1. AntsDeKing

    (Critiques Please) A NEWBIE'S NEW ADVENTURE!! ( Dragon Raja Lets Play EP. 1)

    A NEWBIE'S NEW ADVENTURE!! IT'S GOING TO BE SOME FUN WHILE ALSO BEING REALLY HARD LOL. Soooooo... welcome to the first episode of a let's play dragon raja mmorpg. On this dragon raja lets play, we make our charatcer within the dragon raja character creation female templates and such we were...
  2. ChiVulpix

    Gaming Looking for a collab

    Hi! I'm a small gaming youtuber mostly focused on pokemon content and i'm looking for a collab. Maybe a duo nuzlocke, pokemon showdown battle or a pvp or raid in any game. I play pokemon (all of them), vampires fall:origins,perfect world and monster carnival (i could possibly start playing...
  3. Crazy Pickle

    Gameplay | Skyforge

    Heavy Hydra “Executioner” – a real weapon of devastation. Gorgonides resort to it only in the most desperate of situations, because of the complexity of assembly and transportation to rebellious worlds.
  4. Porcupixel

    Runescape Account Giveaway! - 1 day left! Winner is announced tomorrow!

    Our Runescape Account giveaway ends tommorow (Oct 21). Watch the video to learn how to win! Good Luck
  5. Puck Mitchell

    Seriously critique my channel.

    Looking for constructive criticism, if I don't agree. That is fine, just opinions. But I am trying to pinpoint where I am going wrong, in my titles perhaps. My thumbnails(they are basic but I have an eye for art) again subjective so let me know! Some ideas of things to look at! # voice audio...
  6. Puck Mitchell

    DARK SOULS 3 - live on twitch, playing a pyro scrub!

    Alo Elo guys, I am duel comming with my brother as he plays through his new pyromancer. I assist with commentary but it is him playing. Come join for an hour or so or come check my channel for properly edited content. I will be streaming quite often so follow and keep updated. Generally around...
  7. Puck Mitchell

    I'll just leave this here shall I? Anyone Love a good mountain?

    Alo elo there one and all. This video I am about to share is one even I come to watch now and again and thank myself for that brief entertainment. This is a commentary of a trip me and my cousin made to our first mountain here in the UK - MT Snowdon. I over-dramatise slightly for effect but I...
  8. j12stones

    WORLD OF WARCRAFT: Wrath of the Lich King | N00b Explains!!!

  9. j12stones

    WORLD OF WARCRAFT / N00b Explains!

  10. L

    The Division: First Impressions - Character Creation & Storyline Gameplay

    Hey Guys, The Division Beta is here and today I am taking a look at the The Division on PC, showcasing the character creation, combat and questing. Be sure to sit back and relax because it's a long one...But it's goooood! REMEMBER GUYS, LIKE WHAT YOU SEE BE SURE TO HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON!!!
  11. Ninja

    Do you think there is any market for Blade and Soul videos?

    So as some of you may have heard, Blade and Soul is a new free-to-play MMORPG that is being hailed for how high quality and in-depth it is for a free to play game. I've been planning to play the game on my own time every once in a while once the server queues slow down a bit. But does anyone...