1. G

    Request Can someone please edit my vids for free?

    Hi, im GodXero and I recently started a minecraft channel but am always to busy and dont have the skills to edit. I would give u shoutouts and link your channel (if you dont have one i would write your name/username) in the description. Ill put my discord and email below. discord: GodXero#6913...
  2. TheRafter

    Channel growth not quite there

    I need help. I put serious work into my youtube videos (at least my most recent ones), yet I have a friend that has uploaded a quarter amount of the videos and puts less effort into them, yet still is growing faster than me and gets 4x more views on each video. The content types are pretty...
  3. P

    Where is this video

    I’ve been looking for a video for a while and I want to see if some of you can help me, about 2 years ago I remember a female YouTube animator making an animation about her life and how she almost killer herself by driving of a cliff into a lake but decided against it, she also had a hard time...
  4. Brad Wilkinson

    2 different game genres conflicting should i start a separate channel?

    My channel is gaining subscribers regularly because of 1 particular game (game 1) I feature. However I have a strong 'interactive' following for another game (game 2). I suspect game 1 lovers are unsubscribing because of frequent game 2 posts. Also I don't think game 2 videos are getting shared...
  5. TimEdits

    How do I transfer a custom URL from one Youtube channel to another? All of this is very confusing

    Is the custom URL attached to the email or to the channel itself? Has anyone done this before? I'd really appreciate it if anyone can help me with this
  6. Z

    Processing 89% ... Video processing is taking longer than expected. Hold tight.

    I have been waiting 3 hours with this message (Processing 89% ... Video processing is taking longer than expected. Hold tight.) and nothing is happening I tried re-uploading, restarting my pc and I have no more ideas please help.
  7. MikiSunshine

    YouTube Stopped Showing End Screen Links

    YouTube used to properly show my 2 videos choices and subscribe button on my end screen properly. For the last two videos uploaded, it doesn’t seem to want to do that anymore and the screen sections are just screwy. I add my end screen graphic before I process the edit In iMovie. The problem...
  8. Dmenace

    Need help with rebranding my channel

    Hi everyone I have a YouTube channel and its consists of different niches. Metal detecting, extreme activities, urban exploration, etc. My older videos not getting any views, cuz I misled the YouTube algorithm with my different niches. I want to take some of my videos and create a new...
  9. DeBub

    Request for a Short Video Review

    Hey there, so i've been working on this the past 2 days Non-Stop but haven't done a YouTube Video before, so i want it to be really good and most importantly to not turn people away in the first 15 seconds. It is a Love-Letter-Like Review for a Old RPG (Secret of Mana) the video itself, is just...
  10. eoMinecraft

    [Video Review] Does this type of content have a future?

    I've noticed that over the years people have been getting into this 'earrape' thing a lot more, so I thought what if i just applied it to the whole video? Do you think there are people out there who would find this funny or?
  11. H

    Help with making a compilation channel

    Channels like “hooked”, “Hyperloop” and “cubehub01” make videos like “WTF Sports moments!”.. They also put their brand on the top right of the videos, just wanted to ask, where do they obtain the original clips from? I tried twitter but it wasn’t obvious, is it buzzfeed or something?
  12. FortniteNonStop

    Question About a Monetization Strategy

    Hello, so I've been thinking about this for a while now. YouTube usually doesn't monetize accounts that repost content but what if I grow a channel, get accepted into monetization and then later changed my entire channel's niche into a reposting channel, will I still be monetized? Will I also...
  13. genevieve

    should i tell my channel to friends?

    basically i have this channel that i made and it blew up with around 15k within the first few months.. i want to tell my classmates/friends about it but idk bc I'm scared they'll tell other people/leak a face reveal. i just feel like it would be fun to show off to them and maybe get a little...
  14. G

    Youtube stuck in processing for hours

    So ive been uploading a 10 minute 1080p video @60hz to my channel, and it uploads fine, but when processing it zooms down the bar before stopping completely at 68%, 2 minutes remaining. I then went outside, stayed for a while, came back in, watched some videos, went back outside, had lunch, and...
  15. Biscuit

    My channel is quite small, and its been about a year and I'm at 26 subs. I feel like I'm growing poorly. Help?

    So first of all, my content: Most of my content is Wii games and some Switch games. My most popular videos come from here with my Mario Kart Wii Modding series. I can't make that my only content though, as each video builds on the others crazy ideas and due to how track mods work, I can only...
  16. Dmenace

    I think I'm doing a strategic mistake

    Hi everyone My name is Denis and I've have a YouTube channel with different topics like. "metal detecting, diving, caving, urban exploring, climbing, extreme activities". And I think I've made a mistake by not focusing on one topic. Each week I'm posting different video from the category's...
  17. F

    New platform for YouTube Creators?

    Dear fellow YouTubers, I need your help. I'm currently in the design process with a few people, designing this new platform for YouTube Creators mostly. The idea is to help creators in all aspects of being a YouTuber, both creatively, financially, in regards to planning videos, becoming a...
  18. MrCanadianDude

    Are my Minecraft videos entertaining?

    I'm trying to make sure my Minecraft videos are entertaining but I need a couple of people's advice!
  19. MrCanadianDude

    I need help finding music for my videos/streams

    I am making Minecraft videos and streams and need some music for the background of the videos so it isn't just boring silence. I don't want anything with beats as it distracts the viewers from what I am saying or the gameplay. I'm having trouble finding simple music.
  20. V

    Losing Subscribers :(

    Hey Guys, I'm like 1 subscriber each day and I don't know why. Please help! My channel: All Supports And Tips Are Greatly Appreciated!
  21. farukhassan933

    i need your help in my new channel

    I created a new comedy channel and i have only one video in it Please can someone check it out and tell me what i should improve Please watch and give me advice
  22. thisismaw

    How Long Before YouTube SEO kicks In?

    As the same as the title, I am curious how long before the SEO in YouTube kicks in, I'm quite new. Thank you :)
  23. K

    Am I allowed to use the soundtrack of the games i Play in the Video?

    Am I allowed to use the soundtrack of the games i Play in the Video? I created a video where I play through the batman Arkham videos and I used the soundtrack from those games and i got copyright striked? Am i not allowed to use that music even though it is free advertisement and stuff. Video:
  24. TheSoi2

    Give feedback on my channel?

    Checkout my channel? I'd like some feedback on how it looks and anything that I can fix. Channel down below. Channel
  25. J

    sign up for google adsense stuck at "in progress"

    i was about to create a google adsense account for my channel. ive passed everything including the 1000 subs and 4000 watch hours. When i click on the monetization tab on the left panel it brings out this 3 steps. ive completed the first step which is the review partner program terms and it...
  26. mawashito1

    Hi YTtalk

    Hi everyone.
  27. P

    Need help with monetizing

    Hi, me and my girlfriend have almost 2500 subscribers yet only 85 watch hours. Our goal is to be monetized but we are struggling to get viewers. Any suggestions to increase watch time fast
  28. A

    Help getting a channel back

    Hi! I'm arv_mad and I'm new to this community. I needed help with something and Google's Support Center was a bit confusing, and as I've seen, you're all so nice to each other and I think that's what I value the most, so I decided joining. So, in 2018/19, my little brother and I shared tablet...
  29. D


    Hey guys! I need your help. I used to watch videos of this one swedish female youtuber, but I'm not able to find her now. When I was watching her videos, she used to have purple/pink hair (each half of different color), diamond tattoos on both her wrists, having piercings on her face and she...
  30. Scuplex

    Low viewers duration time what to do?

    Hello dear creators, i face a problem where i upload a video it gets 50-60 views and the average watch time on the videos from my viewers is 0:43 and the videos have a length of 6-10 minutes I know that this question has been asked multiple times in the past but i want a bit of clear advice to...