pc gaming collab

  1. 3X_

    Gaming funny moments collab people

    we need active people. don't join if you're not going to be able to record at least %70 of the time. also please answer some questions. I'll answer them too. Questions : What is your channel name? NotZUZE What is your discord name and tag? NotZUZE#4847 but definitely join the certified boys...
  2. Yzctro

    Gaming Want a PC YouTube group like Fitz, Raccooneggs, Swaggersouls, etc.

    For a couple of years, I have been watching YouTubers like Fitz, Raccooneggs, Swaggersouls, etc. After watching these guys, I have wanted a group that can f**k around and not give a f**k about what they say. I've wanted a group that doesn't have a filter. I've thought about this for a long time...
  3. C

    Gaming Looking for small YouTube group(pc) to collab

    Hello my name's Sean , I'm from Singapore, a chinese Asian (LOL). I will prefer people who are closer to my timezone, but if u guys are interested I'm willing to discuss the playing time to see where we can find room for it. Other than that my only requirement is really to be mature (things...
  4. sickvenom

    Gaming Pc YouTubers 17+

    Hey my name is Vince or as they know me as ChinoPlayz on youtube. Im looking for other loyal friends to record with and we can grow together, becasue collabaration is key. Im 19 years old and play really everything but im really trying to get a great series on the new dayz update or something...
  5. PGM01

    Gaming PC Gaming .io games

    Hello, I am a gamer who loves to do .io games here are the requirements a device you can play .io games on good recording software on that same device the subscriber amount doesn't matter because I will shout you out my channel and help u grow :)
  6. Nobodygaming

    Gaming PC In UK time zone please

    Sorry to say but i am in the UK so if you want to hit me up tell me your skype name and ill hit you up.
  7. KrivixHD

    Gaming PC Gaming Squad

    Hey everyone I am 14 years old Im very mature but I like to do funny moments so yah xD. I started a new channel I almost got 50 subs and looking for skilled, and funny youtube creators SO YOU CAN CONTACT*****my Discord is KrivixHD/Herikan#0680 - Must be 13+ years old - Active on Youtube - Active...
  8. SwiftUnity

    Gaming Need ACTIVE Members PC Gaming Collab

  9. K

    Gaming Looking for a Group/Partner Just made new channel!!

    My old youtube had around 2.4k subscribers and if you wanted to know why I made this new channel and looking for some awesome people it's because I was sticking to one game and no one wanted me to play anything different so now im here I play Rust, PUBG, CSGO, OverWatch, and Gmod for major...
  10. sickastronaut

    Gaming Overwatch and rainbow six siege PC collab?

    Hey, just looking to game with some cool people maybe collab , im 22 so 18+ i guess is fine, i run on eastern time(just a heads up). I have 63 subs so anything around or above is cool but not really a requirement. On pc i have: Rainbow six siege Overwatch Gmod Dead by Daylight Battleblock...
  11. A

    Gaming Looking for pc gamers , mainly gta 5 but more as well

    What's up guys I have started a channel but haven't uploaded just yet . My new camera will be here tomorrow to get started . I'm looking for guys roughly around my age (22). No one "G" rated lol. Guys who like to s**t talk from time to time. I mainly play gta 5 but have others such as...
  12. Acidic

    Gaming serious youtube colab

    This is for Pc Gaming Only ! ! ! I need Guys or girls that are dead serious youtubers that are dedicated and willing to be there for the videos and that will be funny and try and talk for the entire video i need 3 more people maybe 4 requirements: You have to show ups as much as possible...
  13. ViciousTNT

    Gaming PC collab 20+

    Hey ladies and gentleberries, About me: 25/M/Denmark Channel: Search for Vicious TNT Subs: 65 as of this morning Games: Majority decision Voice: Discord Message: Looking for guys and gals in their 20s or 30s to join for some fun collab times. I don't expect you to commit to anything, let's...
  14. TheJDGaming

    Gaming Looking for oculus rift gaming group

    I have an oculus rift and recently they have added lots of cool multiplayer games and so I'm trying to find people to maybe collab or just play with on some vr games that I would record and post on my channel. My gamer tag on oculus is JDBOSS13, if u wanna play then just hit me up a friend request
  15. HoTIcE


    I would be down to collaborate. ill paly any game it does not matter! REQUIREMENTS 1.You have to be a PC gamer 2. 12+ 3.A decent mic and headset 4. Skype If you are intrested just comment down bellow or add me on skype: HoT IcE
  16. DubsThaGamer


    Small channel with 77 subscribers looking for youtubers to collab with for gaming channel (funny moments) on the ps4 or pc. PC Games: - Gmod - Fifa 17 - Brawlhalla - The Forest - Dead Island - Minecraft - H1Z1 PS4 Games: - Final Fantasy 15 - Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain - Destiny -...
  17. Chaseocavo

    Gaming (PC) Looking to make a group of friends to record and play games with.

    Hi i'm Chase or Chaseocvo on YouTube I'm looking for some friends to make a group to record with! (kinda like vanoss's group) First i'm 15 and I would like to play with people about my age. My mother watch my videos so please keeps it clean on camera. But off camera we can get a little more...
  18. ViciousTNT

    Gaming PC Gaming collab group - no sub req or other jazz

    Hi there, I'll keep it short: Why I am on YT: to have fun is the short answer. I don't see it as this highway to fame or earning mad cash XD I started 1 week ago and I've had a great exp so far when doing recordings with my buddy, and I thought it would be great to meet other cool people this...
  19. DreaM_HD

    Gaming PC GAMES COLLAB! (700 SUBS)

    Hi! You've clicked on this so you have an interest in collabing! Here is a list of games that I play, If you have some of the listed games and are interested, please respond with your Skype username, steam name and sub count so we can collab! All on PC: - Arma 3 - Battlefield 4 - Black Ops 2...
  20. C

    Gaming Looking For A PC Gaming Group

    Hi there! My name is Cameron A.K.A CamMartians on YouTube. I am currently 15 years old (blah blah) I am here because I am looking for some new friends to make a group together. The games we will play will consist of Garry's Mod, GTA V, Tower Unite, CS:GO, and any other games we decide down the...
  21. DeezNoobs

    Gaming Looking for Agario Collabs

    Looking for agario collabs, you will need skype and i am accepting all agario players who can tricksplit and popsplit, also i have 472 subs and about 20,000 views and i have been in the business for 4 years so i am obviously quite legit. Also i am 13, made a mistake with the date of birth on my...
  22. TheGamingJNY

    Gaming Collab Opportunity for Channels of all sizes

    Hi, My name is Jennifer and I run the YouTube channel TheGamingJNY . I currently have over 200 subscribers and growing. On my channel I make of gaming videos of all kinds. I am interested in working with other people on my channel to help both of us grow. I have worked with other channels...
  23. totallyAud

    Gaming PC Gaming Collabs and Ideas

    Hi everyone! It's been forever since I've been on here and youtube to be honest, however I want to get back into the habit of making youtube video and I was wondering if anyone wanted to collab and make some gaming videos and/or discuss ideas on how to make a gaming youtube channel successful. I...
  24. M

    Gaming PC Gaming Collab! (MC and Free Steam games)

    Looking for someone to do a PC gaming collab! Anybody who has a steam account and a minecraft account with the following things can join!: Decent mic Decent computer Knowledge to create a minecraft server / Steam account (all free steam game access) Age 11-14 (Not required) (I'm 12) Skype...
  25. gymiria san

    Gaming pc gaming collabs

    hey everyone,i do video games on pc, and i'v been looking for people to do some collabs and have fun, if you are interesting comment or send me a message on youtube!
  26. S


    Hey there I'm looking to collaborate with a few people, i want to collaborate with a wider variety of people than my current group which has kind of died out. I play PC games such as GTAV, CSGO, COD(Older CODS). I also play some more open world games. I'm up to play most games. I have been...
  27. Justin Beast

    Gaming PC Gaming Collab!

    Hey dudes! I am looking for a group of people to start a community with and collab with to grow our channels! If you would like to join, please tell me your channel name (your link might not work) so I can check out your content! Games I can play: Rocket League Minecraft Civilization 5...
  28. TheChillGhost

    Gaming PC Gaming Group

    Hey guys, I am looking for some people to play CSGO, Gmod, Minecraft, anything on steam really. I play on PC so if you are interested please let me know and hopefully we can work something out :D
  29. DreaM_HD


    Hi everybody! I'm looking for some awesome people to possibly do a collab with and remain friends with for a long time :) I live in the UK (GMT time zone) so having a European time zone would be great but it doesn't matter too much if you don't - it just might complicate things. If anyone is...