When i started this community i had no idea what to do, now i know everything about it and I've raced like mad :D At least iv'e met some great people along the way!! :) 2,000 posts that's a bonus for me :D Hope you are all...
  14. FamilyToyReview

    Question about Comment Spam

    I've got a question. You know how there's like a limit to commenting. If you comment too much your comments could start to appear in the "likely spam" folder of whoever you're commenting and your comment is no longer visible on the video to anyone else. There's a limit, like don't comment more...
  15. xingcat

    "I never clicked on a notification so fast....."

    Comments! Commenters! They all seem to say the same things all the time. It used to be a big run for people to say, "First!" but now I keep seeing "I never clicked a notification so fast!" (Not on my videos, but maybe someday.) Also, "I don't get why you don't have more subs." Any other things...
  16. themoosan

    Moosan Movie video idea

    hi, I've got a video idea and idk if its a good one. it is that every month i make a stupid "movie" about 5-10 minutes long, they will be comedy and not very serious! sometimes i will get some other people into my video as well! if you want to see how my videos will be then check out my latest...
  17. K

    Replying to comments doesn't always work...

    Has anyone else had trouble replying to comments lately? I'll have a reply button to a particular comment, so I type out a reply, only to have nothing actually post when I click "Reply." It only happens periodically, but it's a bit frustrating -- especially if I wrote more of an essay than a...
  18. Uncivilized Elk

    Blocking commenters you can't stand?

    Anybody here ever block somebody from your channel because they leave a lot of comments that are just frustrating to read? To elaborate: they don't seem intentionally ill-willed (if anything they seem eager which ends up making it worse), and they remain somewhat on-topic, but the quality of...
  19. Pierre Maynard

    OMG 5,000 views Thank you everyone!! :D

    So OMG thank you everyone for spending you're time to watch my videos!! :D I really appreciate it, I can't believe i have 5,000 views on my channel thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!! :D :D Yeeeeeeeeeeay :D :D :D :D
  20. Hellolabgroup

    I'll watch your videos & comment!

    Hey cuties! Post a link to your video below with a short description of your channel and I'll watch it and comment :) Let's get this viewing party started! If you want to return the viewing karma you're welcome to check out the others' posts as well as my own channel ^_^ Love, hellolabgroup <3
  21. LukeN94


    Hey guys you probably see this a lot but I thought I would see how this goes. For about 3 years now all I've wanted to do is YouTube gaming and I've finally started I've uploaded about 4/5 videos yet I'm not getting any views what do I need to do to promote My YouTube is Gaming Luke
  22. KidKole1993

    Funniest p**n Comments

    This week we take a trip to Pornhub! Uh... for the comments...
  23. JackyB

    YouTube comments invisible?

    Google apparently thinks all my comments are spam and now they are only visible to me - they've been ghosted. Anyone else get this?
  24. S

    No more comment notifications via email?

    Is anyone else experiencing this? Since last night I haven't gotten emails for new comments and I hope it's just "YouTube's latest glitch" and not permanent. :confused: Not sure about you but I rely on those emails because the comments page doesn't show the latest replies at the top, and the...
  25. GooberVlogs

    Always Have to Approve Comments

    wazzzup everyone =) So every know and again I will get a few comments and some will say I have to review them and others will show up automaticaly.... how come some comments I have to approve first... I know youtube has a thing where it kinda knows it's spam.. but I have had some subscribers...
  26. AuthorFilms Studios

    Do you get spam comments on your videos? [POLL]

    Luckily I havent got any yet, but have you?
  27. Pierre Maynard

    OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! (BBC Radio 5 live)

    So i am a huge arsenal supporter and decided to phone, 606 for a chance to be on the radio and this is what happened! :D Also i decided to explain why i haven't been making enough videos lately.... Really hope you enjoyed this video! If you did give it a thumbs up and share it with your...
  28. Pierre Maynard

    I can't find a good and simple video editing software!

    So for the past week i have been trying really hard to find a good and easy video editing software, And i can't find nothing. I've already used Sony Vegas pro loved that software but, The trial has expired and i still have 2 projects to do. I have tried everything! i downloaded final cut pro x...
  29. Pierre Maynard

    4 years on YouTube!

    So i have now been on YouTube for 4 years and, So much has changed since then. I would like to thank everyone who has been watching my videos so far! You are all amazing people and i love this community :D I wish you all the best with your channels, and hope you have a really fantastic year! :)
  30. Pierre Maynard

    1,000 posts on YT Talk

    So i reached 1,000 posts on the forums im so happy now :D I have posted allot haha :D anyways thank you everyone for keeping up with me i really appreciate it! :) I never thought id get this many but i have thanks to my mate Callan Wills, Thanks mate :D and thanks to everyone else!!!! :D :D