1. S

    Commentary WANTED: co-host for book/anime PODCAST.

    am going to keep this short and simple. PM and we'll talk some more. My email: am looking for people to start a book/manga podcast with. the podcast will be divide into two parts: a ''morning and night'' podcast. am thinking of making so we have two recording session...
  2. W

    Commentary Anime review/commentary channel. Looking to collab with similar niche/quality channels!

    I'm new on the block and I'm looking to grow my viewer base and expand my repertoire as a reviewer and a critic. I typically make serious review-style commentary on anime that have moved me and talk about why they're important, but i'm not apposed to more light-hearted content! Reach out and let...
  3. R

    Using Less Than 10% of Copyrighted Content for Reaction Video

    Hi all, I know it's a very tired question and that there is no clear cut answer, but I am just looking for some creator insight. I am working with a commentator for a youtube/igtv series based around analyzing fight choreography in films. We will obviously need to show the scenes for a...
  4. H

    Feedback of my video

    Hello, I wish to get some feedback on my video, I just started doing these commentary kind of videos where I talk about a subject with usually gaming in the background. Know I know my English isn't that great but what you think I should have done differently in this video? Edit: Lol forgot to...
  5. Kevin hummel

    World of Warcraft Let's Play / Guide: Questing and Commentary

    Hey guys! Check out my new video in which we start to wrap up questing in Azuremyst Isle by helping out Cookie Mckweaksauce, and the others. Our joining the alliance looks better and better.
  6. Cory91

    Comedy Looking to Collab

    Hello everybody, We make videos making fun of the over the top wrestling fan and wrestling of course. We'd love to work with another creator and collab. If you're a wrestling fan that's a plus but if not we can still figure something out.
  7. Ent Ashy

    Commentary Need commentators for Playthoughs

    Hello everyone, I want to make a channel much like HellFireComms , I need commentators however. Basically I will record a playthough with no commentary, I will take that recording & we will all get into discord & watch the clip together & post record our commentary. Think of it as a podcast...
  8. Ent Ashy

    Gaming Need commentators for Playthoughs

    Hello everyone, I want to make a channel much like HellFireComms , I need commentators however. Basically I will record a playthough with no commentary, I will take that recording & we will all get into discord & watch the clip together & post record our commentary. Think of it as a podcast...
  9. WarriorDan

    The Falling Sun [GAME REVIEW]

    I review The Falling Sun, a game so bad that even the developers, 4 years ago, walked away from it and eventually pulled it from the Steam store. As the first game I ever reviewed, at the time on behalf of a gaming news and review site, I thought it'd be fun, all these years later, to update my...
  10. Justine

    "Ariana Grande is QUEERPHOBIC!!1"

    I mean...she really isn't and neither is her "Thank u, Next" video, but according to this article apparently anything can be seen as offensive nowadays. Even if it's something as simple as having a song about loving yourself and moving on from your exes...yeah apparently thats anti-transwomen...
  11. angelnight133

    trying to improve my commentary, videos in general, and grow my channel (any tips are welcome)

    I've been around and taken a little time off here and there, I've decided to push for a strong dedicated try to you-tube and I decided to start with a game I really enjoyed in the past and one to help my significant other get into the game. I feel like I babble a lot and my pacing may be off my...
  12. Shanahan

    Vlog Creating A New Show, Looking For Guest Stars

    Soon I will be creating a new show similar to Smosh Game's "Why We're Single" and am looking for anyone that would want to appear as guest stars, and maybe recurring guests. Must have a decent microphone/audio and webcam. All channels welcome, big or small, new or old :)
  13. LCGaming

    Black Ops 4 || Race To Diamond

    Hey guys hope you enjoy our episode 2 of Race To Diamond we are also starting a horror game series and Garrett will be playing Resident Evil 7, which will be fun to watch because neither of us like scary games in the slightest. So keep an eye out for that series. I don't know what scary game I...
  14. Minyin Valarauco

    I'd like some feedback on my commentary and pacing

    I just recently put up a new video on youtube and I would appreciate any and all feedback to know how I'm doing with my pacing and commentary. Should I try to talk more about elements in the game while I'm playing? How is the lighting for my cam? Does it seem fun and enjoyable? I know all about...
  15. D

    Started a couple of hours ago and just hit 5 subs!!

    I know it's not as exciting as 50 or 100 but it's exciting to me nontheless :D
  16. D


    Hello everyone! I just uploaded a brand new video to my new YouTube channel. I hope you guys enjoy it!!
  17. A

    Commentary looking for people to do a podcast with.

    hello I run a podcast channel where I do it live then save it on the channel I am looking for people who have things they would like to talk about and invite them over to join for a full podcast about 1-2 hours, let me know if you have things you would like to talk and lets chat. thanks alex
  18. Justine

    Emma Chamberlain's The Next Tana Mongeau

    So Emma Chamberlain is a youtuber who decided to design some clothes for her own clothing line...and proceeded to make some mistakes that genuinely remind me of Tana Mongeau and Tanacon. Now, I like Emma's videos but these mistakes are pretty big issues that make her clothing line seem a bit...
  19. Tharsan

    Animation Looking to Collab w/ animator to discuss scientific/medical topics

    I would like to work with a creative individual(s) to create a channel where we discuss scientific and/or medical current or hot topics, news, etc. The videos can be comprised of either exclusively animation, or a combination of animation and live video wherever appropriate. I have an...
  20. Justine

    Momokuns Terrible Apology

    So, I'm posting about this here (again) because cosplay and video games almost go hand in hand so I'm sure ya'll may have heard of this chick. Momokun says shes okay with criticism now (ya know, despite deleting comments), so let me criticize her apology for how terrible it really is. You can't...
  21. Justine

    Nikocado Avocado: Mental Breakdown Mukbang

    So I finally looked into a youtuber who has interested me for awhile, and what I found was a little off. From consistently broadcasted mental breakdowns to odd features within his descriptions, I looked into Nikocado Avocado and found that everything he seems to post in relation to breakdowns...
  22. Justine

    Overwatch Has "Weak Diversity"

    Apparently, the most diverse FPS that's been out since 2016 is incredibly weak when it comes to diversity...or thats just what this article is saying. From Doomfist being the "only black hero" to Symmetras devi skin being offensive, lets break down this article that further proves that "game...
  23. KrenzyHD

    Commentary Looking for Collabs! - Small Commentary Channels

    I am looking for some small commentary channels who make good quality content who I can collab with. I have 224 subscribers at the time of this post but I'm not really too fussed about the sub count- as long as you are entertaining and produce content of a high standard. I make "reaction...
  24. buzzcuts

    Why Saberspark's Globglogabgalab Videos Were Removed from YouTube

    Not sure if anyone's been following this issue with the infamous Globglogabgalab, but I think it could have important ramifications for YouTubers.
  25. buzzcuts

    Did Ren & Stimpy Warn Us that John Kricfalusi was a Predator?

    Bit of a controversial one by my standards...wanted to tackle the hot-button topic of the sexual harassment allegations against John Kricfalusi, the creator of Ren and Stimpy.
  26. Alter

    Gaming Collab, Group Channel, whatever. Let's Record. Let's Have Fun !

    I made a post awhile back stating that I'd like to do a commentary channel. Now while that is still on the table, I have decided to be a bit more open minded and more flexible in what I can do. I do own PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U. While I am not against console, I strongly push for PC...
  27. AriMullen

    Other Sonder: A Global Collaboration

    Hey, y'all! My name is Ari, and I have a proposition for you. Four years ago, I created an online ”magazine” through a writing website called Quotev. Journalists fluctuate, and we hardly reached two hundred readers before it ended in 2017. Yet the experience has led me to crave that kind of...
  28. Alter

    Gaming Post Commentary Channel with additional Live Commentary content.

    DISCLAIMER: This is a long post. For all those reading, I have had trouble in searching for like-minded individuals seeking the same thing as me. So I brought it upon myself to well, create my own post specifically stating what I am interested in. Currently, I have two ideas I'd want...