1. DeBub

    Request for a Short Video Review

    Hey there, so i've been working on this the past 2 days Non-Stop but haven't done a YouTube Video before, so i want it to be really good and most importantly to not turn people away in the first 15 seconds. It is a Love-Letter-Like Review for a Old RPG (Secret of Mana) the video itself, is just...
  2. Inspired Content

    depended heavily on annotations

    I had been in the process of scripting out a whole bunch of video ideas in two categories that relied on annotations, and was set to begin the first one in June. well they discontinued the annotation feature and it's replacement doesn't have the functionality I needed. So rushed to script up a...
  3. AMX Gaming

    AkibaStrip Undead & Undressed | Taking Her Clothes Off

    Have you ever wanted to take a girls clothes off without getting in trouble? well, you came to the right place, watch as we take on more evil duers and strip them down as punishment in this Akiba's Trip gameplay AkibaStrip Undead & Undressed | Taking Her Clothes Off This suburban Tokyo ward's...
  4. CandyPhantom

    Collecting Limbs for a good cause! [Pocket Mirror Part 5 Gameplay]

    So we found two decapitated heads on the sofa and decided to help them out by collecting others' limbs. I swear it's for a good cause!
  5. Aresteele

    South Park: The Stick of Truth - NEW KID IN THE REALM

    Hello everyone! I started a new series on my channel and hoping to get some feedback on it. Feel free to check it out, drop a like and a comment if you enjoyed it and subscribe if you enjoy my content!
  6. MultiDragon129

    DARK Souls III ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ VORDT BOSS Moments.. #11

    VORDT BOSS #11 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another Dark Souls III Episode with my cousin RICDRAGONZR4U, in this episode we make our way...
  7. Ranmaru_Richu

    Modded Fallout 3 part 43 - Meeting the Crew

    We get a lay of the land on campus and meet the fellow Institute J scientists! Hope everyone enjoys!
  8. Ranmaru_Richu

    Let's Play Dark Souls part 14 - Fire Orbs

    We get a few upgrades and learn a new trick to help against the giant rat in The Depths! Hope everyone enjoys!
  9. Lethality

    Gaming Just have fun together [PC, XB1]

    I'm looking for friends to have fun with while playing. Shenanigans and stuff. I prefer PC for playing, as I have most of my games on there but I also got some stuff on the XB1. So that's all, If you're interested leave your contact data below or just add me on Skype: Lethality112 or...
  10. Ranmaru_Richu

    Let's Play Dark Souls part 11 - Resident Evil Vibes

    There's a bit of a Resident Evil vibe as we start delving down into The Depths, and we also meet the Pyromancy vendor! Hope everyone enjoys!
  11. Grizzly Guernsey Gamer

    FINAL FANTASY VII | Grizzly Gauntlet

    Hello Ladies & Gents! Before the making of this video I'd heard all the hype behind Final Fantasy VII. It's in a lot of ways the standard to which any RPG made to this day aspires to be in it's lifetime Admired by many, revered by more and an experience which many believe to be essential to...
  12. Puck Mitchell

    Seriously critique my channel.

    Looking for constructive criticism, if I don't agree. That is fine, just opinions. But I am trying to pinpoint where I am going wrong, in my titles perhaps. My thumbnails(they are basic but I have an eye for art) again subjective so let me know! Some ideas of things to look at! # voice audio...
  13. MisterProductions

    FableCast - An RPG based on YouTube (Looking for wonderful people just like you!)

    What is FableCast? FableCast is an RPG game I'm currently going to be working on. The game will have some slight inspirations from UNDERTALE, and will feature many YouTubers. What is this thread going to be used for? This is just the ideas and updates thread. If you have a suggestion or idea...
  14. Shen Demoni

    New Series!: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII`

    Hey there, Paesanos! I started a new series in anticipation for the remake of Final Fantasy VII! Final Fantasy VII was honestly the first RPG I ever played as a kid, so I figured I needed to adventure through the series, starting with Zack's story in Crisis Core! I honestly forgot how dark...
  15. Mattaxol

    AIRBORNE JEEP! | Far Cry 4

    I put loads of work into this video and no one has seen it yet in the 6 hours (ish) it's been uploaded other than me. Please show some support if you enjoy it, I'd really really appreciate it. Thank you!!
  16. Logic Eye

    Gaming Space Engineers Survival RP series

    Hello, i would like to colaborate with a person or 2 to a Survival RP series in the game of Space Engineers :) I would like the persons to be over 15 years old (I am 16 my self) and gotta talk allright English (Im a little rusty myself) and the person to be located near England (Denmak myself)...
  17. JustMonotone

    Watch Some Rogue Legacy Antics!

    Here's my latest Rogue Legacy video. Let me know what you guys think in the comments!
  18. j12stones

    FALLOUT 3 / N00b Explains!!!

  19. j12stones

    WORLD OF WARCRAFT / N00b Explains!

  20. Ravs

    Gaming Gaming group looking for more members!

    Hello everyone on the forums, as you can tell my the title of the thread the gaming group that I run is looking for more members, here I'll post a bit of background, goals, ideas, what we're looking for, and how to apply. Introduction Well first off, who are we, the group basically consists of...
  21. MapleStream

    UNDERTALE - Part 1 | MapleStream

    Hey there, Ray here and welcome to another video! So this is part 1 of my cringy playthrough of Undertale. Hope you guys enjoy :D
  22. L

    Blade and Soul Character Creation - Gameplay

    Hello Everyone, Luna here, since Blade and Soul has just been released I have decided to jump in and show off the character creation for you awesome folks with some gameplay. Remember folks be sure to watch, subscribe and like :D All comments and advice is welcome
  23. CautiousCrowe

    Undertale. A unique RPG with captivating story

    If you haven't heard of this game yet then it can be simply put that you're missing out on A LOT as far as RPG's are concerned. Undertale doesn't have the most amazing graphics, but more than makes up for it with it's amazing story line and one of a kind battle system. I think this is a game...
  24. chriskioonegamergang


  25. JackTheRipoff

    After some modifications...

    So since the last time I put in a request for a video way back when, I have made considerable improvements to my channel quality. In my finale of Blank Dream, I make an hour long episode special and would like to know if the video in itself is worth watching through the whole play time. What I...