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I am looking for some small commentary channels who make good quality content who I can collab with. I have 224 subscribers at the time of this post but I'm not really too fussed about the sub count- as long as you are entertaining and produce content of a high standard.

I make "reaction commentaries" and have been influenced by YouTubers such as Memeulous, WillNE and Pyrocynical.

I can't seem to post links on this post but if you go on to my channel and look at some of my recent videos, you can see the kind of content I make.

To find my YouTube channel, search "Krenzy" or "KrenzyHD" on YouTube.

DM me on Instagram or Twitter if you want to collab: @KrenzyHD (I'm very active on these social medias)

If you have neither of those social medias, you can message me here but I can't guarantee a quick response.

Have a good day :)

- Krenzy
The OP of this thread hasn't visited the forums in over half a year, so I've locked this to prevent confusion about active collaboration threads.
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