1. S

    Business Proposal/ paid partnership/ sponsorship

    Hi, This is Ely, I have a business proposal to those youtuber has 1000 subscribers, 5-10 vids with 1000 views. to promote our platform. Please message me on telegram @elyddy . if you're interested. I'm looking forward to collaborating with you. Thank you.
  2. DMSounds

    Music Searching for a cover collab

    Hello everybody! I'm looking for someone interested in doing a collab for my song covers channel. The song would be based on Bendy and the Dark Revival and will be only on YouTube and Soundcloud without the monetization. I'm especially looking for a female voice in Spanish (although the cover...
  3. K

    Gaming Nevermind

  4. cyanrebel

    Gaming Looking for a recording partner or group

    Before I get down to business, I'll introduce myself a little. My name is Lance, but most people just call me by my YouTube / Twitch username (Cyanrebel,). You can choose whichever you want to call me. I mostly play Minecraft and Roblox and Modded Minecraft, but I sometimes explore and play some...
  5. J

    Gaming Need Youtuber To Collab

    Hi there, Are you are YouTuber? Are You a gamer? Do you play any game on YouTube? Do You Play Free Fire? My Channel: Yes you all are welcome.. We are waiting for your response. Regards, Jabed
  6. Little096

    Gaming I'm looking for a Creator to partner with!

    I am currently in the process of turning my channel around after taking a series of long breaks. However, I don't wanna do it alone this time. While this may not be a permanent partner ship, I'm hoping to find someone that I can genuinely get along with and can enjoy making content. I don't...
  7. GustyYT

    Collab to get views

    hi! im gusty and this is my first ever post i want to do a gaming Collab and yeah i play lots of games for pc like Minecraft gmod rec room GD vrchat csgo tf2 and roblox.... ill get it again if someone wants to do that and yeah really just be over 12+ and im a dude btw lemme know if u wanna Collab
  8. P

    Gaming Looking for a collab for Fortnite videos

    Hi everyone, I am a female streamer, 26 years old and looking for people to collab with. My main game at the moment is Fortnite. I've been streaming on twitch for over a year and just started posting videos on youtube. I am currently at 43 subs. Would like to find some people to make Fortnite...
  9. F

    Gaming Does anyone want to collab

    Does any body want to collab with me in codm or rocket league sideswipe or anything it's up for discussion
  10. Willum

    Gaming Looking for some Minecraft FRIENDS! :)

    Hey I'm a new Minecraft Content Creator, been playing the game for almost eleven years now, I'm a Canadian so I already know I'll be told I have a accent lol Looking for some people who love Minecraft as much as I do, someone I can become friend with and get to know as the only friends I have...
  11. Youth for Clean Media

    Other Calling all content creators!

    Hi, my name is Liam and recently I started Youth For Clean Media! We are a group of kids who want to bring together anyone and everyone who makes clean stuff! Here is a little bit about my channel and the requirements: Channel Type: Community/Collab (I promise that it is not an MCN) Type of...
  12. PMighty

    Gaming Streamer looking for friends!! :)

    Howdy, I'm Pat. I enjoy Call of Duty, Maryjane, Cars & Alcohol. I'm a hoot. Trust me you'll have a GREAT time. I'm looking for streamers to collab with and help each other expand. I play warzone, cold war, and soon Forza Horizon 5 content will be ready to start rolling out!!! Stop past my...
  13. O

    Gaming Content group

    Hi there I'm Adam and i am 16, I'm more known as optics on YouTube. I would like to create a content group around gaming and some reaction if we decide to. I am looking for around 5 people (doesn't matter exactly) around 16-18 years old and unique in both their creativity and their...
  14. Kenz0

    Gaming Looking For Halo MCC Collab and Minecraft

    Hey Everyone I'm looking for some people to do some Collab's with on games like Halo MCC & Minecraft (MAINLY LIKING FOR HALO COLLABS for some fun custom games i would like to have a group of 5 to do this with) (I do play other games but i would like to make Collab's on those games first) Please...
  15. along4therid3

    Collaboration/Partnership -- Help

    Hi. My name is Chris... I am looking for a YT collaborator (my channel specifically deals along the lines of cars/car enthusiasts and I.T./Computer types of areas). I would really like to find a few like minded YouTubers to grow our respective channels (or even start another one together). I'm...
  16. along4therid3

    Other Collaboration -- I.T. and/or Cars --- Looking for a partner or two

    Hi. My name is Chris... I am looking for a YT collaborator (my channel specifically deals along the lines of cars/car enthusiasts and I.T./Computer types of areas). I would really like to find a few like minded YouTubers to grow our respective channels (or even start another one together). I'm...
  17. I

    Gaming Looking For New FRIENDS

    Hi, my name is Riley Kerr and later this year I’m going to be launching my Gaming Channel with my Fiancé. We have purchased a expensive drawing tablet and will be hand drawing our gaming thumbnails and I’ll be editing them every Friday and publishing one video a day. we are looking for new...
  18. M

    Gaming Looking for collabs on PC, Long term and Short term

    Hello all! My name is Alex. I am 21 with a YouTube channel called, Netics. I am currently looking for people to record games with. I also currently have about 10 different people I've talked to about recording, almost everyone wants to, just wanting more to network my channel. My channel is not...
  19. J

    Gaming Looking for a group of youtubers to make offensive brain dead jokes with on Rainbow Six Siege

    I'm trying to find a group of youtubers to collab with. Must have an offensive sense of humor and not be afraid to make ****** up jokes. Must be 18 or older. We will be recording on pc. IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED AND DONT HAVE AN OFFENSIVE SENSE OF HUMOR THEN DO NOT JOIN THIS THREAD.
  20. P

    Looking for someone in the beauty niche to collab with

    Hi there every so I am in the beauty niche and I am looking for someone to collaborate with who wants to do a more darker makeup style or gorey prosthetic makeup look please comment down below if interested ? Or email me at
  21. T

    Gaming Minecraft collab with a 1k+ Subs youtuber

    Hey fellas, I’m a really small YT channel with only a few subs. So I’m wondering if anyone with around 1k subs (or more) wants to collab? Or even better if anyone has a good vanilla smp similar to Hermitcraft to join that would be tons of fun. I’m a good builder and I have a few video ideas but...
  22. J


    Yeah just keeping it simple I’ve started a good ol’ YouTube channel and wanting to get more invested in. I’m looking for a crew who can have a good laugh with and bounce jokes off each other. discord:CatSays”No”#8433 Channel:
  23. JoshPolaris

    Gaming Join my D&D Twitch Group!

    Hello! I'm dropping this here for any content creators that may be interested in forming a live D&D group on Twitch with me! My only requirements are that you be 18+ and have a functional webcam! There's a video on my channel (search Josh Polaris) that should explain this is in more detail...
  24. Mobileidiotgamer

    Gaming Looking for anything

    Hey, I've got about 500+ Subs on YouTube and, even though I haven't posted on this website in forever, I'm looking for some people to f**k around and play games with. I've got Stardew Valley, MC, GMod, Terraria, Dead By Daylight, and a lot other games to mess around with. Don't care about...
  25. H

    Gaming No commentary gaming collab

    Hi guys, I recently started a youtube channel where I post mainly fps games without commentary, in 1440p and 60 fps. I would like to collab with other channels that do the same and try to grow a nice community together!
  26. Momfat

    Gaming I am looking to collaborate

    I am looking to collaborate with other small YouTubers. I want to play Minecraft and survive in a hardcore world for 100 days with one or more small YouTubers, does anyone want to collab?
  27. G

    Meet Up/Gathering Among us Modded collab

    Searching for ppl to play modded among us with. If you are Interested use this form: And say that you want to collab in modded among us. You can also dm me on discord if you want to collab. Crepe#1234. My discord server is...
  28. ReMixzGaming

    Gaming Want to gather all content creators!

    Hello Everyone! My name is ReMixz (the "z" is silent) I'm a small streamer and I'm looking for youtubers/streamers to play with and stream with. I don't care if you are starting out on youtube or twitch or have 5 followers or anything like that. I just want people that are at least 17+ to join...
  29. Christopher Gainz

    Meet Up/Gathering Collaboration

    Hey would anyone like to collaborate with me?
  30. I

    Gaming Rust server for cool people

    So I've been talking to my friends and just people I know who play on PC about creating our own Rust server (AKA buying a ready server with low ping and etc). We would need 25 people at least to make sense. We would prefer people who don't really know the game well so we can all start off...