Puck Mitchell

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Looking for constructive criticism, if I don't agree. That is fine, just opinions. But I am trying to pinpoint where I am going wrong, in my titles perhaps. My thumbnails(they are basic but I have an eye for art) again subjective so let me know!
Some ideas of things to look at!
# voice audio
#video quality
#soundtrack choice
#overall content
I am improving my content the more I create as I realise where I went wrong previously however with more outside feedback I would be able to boost my content x 10 from what it is but I need the community help for that push, motivation and most importantly feedback. Much appreciated, most recent video is here:

Your audio, sound track choice and video quality seemed fine to me. I feel like you could probably expand your gameplay video (So we don't see the black layer behind it). Hope this helps.
I think you could do with putting more videos on your home page at the moment only one video shows up their and I have to go to your videos tab to see more. Maybe create a most popular or my faces section or something like that?