Commentary WANTED: co-host for book/anime PODCAST.

am going to keep this short and simple. PM and we'll talk some more.

My email:

am looking for people to start a book/manga podcast with. the podcast will be divide into two parts:

a ''morning and night'' podcast. am thinking of making so we have two recording session one for the morning and one for the night.


this will be a strictly book podcast and we're going to read through an entire book regardless on the subject be it political, historical,philosophical, occult ,etc


this podcast we'll pick a manga or anime series and read or watch it all the way through and shoot the s**t about it. this one will be a bit more chill and laid back.

i have a couple of other ideas that i would like to try with theses podcast but going to leave at that for now.


2. critical thinking skills. since we're mostly going to be reading i need people who can think about what is begin said in the text begin read and who can try and give a reasonable response on what we just read. am not saying you need to be a super genius but can give real commentary. also SOMEONE THAT ACTUALLY READS WHAT WE ARE GOING TO TALK ABOUT.
3. right now am still trying to figure out how am going to record and scheduled this so right now scheduled isn't too important but once we put things together can be Constance.
4. having fun! *(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ\*:・゚✧*


I don't have a channel or anything set up yet because i want to find a steady line up of people first and see if we jell well.

if you have further questions leave a comment or pm me.