1. ZaFoxHD

    Gaming Looking for up and coming youtubers to make gaming videos with!

    Hi there, I'm ZaFox but you can just call me George, I have a youtube channel with around 200 subscribers. I make funny gaming videos and the occasional irl/reaction video thrown in as well. I want to find some people who make similar videos to mine with a similar amount of subs so we can make...
  2. Ceriv

    Gaming Looking for a group of friends to play and record with

    I play on PS4, PC and switch. I have been looking for people to play with for a while since my old group disbanded and we all went our separate ways. So hit me up if you're interested. Discord is Ceriv#4732 And I have a good amount of single player games I like and the same can be said with...
  3. RealHift

    Gaming Starting a group of friends

    Yo, I'm starting a group of friends that want to grow on YouTube together, I'm looking for people to record with, if you're wanting to grow together as friends on YouTube hit me up! Hift#7507 I'm not looking to brag about subscribers or views, personally getting back into YouTube and a group...
  4. N

    Gaming Gaming and youtube collabs

    Steam games and Youtube: looking for gamers to join my discord server to play games and record such as: DBD Raft Minecraft We need to go Deeper GMOD needs: Age:18+ must be must have any of these games (preferably Raft and We need to go deeper) UK or USA based or knows English well My discord is...
  5. Dizzy The Giant

    Gaming Anyone wanna collab on some anime gaming videos?

    Hey, I'm a small creator who wants to grow his channel, I mainly play Dragon Ball FighterZ, but I'm down to expand my content as long as it stays within anime. I play on PC all of the time, so it would be great if you also play on pc. I'm trying to build a group of people, but even if its one...
  6. F

    Commentary Looking for Co Host On my Podcast on my channel with 1k subs

    YT Link - I am looking for a chill person to be my co host who shares the same interests as me: - TV shows - Movies - Gaming - Star Wars - Lego - YouTube To Apply leave your yt channel link if you have one Your twitter...
  7. Wesugoi

    Gaming looking for people to collab with

    Hi, I've been working on videos for the past year and made over 100+ videos (they're all edited) despite that. I would love to play with some people that have a youtube channel as well so we could "work together" somehow and have the FUN of course. - so dm me if you're interested in twitter...
  8. Optimisticshyguy

    Gaming Funny Moments Videos

    Hey, I'm Josh my channel is called Sugar Rush! I'm a small channel that does various sorts of let's plays and I'm looking for someone who I could make some funny moments videos with! I play games such as GTA V, Minecraft, Gmod, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, etc. If you're interested you can...
  9. ItsScarecrow

    Gaming Looking for people to play Java Minecraft

    Hey, I'm Scarecrow. I make funny moments style Minecraft videos. If anybody's down to play and potentially be video buddies then DM me on discord: Scarecrow#4245 Sub count doesn't matter, preferably at least above 50 subs Preferably around my age (15) My channel...
  10. T

    Need opinions regarding videos discussing game leaks/rumors. (Ethics, etc)

    I'm a big call of duty fan, and video game fan in general. Theres a huge amount of hype around the game and discussions on new weapons in the game, speculation on future games, updates to the Battle Royale, etc. I'm sort of torn, because while I recognize that people want to discuss these...
  11. HellOnEarth215


    Some of the greatest video game content known to man. I have a great idea that will help every Youtuber get subscribers. But there's only one catch, you have to pay it forward. Let's help each other reach 1000 Subscribers.
  12. Y

    Gaming Youtube gaming collab

    Hello everybody, my name is FuryPire, and I'm currently bored out of my mind from the damn quarantine, so I decided to start, once more, posting videos on my channel. That said, I still need people to play and record with, since the more the merrier... or something like that? Requirements: Must...
  13. K

    Request Looking for a new Logo and possibly and Intro

    Hey guys im new to the site because im looking for a new logo and maybe an intro if the asking price isnt too much. My channel is King Turtle Gaming, so i want a Turtle King to be logo. Right now i am using a King Franklin the Turtle. Im hoping to switch to something that isnt copyright lol. And...
  14. YTMillsey


    Hey everyone here is my most recent video I'd like to be reviewed currently no commentary as new headset is on route to delivery after breaking last one. latest video Please also check out my channel, give my about me a read, look at recent video thumbnails and channel art and give me...

    Gaming Collab for Minecraft Survival series (England) (PC)

    Hi I need a collab for a Minecraft survival series (Minecraft 1.15.2 Java Edition. I might update to 1.16 when its released) (no one lower that 65 subscribers). I need someone from England that makes high quality content. Im a male 14 year old. My Youtube Channel is MRLUCKYSGOLD i have 67...
  16. sw0n

    Gaming PC Looking for a collab (NA)

    Hello, I am 14 years old, i currently have 82 subscribers. I am looking for someone to collab with. I play different types of games, such as, csgo, minecraft, roblox, rainbow6, league of legends, and many others. If you are interested, add me on discord sw0n#2842! (*have to be 12-16 and in NA...
  17. Yzctro

    Gaming Want a PC YouTube group like Fitz, Raccooneggs, Swaggersouls, etc.

    For a couple of years, I have been watching YouTubers like Fitz, Raccooneggs, Swaggersouls, etc. After watching these guys, I have wanted a group that can f**k around and not give a f**k about what they say. I've wanted a group that doesn't have a filter. I've thought about this for a long time...
  18. Merciiless

    New Siege Video!

    Hey guys! I just uploaded a new video and would love to hear some feedback. If you really enjoy it a like/subscribe would be much appreciated!