Gaming Looking for a recording partner or group


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Before I get down to business, I'll introduce myself a little. My name is Lance, but most people just call me by my YouTube / Twitch username (Cyanrebel,). You can choose whichever you want to call me. I mostly play Minecraft and Roblox and Modded Minecraft, but I sometimes explore and play some other games. I am 17 and live in the US. Currently (while I haven't started school), I am available pretty much anytime. Once school starts, I will most likely be available on the weekends, maybe sometimes later in the day on the weekdays (depends on how much hw I get).

Ok so now to the business part. I am looking for a person or a group (depending on how many people reply to this) to do some collabs or maybe even more than that, depending on what you want. I am okay with doing almost any game, but I don't exactly enjoy playing a game that is just a gun game (Valorant, CS Go, Etc) but maybe that is just because I haven't played any before so I would be okay with trying. Just know, I am a very chill guy, I don't swear, and it'll take a little bit of time for me to warm up to the person that responds.

Here are some requirements (I can make an exception for a couple but some are mandatory for obvious reasons):

  • Have some sort of mic, preferably something that is decent, the less background noise the better
  • Preferably don't swear while we record (or stream if we do that), but I am okay if we are having a conversation and you swear
  • Have a computer (most of the games I play or will probably play will be on computer) but if you don't, I do have a switch and a vr headset
  • Don't be disrespectful and use common sense

Other than that, I look forward to talking to anyone that wants to join me in making videos together. You can contact me through my discord. It is CyanRebel #5104.