Puck Mitchell

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Alo elo there one and all. This video I am about to share is one even I come to watch now and again and thank myself for that brief entertainment. This is a commentary of a trip me and my cousin made to our first mountain here in the UK - MT Snowdon. I over-dramatise slightly for effect but I try and relay the journey as it were in the couple minutes I condensed it down to. We're talking 3 days of footage condensed to 10 minutes! Nonetheless.
This is merely for entertainment purposes as I no longer use this channel, it gained 1,000+ subs and I quit to do other things

I am back now on my new channel, ThePuckington Reborn but playing Dark Souls 3. Where as I was a battlefield player back when. Either way, enjoy it for the gameplay or enjoy it for the commentary as I don't refer to the game-play at any point. That is why I posted here.
Without further ado, enjoy!