1. Pierre Maynard

    Would you be bothered by this?

    So i am recently editing a new FIFA video of mine, and on the face-cam you can see me but not my whole head would that be a problem in the video. I mean the video is really funny with great reactions, and you can see my friend Callan fine it's just you can't see me fully but you can see and hear...
  2. SeanFace101

    Comments counter bug and changes to comments and alerts

    On one of my recent videos it says under it a "2" next to the word "Comments" but there is no comments there and also there is no comments in the awaiting approval or likely spam pages either. Anyone know why the 2 comments for this video is not showing? or Why it is saying there should be 2...
  3. F.C.E. 365

    YouTube Creator Studio is broken?

    Hi, If I recall accurately, 2 weeks ago my iOS Creator Studio suddenly broke, I received notifications but if I click on em, at that time the app would simply redirect to a page "No comments Found", or a simple white page. Starting from 2 days ago, I no longer receive notifications at all...
  4. PumpkinJunk

    Can't Find Comments that YouTube's Email says I Have

    Hey everyone, I have YouTube set up to send me an email every time someone comments on one of my videos. These emails show part of the comment and who sent it. Many of you probably do the same. Sometimes I get such an email and I go looking for the comment on YouTube. I can't find it. It's not...
  5. blondestaaa

    Why can I not see my YouTube comments?

    So I've had YouTube for about a month now and at the start I could see the comments. But recently I would receive an email saying that I received a comment and get a notification on YouTube about it to. But when I clicked it I was not able to see it. After a while I realised that YouTube...
  6. DuncanT

    Where do haters go?

    Hey guys! So about a little more than a month ago I started getting my first ever hate. Yes, it actually kinda destroyed me. Seeing videos I spent hours and hours creating being disliked by some ungrateful people. But... I got less and less dislikes now?! Even on my last video I've got 0...
  7. E

    Deleting Comments and Notifications.

    Hello, I hope this is the right place to ask this. When leaving a comment on someones video, what happens if I delete it later before they see it? Will this person still be able to read my comment and get a notification? I've attempted testing this with another account I had and all I got was...
  8. Yuglord

    How Could I Improve?

    So I've been uploading to my channel for about a week now and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to improve my videos because I want people to see quality when they come to my channel. I know my confidence in the videos will improve as I make more of them (so I won't be so quiet and...
  9. FamilyToyReview

    How to Comment

    This post is for the channels in this forum who ive seen comment on a lot of videos. I receive a lot of comments that end up in the "likely spam" folder. There are some channels who use commenting as a form of marketing or networking. If their comment ends up in the spam folder, I think that...
  10. DuncanT


  11. ProjectJamesify

    Looking for cold, hard, constructive feedback, please!

    Hi hi, Please take a look at my channel, perhaps my latest video, and leave constructive feedback. It would help me the most if the feedback is as cold, hard and constructive as possible. If there's anything positive, please let me know as well. That way I can work on my channel and actually...
  12. Christopher Johnson

    Why Do Black People Die First?!

    I don't watch many horrors but have any of you guys ever noticed that in horror movies the black guys always die first? LOL. Something sounds fishy here. Let me know if you agree ;)
  13. Pierre Maynard


    So on my Birthday i went to a Music studio, and i tell you what i had a blast! :D it was awesome!! It was the best day of my life :D Let me all know what you thought of this video! :) @Selim Keles @G-Man @Vicboss
  14. Pierre Maynard


    So i haven't done a Spanish video in 2 years, and i have finally made one this year! This time i played a smooth Latin based music it's relaxing and really takes you back to the beach :D Iv'e been in to Spanish guitar for about 5 years now i love it and i hope you like this video too! ;) :D...
  15. Pierre Maynard


    So i have finally made it to 100 subscribers, YES it took me so long to get here But i finally made it GET IN! :D :D I am so happy that people are watching my videos and keeping up with my content! :D I know i haven't been great with producing content constantly but i'm trying now. :) Hope you...
  16. Pierre Maynard

    Bright eyes - Lua Cover song

    So my friend told me about this competition that involves Life is strange, :D and i had to do a cover of a Life is strange soundtrack from one of the playlists and i chose this one! Let me know what you guys think of this video, and which was your favorite part :) @Selim Keles @Vicboss @G-Man
  17. KiddieToysReview

    How would you deal with comments like this?

    I have seen comments of this nature on some other kids toys channels, usually not 4 in a row on the same video. Obviously those other particular channels didn't filter anything, but I don't think that's wise. I'm assuming it's a kid replying, probably like 10 by the sound of the voice (checked...
  18. Pierre Maynard


    It took a long time to get there but i made it :D I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW YEEEEEEAY :D :D I would so much like to thank everyone for supporting my channel, :D It means so much to me Thank you everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D i cannot believe i made it after 4 years of being on YouTube, But i didn't make...
  19. SeanFace101

    Do I still get notifications for comments on my videos that dont need approved first?

    Do I still get notifications for comments people make on my videos that don't need my approval first before they are shown publically?
  20. O

    Death threats more serious now since recent shootings

    I've been curious what you all feel About this. After grimmie was killed and all the other shootings etc going on today do you take death threats on YouTube comments more seriously? What makes you decide to take action vs ignoring the threat? It kind of terrifies me that I get death threats...
  21. Fee007

    Video Responses

    Is this no longer allowed on YouTube?? Saw some videos about it, but they are a few years old. Can't find anything recent. Was it discontinued because it is considerded spamming?? Very curious, any info would be helpful. Thanks!!
  22. Pierre Maynard

    My first entertainment video! What do you all think? :)

    So i have recently just uploaded a new video called The Whisper challenge, Which i have never done a video about. I would like to know what was good about the video, and what was bad about the video. :) I would also like to know what other things i can add in my videos, and what other...
  23. Pierre Maynard

    WHERE DID HE GET THAT FROM! (The Whisper challenge!)

    In this video iv'e decided to come up with a Challenge, that me and my friend Callan Wills can do! :D Things get weirder as the challenge goes on find out more! :D Let me know in the comments what you thought of the video :) @Selim Keles @G-Man @BigBoss @KatyAdelson @Taylor Hoffman...
  24. O

    youtube comments won't load

    anyone else having a problem where youtube comments won't load? Doesn't matter what video I watch. The comment section is just blank and shows a loading circle spinning. Happens in both Chrome and Safari
  25. booitscaitlin

    Engaging your audience/interactive viewers?

    A little context: So I've recently hit 1,000 subscribers but I have basically no interaction with my viewers. I haven't uploaded in quite a while because I have no motivation at the moment as I just want to connect with my audience (plus just in a bit of an ideas rut) and because that doesn't...
  26. Pierre Maynard

    Struggling to get views.

    So iv'e been on YouTube forums for quite a while now, and the one thing i have noticed since iv'e got back on it is im struggling to get views on my channel it's difficult. Also there are a few people on the forums that warn me about promoting my videos or copying and pasting, but to be honest i...
  27. Pierre Maynard

    About my next video.

    So i have had an idea about, what im going to do for my next video. I was thinking of playing the music lip reading game where my Friend callan has got headphones in and cannot hear me at all, whilst iv'e got to think of a word to say and callan needs to find out what im saying. What do you...
  28. AncientEmma

    Attracting the "Target" Audience

    Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone had any tips for attracting the sort of audience they want to watch their content. In general, I try to go through the comments section of a video from a Youtuber I admire, find someone who posts their own content, then comment on one of their videos (if...
  29. A

    Can't restore reactions marked as spam

    In some youtube reactions some comments in it get marked as spam. You can restore these comments by marking them as non-spam. That worked for me for a time, but now it says, when I click on the 'spam moderation icon' to restore the comment, that there has an 'error ocurred' and I should try it...
  30. Pierre Maynard

    About my Channel!

    Hey everyone so as you know i'm Pierre, and i have been struggling with producing content on my channel so far this year. :( Not to worry though that will all change! :D I have finished another Life is Strange part 2 video which will be uploaded soon! :D But i thought it would be a good idea to...