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Hey there, so i've been working on this the past 2 days Non-Stop but haven't done a YouTube Video before, so i want it to be really good and most importantly to not turn people away in the first 15 seconds.

It is a Love-Letter-Like Review for a Old RPG (Secret of Mana) the video itself, is just a small part of the whole thing about 3 and a half minutes, the reason i want you to review the small part of it, is because the whole thing is about 30 minutes in length and not essential to be seen in full length to review the things i am requesting.

The things i worry about is first of all, the ratio between background music and my voice, like is my voice to loud or to quiet compared with the background audio, as well as if the video may be to quiet in general.
Also if my accent is too thick. I am from germany and wanted to do YT Videos for a long time now and tried to max out my language skill points lol, this also includes if i speak clearly enough because of this.

And lastly would be any ideas or criticism to spice up the visuals a bit? Or if it is even needed? This is my biggest concern tbh, that the whole thing is boring to listen to or to look at. I spent so much time on the intro and the small animations and to make some visual jokes to go along with the things said but still feel like something is missing, or off and i really can't put my finger on what it may be.

So for anyone taking a look at it, please give me some feedback, i am more then happy for any constructive point of criticism and hint to look out for, i am very passionate about the format and the games i want to talk about, so i want to do them justice and to have other people seeing the magic that those games and worlds have for me, bc of that i want to make videos worth uploading and will keep working on them until i think they are okay. So thank you guys so much in advance.

Here's the clip i want reviewed. Don't mind the title, the whole things is privatized as i want overhaul the real video after receiving advice and upload it afterwards.

Welcome to the forum & congrats on 1st post. Voice/music ratio seems good, accent is fine. Btw you can put channel link under name(age) as seen under mine to the LEFT of this msg - read my signature on HOW TO below this msg
So first of all, that intro is AWESOME. I love the 8bit intro screen. To address your more specific questions:

1. Music to voice ratio is pretty good. You could probably turn the music down just a little bit, but it's pretty good where it is.
2. Accent isn't too thick. You're clearly German, but I can easily understand all of your words and phrases.
3. I really enjoyed your visuals, I especially got a kick out of the meme of the guys on the award stand.

General comments:

4. Could the background game be in focus? There are a few moments where there aren't visuals and I was curious about the game itself. If it won't ruin the visuals and the other elements you have going on, I think making the game in focus would allow viewers to get more interested in the game itself.
5. Overall I think that short clip is excellent. It genuinely made me interested in finding out more. The only thing that may get you is the length, but I'd say run it at the length you have it for your first video and see how it does! You might benefit from shorter videos to keep your watch % high and improve your algorithm hits.
Onthewrist pretty much sums up my feelings too. Good job.

If not already using it, look up "audio ducking" a process which drops music levels so that the voice channel stands out above it.,
I will be happy to give feedback and I will be brutally honest:

1.Overall, this is fantstic for a first video! Keep up the good work!

2. Your narration is quite good, especially for a first video. Don't worry about your voice at this point.

3. The balance between music & voice is pretty good, but you might reduce the music just a hair. The music you chose is good.

4. Your intro is WAY TOO LONG! At the moment when your voice says "Without further ado, let us begin." the timestamp reads 1:35. You took up over a minute and a half of my time before beginning your presentation. (Pay attention to the lead times of videos you watch on YT.)

5. Honestly, nobody cares that your friend suggested the idea for the video. Thank your friend at the end of the video.

7. You are showing "squaresoft" and "secret of mana" on screen way to long. You might replace all of that with images that change every couple of seconds. Try showing "secret of mana" earlier, when you announce the name of the game.

7. Why are the gameplay segments so blurry?

8. The part where you introduce yourself and explain your channel, you might consider moving that to a seperate channel trailer.
I got called away and didn't get to finish this...

Despite my criticisms, you have done a great job overall. Your video editing is better than most beginners. Even if you change nothing, your video is probably better than 99% of people's first YouTube video.

With your passion and your eye for detail, you are on the road to a great YouTube channel!

Keep up the great work!