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On one of my recent videos it says under it a "2" next to the word "Comments" but there is no comments there and also there is no comments in the awaiting approval or likely spam pages either. Anyone know why the 2 comments for this video is not showing? or Why it is saying there should be 2 comments when is hasn't been any made yet? :p Have a look at the photo I have uploaded with this thread and you will see it.. Thanks :p

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YouTube has made an announcement about this as an official bug -->

Changes to comment counts

You may currently be experiencing an issue where the comment count on a video's watch page is different from what you see in YouTube Analytics. We're updating our systems to ensure consistency, so the numbers may have recently changed for you.

Rest assured that even if your comment count has decreased, no comments have been deleted. YouTube never deletes comments unless they violate our rules for spam or other policies listed in the Community Guidelines.

What's the correct comment count?
In the watch page, the actual comments loading on the page is the accurate number. The number that you see listed above the comments field on a video's watch page may not currently be accurate.


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Youtube lies to me about the comments too. It will say there's 3 when there's 2, or 6 when there's 4. Very annoying.
Go to:

Creator studio > Community > Comments

check the spam folder, if their not showing up on your video my best guess is that it should be there.
Logged in this morning and noticed that the notifications in the top right of the screen on the YouTube page has changed slightly. Now instead of being able to get a quick recap of all comments on a single video, it shows every comment individually. Also, when I click on the comment, instead of simply expanding and allowing me to interact there on the notifications section, it automatically takes me to the actual video page and shows me the comment on the page.

Is this being rolled out across everyone or is it something I've inadvertently changed without realising? I like how they were yesterday because I could recap all of them without hassle, now I've got hundreds of notifications and no real way to keep on top of them all.

Thank you for your time

Yeah... It's been like that for me too.. :( I liked the old version...
On some of my computers and devices it's this new thingy, while on some other computers it's the old thingy :O
That's interesting! I wonder if I could get to the older version by using a different browser? o.o I'll have to try that this evening. ^^