1. PresidentPoverty

    Gaming I'd like a review of my newest video! Thanks to anyone who is willing to spend the time to give me criticism.

    Put alot of effort into this video. I feel like my editing skills are making alot of progress :) . Feel free to give me criticism also :3.
  2. A

    Gaming What 300hrs of sniping looks like in warzone

    Check it out bois you wont regret it ❤
  3. Mobileidiotgamer

    Gaming Looking for anything

    Hey, I've got about 500+ Subs on YouTube and, even though I haven't posted on this website in forever, I'm looking for some people to f**k around and play games with. I've got Stardew Valley, MC, GMod, Terraria, Dead By Daylight, and a lot other games to mess around with. Don't care about...
  4. M

    Gaming I Spent 100 Days in a Zombie Apocalypse in Minecraft...

    Welcome to Forge Labs! I review video games and discuss video game industry things. On the channel I post gameplay experience reviews, video essays, and satirical pieces that I hope you find entertaining. Enjoy! Watch this video to see what happened :
  5. ChikosoTALK

    Gaming My newest video

    Please check it out, it's a meme about speed running videos that's why it's not at good quality (no excuse)
  6. omodenyel

    Gaming Gaming collab with me??

    Hey everyone, I want to create an entertaining video on youtube. It doesn't matter if you have 0 or more subscribers, just be active always. Our focus will be having fun, entertaining, and bad words are allowed but not too much. It'll be great if we stay together in a long-lasting group. GAMES...
  7. WarriorDan

    The Uncertain Future of Phasmophobia in 2021 And Beyond

    In this standalone discussion video, I discuss the uncertain future of Phasmophobia in 2021, citing a majority of sources, including the official Phasmophobia patch notes, the current pattern of prior Phasmophobia update releases, and information about past and future Phasmophobia patch releases...
  8. ReMixzGaming

    Gaming Want to gather all content creators!

    Hello Everyone! My name is ReMixz (the "z" is silent) I'm a small streamer and I'm looking for youtubers/streamers to play with and stream with. I don't care if you are starting out on youtube or twitch or have 5 followers or anything like that. I just want people that are at least 17+ to join...
  9. R

    Gaming Looking for a collab or group

    I am looking for a group or somebody to do collabs with for making friends or doing it for a long time together i just started youtube so nothing matters and i just want to have fun and meet new people so if you want to contact me here is my discord Ready Gaming#4147
  10. N

    Gaming searching for a Group for Funny Moments

    Hey I'm searching for a group of people to make funny moments videos with. Games I play: Minecraft, League of Legends, Valorant, Overwatch, Rainbow 6 and more. Normally CS:GO as well but that game is really buggy recently. If you wanna play with or if you have a group that I can join, reply! :D
  11. I

    Gaming Rust server for cool people

    So I've been talking to my friends and just people I know who play on PC about creating our own Rust server (AKA buying a ready server with low ping and etc). We would need 25 people at least to make sense. We would prefer people who don't really know the game well so we can all start off...
  12. The Ape

    Gaming Searching for passionate PC Gamers to make a dream squad with, for my gaming channel.

    Hello Friends, I am a small budding youtuber who has just started YouTube and has taken it as full time career. I am very passionate about being a popular Gaming Content Creator on Youtube. But in gaming you need friends to play with. This is why I am here to find best friends from around the...
  13. Sam Wolfie

    Gaming Java Minecraft Server YT Collab??!/ Discord Server Gaming

    Hey, I am 19 years old and I am looking for other gaming YouTubers who want to collaborate on opening up a server for a bunch of us to stream and record videos together. We will have a discord server to be able to communicate and talk and we will mostly stream on the weekends and sometimes...
  14. SaifRom

    Gaming collaboration request.||+18||chill and fun

    Hi! i'm Saif. I'm a small time youtuber from tunisia with 62 subs and i've been neglecting my yt channel quite a bit due to my studies. so , i'm looking to get back into the game since i have a 2 week vacation. my youtube channel is ...
  15. WarriorDan

    Team Fortress 2 Smissmas 2020 event [First Impressions]

    Decided to spend 10 minutes talking about Valve's newest and somewhat unexpected holiday-themed TF2 major update, Smissmas 2020.
  16. D

    Gaming Gaming Collabs (Minecraft PC, Among Us +)

    Hello everyone, I run a youtube channel with 4.22k subscribers, called Danzar! Here's a link: I'm looking for a youtuber/youtubers to collab with for pretty much anything, preferably gaming related! I average 500-2k+ views on my videos consistently and was hoping to find...
  17. LunarCeliuo

    Gaming Discord Server To Meet New People To Collab With!

    Hey, ShadowFire here! I've been working on a discord server for people to join and get to know other people looking to collab and hopefully find a group they're comfortable with! It's really for vibing, meeting new people, hanging out, and making great content in the same place. There are rooms...
  18. G

    Gaming Gaming Collaboration

    Hi. I am looking for someone to make a youtube video with. I currently do gaming, vlogging and podcast videos. I am looking to make a gaming video, top 10, or tier list video with someone. I currently have a little more than 50 subs. I have been getting more and more views recently. I am...
  19. LunarCeliuo

    Gaming Looking For New/Smaller channels to collab with

    Yo so uh... my name is ShadowFire and I'm looking for some new people to collab with. I had to do some rebranding so my stuff is kind of a mess. I play Valorant, CSGO, Among Us, Minecraft, Roblox, Phasmophobia, and Left 4 Dead on PC. I also play Minecraft, just about any Call of Duty...
  20. Kidslovenija

    Gaming looking for youtubers to play fortnite, among us, fall guys, minecraft...

    Im just looking for a collab at some video games for content
  21. MiddleBlock

    Gaming Independent creators business opportunity - Passive Income

    We are looking for independent creators from Tech/Gaming/Unboxing and review genres (vloggers, influencers, reviewers, etc..) for revenue-based publishing. The idea is to create a passive income channel for indie creators, based on existing videos or specifically made ones. For more...
  22. D

    Hello - I am new and trying to improve my indie-game dev channel

    Hey there, i try to create a game and keep my self sane while doing videos in the hopes to get some feedback. Well: I hardly get any feedback - i guess the videos are not that great yet. I would like to improve the quality of the videos. Here is an example. So that is my goal why i signed up...
  23. JTanalepy

    Gaming Looking for YouTubers to make video's with

    Hello, my name is Jaël (JTanalepy). Me and a friend of mine, Tijmen (TGC) make YouTube gaming video's. We started to do YouTube serious since a few months ago. I have around 150 subscribers and Tijmen has about 200 subscribers. We play a lot of different games and we like to play more, but we...
  24. The Kelloway Guy

    Gaming Looking to play Among Us, GMOD, Minecraft Java and Phasmophobia

    My YouTube channel Requirements. Age: 13-16 Have at least 20 subscribers Would be nice if you were in a GMT+__ timezone know how to edit If you meet these requirements email me at [] then message me on discord...
  25. P

    Gaming Community for games

    Must be 18+, lookin to have a large group, message me on discord leever#6553
  26. WarriorDan

    Is Mafia Definitive Edition Worth Buying? [Game Review]

    Just put up a new in-depth game review of the recently-released "Mafia Definitive Edition", developed by Hanger 13, and published by 2K Games. If you enjoy the video, or have any feedback for me, please leave it as a comment below the video, as it's easier for me to check there than it is here...
  27. firestonemander

    Gaming I am looking for a group of people to collaborate on fortnite,minecraft or Among us

    I am looking for a group of people to collaborate on Fortnite, Minecraft or Among us my discord name is firestonemander#3534 just message me here if you are inter rested
  28. TheEzeJC

    Should I make videos for growth or personal fulfillment?

    Hey I’m Eze, I have recently been trying to get back to my YT channel after not recording for over a month, but I’m struggling deciding what to record. I want to grow my channel and have fun, but it seems I can only do one. For example, I want to upload videos about smash bros, valorant, and...
  29. A

    Gaming i am 14 years old and want youtubers/gamers to collab and have fun

    my name is Aaron Fritz i am 14 years old and i need youtubers or gamers who want to create a new youtube channel i have a strategy and ideas to post videos and gain subscribers the requierments are : you have to be 14 years old ,15 and 13 will also be considered most...
  30. Bleu

    Gaming Looking For Funny Pc Gamers to Collab With !

    (REPOST) [NEED ASAP] YO whats up my name is Bleu I'm a youtuber with 790 subs and i also stream on twitch pretty often i'm looking for a few people who play pc games and have a funny personality preferably ill be stream and recording almost everyday trying to grind to my first 1k and also help...