Gaming Want a PC YouTube group like Fitz, Raccooneggs, Swaggersouls, etc.


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For a couple of years, I have been watching YouTubers like Fitz, Raccooneggs, Swaggersouls, etc.
After watching these guys, I have wanted a group that can f**k around and not give a f**k about what they say. I've wanted a group that doesn't have a filter.
I've thought about this for a long time and this is what I would like my content to be based around.

I play CS:GO, Valorant, Dead by Daylight, GMod, Portal 2, and have a couple of others which I have either stopped playing or don't play a lot.

My YouTube channel name is 'Yzctro' (which is pronounced as Zectro).
I am a very very small YouTuber with only 27 subscribers at the moment. With every video I make, I try to put in a lot of effort with the editing on them.

I'm looking for anyone aged between 15-16

My discord is: Yzctro#9448
I'll try to reply to anyone on this forum.
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Add me on discord BABS#0271
We can collab any game and I’m pretty good at recording and editing
Are u still doing this if so add me on discord Ranga#7735 im 16 I play csgo and valorant and I have a utube with 300 subs but I deleted all my old videos and want to start new
Hey, I would love to do something like this, I have a channel with 508 subs at the moment. I used to post 3 years back but I’m tryna make a comeback, my discord is iExoo#2516, if you’re still tryna do this hmu
Idk if ur still interested in this kind of group but my friend icecream his yt vids have no filter if u want 2 hit him up his channel is evericecream or icecream4ever or something like that