(Critiques Please) A NEWBIE'S NEW ADVENTURE!! ( Dragon Raja Lets Play EP. 1)


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Feb 9, 2020
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A NEWBIE'S NEW ADVENTURE!! IT'S GOING TO BE SOME FUN WHILE ALSO BEING REALLY HARD LOL. Soooooo... welcome to the first episode of a let's play dragon raja mmorpg. On this dragon raja lets play, we make our charatcer within the dragon raja character creation female templates and such we were given and make our very own character! She does not have a name yet so please leave one within the comments!! All we know so far in dragon raja assassin is her cup of tea as she gets to show that off a little! In Dragon Raja first impressions are given as well and if it's not too obvious, the dragon raja gameplay can qualify as a best mmo type of game for real!! The dragon raja let's play sounds like a lot of fun and I can't wait for our very first dragon raja chapter we get to unveil. Man, this dragon raja game is really something...

Dragon Raja ios and Dragon Raja android are both accessible as well as playing it on the freaking pc! However, the dragon raja mobile gameplay may as well look like it is on PC lol.

Feedback towards the editing and commentary would be much appreciated thank you for checking this thread out!