1. threemeow

    how long do @usernames take to refresh?

    hello. i changed my @Username on one of my youtube channels, but i realized i changed it on the incorrect channel. i changed it back, but on the correct account, it still says the username is taken. when i type in the old username on the incorrect channel, it still shows me it. how long will...
  2. B

    Write me help

    Help me find a good resource for writing esse so that it is specifically of quality
  3. Roscoe

    Subtitle *Auto Translate* Suddenly Disabled?

    Every video I upload receives automatic captions to English. Then I add the following languages to the subtitles: Czech Filipino German Hindi Indonesian Japanese Kazakh Korean Portuguese (Brazil) Russian Spanish With each language, I select the Auto Translate function, which translates the...
  4. B

    Music for youtubers

    Hello guys, my name is Beats Maker and I make music for YouTubers. Here is a link that takes you to my music, hope you like it. Thanks you so much for the support !! Music link:
  5. H

    Need help setting preferences in YouTube.

    When I click on a YouTube channel, the content automatically sorts by “for you”. I cannot figure out how to change my preferences back to it automatically sorting by “newest uploads”. The most annoying part is the fact that if I click latest content, then go out of viewing that channel, then go...
  6. D

    YouTube is deleting my content please help I will pay $50-$100 a video

    Hallo there, i am gambling and recording it. therefor I have started to upload on YouTube as so many other, but YouTube keep deleting it and giving me strikes. Can anybody help my, because how can prodigy, trainwreck, watchgametv, life of steve and so on to it when I can't. i am looking for...
  7. FireOnyx

    Help needed on uploading TV show to YouTube

    Hi friends! While searching internet for any clue I stumbled upon this forum and looked like this forum is what I was looking for. Now, straight to the point. I recorded a very popular music show on the TV and then decided to upload to my newly created YouTube channel. I intended to upload the...
  8. Kenz0

    I Need Advice On My Channel

    Hey everyone my name is Kenz0 and ive been doing YouTube for years posting here and there but never on a Consistent upload schedule until now ive deleted all my videos many times to follow the branding a want to go with so all my videos match the same kind of theme/branding and no mix matching...
  9. Kenz0

    I Need Advice

    Hey everyone my name is Kenz0 and ive been doing YouTube for years posting here and there but never on a Consistent upload schedule until now ive deleted all my videos many times to follow the branding a want to go with so all my videos match the same kind of theme/branding and no mix matching...
  10. Kenz0

    I Need Your Help With Insight With Gaming Youtube Videos Today And How To Keep The Viewers coming

    Hey everyone my name is Kenz0 and ive been doing YouTube for years posting here and there but never on a Consistent upload schedule until now ive deleted all my videos many times to follow the branding a want to go with so all my videos match the same kind of theme/branding and no mix...
  11. Kenz0

    Struggling to find a name to use for my viewers

    Hello everyone, im here because im looking to get help with names to call my viewers, my channels name is Kenzo and im a gamer, just i cant think of anything good to call them. i don't want to address them as the viewer i want something that will be brand noticeable example (pewdiepie calls his...
  12. H

    I think i broke my 100k subs youtube channel

    I have a youtube channel which got really good exposure, all my videos are self created and taking s**t load of time to create (video for a month). I had explosive growth with two videos ,one have reached 1m and the second 23m. I'm monetized for 5 months and already have 100k subs. Now I have...
  13. A

    What's wrong with my Minecraft video(Not enough views)

    I use an extension called VidIQ, you've all heard of it. I started a new Minecraft Bedwars content channel(if you don't know its fine), and posted my first video. I included proper tags, a long half-helpful description, and got 43/50 on the SEO. I then used Photoshop to craft a thumbnail. After...
  14. W


    Blogify offers innovative features so users no longer have to manually build sites, run out of content ideas, or spend hundreds on hiring professionals and writers. Just enter one keyword and Blogify does the rest automatically.
  15. B

    My Channel was Deleted Could Someone help me

    Hello, yesterday my channel was randomly deleted while I was chilling on my pc, I got an email saying that it got deleted for sexual content or nudity which made no sense to me as I only make reactions and gaming videos. While it's true I have played some adult games on my channel and nudity was...
  16. H

    Organic growth was cut off...penalty??

    I need your help and opinion from SEO perspective. I have a 4 month old youtube channel, pretty young. And I've been getting a really good amount of views from recommended and browse. Like 16,000 views for 48 hours in the past month. A few days ago I bought a backlink promotion from fiver...
  17. gettingfitdonewtw

    Low sub growth beginning stages.

    Hi. We are Getting Fit Done, Chalice and Christie's World Tour Workout. We are two cousins touring the world of fitness and trying out one sport at a time. First sport is Muay Thai. IMO, we have four high quality, highly edited videos on our Youtube channel, with cool and interesting content...
  18. T

    How to grow your channel and get monetized?

    If you're serious about getting monetized and growing your youtube channel fast, then you've come to the right place. Matt Par is a youtuber who gives only the BEST tips and tricks that you can only find in his course! Just click the link below to get started. You'll get ✅ secret algorithm...
  19. G

    Request Can someone please edit my vids for free?

    Hi, im GodXero and I recently started a minecraft channel but am always to busy and dont have the skills to edit. I would give u shoutouts and link your channel (if you dont have one i would write your name/username) in the description. Ill put my discord and email below. discord: GodXero#6913...
  20. TheRafter

    Channel growth not quite there

    I need help. I put serious work into my youtube videos (at least my most recent ones), yet I have a friend that has uploaded a quarter amount of the videos and puts less effort into them, yet still is growing faster than me and gets 4x more views on each video. The content types are pretty...
  21. P

    Where is this video

    I’ve been looking for a video for a while and I want to see if some of you can help me, about 2 years ago I remember a female YouTube animator making an animation about her life and how she almost killer herself by driving of a cliff into a lake but decided against it, she also had a hard time...
  22. Brad Wilkinson

    2 different game genres conflicting should i start a separate channel?

    My channel is gaining subscribers regularly because of 1 particular game (game 1) I feature. However I have a strong 'interactive' following for another game (game 2). I suspect game 1 lovers are unsubscribing because of frequent game 2 posts. Also I don't think game 2 videos are getting shared...
  23. TimEdits

    How do I transfer a custom URL from one Youtube channel to another? All of this is very confusing

    Is the custom URL attached to the email or to the channel itself? Has anyone done this before? I'd really appreciate it if anyone can help me with this
  24. Z

    Processing 89% ... Video processing is taking longer than expected. Hold tight.

    I have been waiting 3 hours with this message (Processing 89% ... Video processing is taking longer than expected. Hold tight.) and nothing is happening I tried re-uploading, restarting my pc and I have no more ideas please help.
  25. MikiSunshine

    YouTube Stopped Showing End Screen Links

    YouTube used to properly show my 2 videos choices and subscribe button on my end screen properly. For the last two videos uploaded, it doesn’t seem to want to do that anymore and the screen sections are just screwy. I add my end screen graphic before I process the edit In iMovie. The problem...
  26. Dmenace

    Need help with rebranding my channel

    Hi everyone I have a YouTube channel and its consists of different niches. Metal detecting, extreme activities, urban exploration, etc. My older videos not getting any views, cuz I misled the YouTube algorithm with my different niches. I want to take some of my videos and create a new...
  27. DeBub

    Request for a Short Video Review

    Hey there, so i've been working on this the past 2 days Non-Stop but haven't done a YouTube Video before, so i want it to be really good and most importantly to not turn people away in the first 15 seconds. It is a Love-Letter-Like Review for a Old RPG (Secret of Mana) the video itself, is just...
  28. eoMinecraft

    [Video Review] Does this type of content have a future?

    I've noticed that over the years people have been getting into this 'earrape' thing a lot more, so I thought what if i just applied it to the whole video? Do you think there are people out there who would find this funny or?
  29. H

    Help with making a compilation channel

    Channels like “hooked”, “Hyperloop” and “cubehub01” make videos like “WTF Sports moments!”.. They also put their brand on the top right of the videos, just wanted to ask, where do they obtain the original clips from? I tried twitter but it wasn’t obvious, is it buzzfeed or something?
  30. FortniteNonStop

    Question About a Monetization Strategy

    Hello, so I've been thinking about this for a while now. YouTube usually doesn't monetize accounts that repost content but what if I grow a channel, get accepted into monetization and then later changed my entire channel's niche into a reposting channel, will I still be monetized? Will I also...