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Small channel with 77 subscribers looking for youtubers to collab with for gaming channel (funny moments) on the ps4 or pc.

PC Games:
- Gmod
- Fifa 17
- Brawlhalla
- The Forest
- Dead Island
- Minecraft
- H1Z1

PS4 Games:
- Final Fantasy 15
- Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain
- Destiny
- Fifa 17
- NBA 2k17
- Battlefield 1
- GTA 5
- Uncharted 4

hmu if interested no requirements really except the usual ( Good mic, 15+ , Kind/Respectful person, Flexible and funny!) that is really it i'm looking forward to it!!
I'm new! I just got all my gear and I was wondering if you wanted to throw a curve ball in the mix and throw in a GIRL gamer in ur group. I'm not the **** type of gamer girl. I love video games. I'm 23 and love every time of games out there and want to try. I'm hilarious to play with, I make people laugh! It'll be worth it.