ps4 collab

  1. KroniclePlayz

    Gaming PS4 Minecraft Let's Play/Series? And/or A Gaming Group?

    I'm looking for a PS4 player or players who wants to do a Minecraft Let's Play/Series! All the rules are below. This could possibly be a gaming group of some kind and/or a YouTube friend group and we could make a dedicated channel on our group! RULES Please link your channel and talk about...
  2. ParanoiaOrigins

    Gaming YouTuber Looking To Start a Group (Mostly on PlayStation 4!)

    Whats up Yall, I go by Paranoia Origins! I am a PS4 youtuber, mostly due to the fact ps4 is the only system that has a video editing software called "SHAREFactory" so pretty much stuck with it. At the moment I'm currently sitting at 33 subs looking for other YouTuber with a PS4, I had been...
  3. WhySoZ

    Gaming Looking for people to make gaming videos with

    Hi, I'm looking for people to make some content with since I haven't been active in a while. My most recent streams and videos I've taken down in order to re-invent myself on the platform but I am planning on uploading some more content soon. There's no sub-requirement. For obvious reasons. I'd...
  4. Paranoia_Origins

    Gaming (PS4) Looking for Serious, Passionate, and Consistent YouTubers To Grow Our Channel Together!

    Hey everyone just wanted people to go and check out my youtube gaming channel, i'm also doing creating graphic designs for all youtubers so if anyone wouldn'd mind checking out my video(s) and telling me how everything looks, sounds, i'm always trying new ideas and such so i'm trying really hard...
  5. Jolttix

    Gaming Funny Moment PS4/PC Collab

    Hi, I'm Jolttix. I have a small group of people that I play with on PC, but since my PC is kind of trash, I have to play some games on my PS4. I play games like Overwatch, WW2, Battlefield 1, Fortnite, and Injustice 2 on PS4 and some smaller games on PC. I'm complete garbage at video games but I...
  6. MrJude12

    Gaming Ps4 Collab

    Looking to make videos with people who want to grow their channel, I mostly play on Ps4 as I prefer it but do play on PC and Xbox One. Can make Funny Moments videos or walkthroughs or whatever you want, I really want to take youtube more serious so I am open to anything I can play just about...
  7. MrJude12

    Gaming Getting Desperate

    Don't care about the amount of subs you have, 18+ though (If you are under 18 still send me your channel and I will see what your personality is) I mostly play PS4 but do have an Xbox one and a good PC I can play just about any game we want (If I think it is worth me buying) I dont have a high...
  8. Matthew Still

    Gaming Ps4 gamers

    I'm looking for some new collabs with some decent people on ps4 !!! All you need is a great sense of humour !!! Id like to check out your channels first thought to see if we are compatible (my channel is FastFire95 or you can use the link below) Oh and one more thing I'm also looking for OG...
  9. MrJude12

    Gaming Funny Moments/Walkthrough

    Looking to collab with anyone willing to make funny moments and do some walkthroughs of some classic games I can play any pc game we want if I am interested Ps4: Rocket league, gang beasts, fortnite, rainbow six siege, star wars battlefront 2, Dead by Daylight, Ufc 3, last of us, Call of duty...
  10. DTay Chaos

    Gaming (PS4)Looking for Fortnite/Overwatch Group TODAY!

    Hey My name is DTay I currently have 629 subscribers and im trying to boost my following and grow my channel im starting to better my content and reach out to more people to collab with If anyone would like to form a "Funny Moments Group" for overwatch and fortnite but these players must also...
  11. Paranoia_Origins

    Gaming (PS4) LF A Long Term Content Creators Who Are Funny and Consistent The Group!

    What games that i want to collab with other youtubers? List of games i have that can be good collabration games: 1) Destiny 2, Overwatch, Paladins, Rainbow Six Siege, Monster Hunter World, H1Z1, and Fortnight (Rainbow Six Siege, H1Z1 and Fortnight) are the the three i have never played before...
  12. Paranoia_Origins

    Gaming Looking For Passionate & Consistent PS4 YouTubers For Collaboration

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  13. MrJude12

    Gaming Funny moments Crew

    Looking for a group of people to make some funny moments videos with 18+ preferably and need to have a good sense of humour I play on Ps4 mostly but have an Xbox one and am getting a pc very soon Ps4 games: Star Wars Battlefront 2 Rainbow Six Siege Call of duty dying light fortnite rocket...
  14. MrJude12

    Gaming Looking to collab

    I have about 60 subscribers, I upload a lot of funny moments and occasionally a walkthrough of a game and would love to start uploading with other people and helping each other I play on PS4, Xbox One and am getting a better pc in the coming weeks Ps4 games I play: Rainbow Six Siege Dying light...
  15. MrJude12

    Gaming Looking to collaborate sub count doesnt matter

    I currently have 61 Subscribers and I am looking to collab with people. Need to have a good sense of humour and can take a joke. Preferably 18+ Ps4 Games I mostly play: Rainbow Six Siege rocket league destiny 2 black ops 3 Battlefield 1 UFC 2 *MORE IN FUTURE* Xbox one: Halo masterchief...
  16. Doodel

    Gaming Looking for Youtubers to collab with (PS4/PC)

    My name is Lukas, but my Youtube channel is called ''Doodel''. Me and one of my YT friends are looking for some people to collab with, since even though we are a ''group'' of 4, it's mostly only us recording. ATM i am at 700+ subs, and looking for someone to play games such as, - FIFA, - GTA...
  17. FPSsufferpoo1

    Gaming Playstation 4 Gaming group

    I play/ upload: NBA 2k18, Call of Duty WW2 and Star Wars Battlefront 2. I also have GTA 5 but do not currently upload it. I have 632 subs and over 120k views. My PSN: SufferYT I also live in New Zealand so it would be easier if you live here or in Austrailia. Let me know your age, youtube...
  18. jacksback

    Gaming Looking for People to make videos with (PS4)

    Hi, My name is jack im 15 and im looking for people to make videos with around my age. I currently have 470 subscribers and im looking for fun, light hearted people. Requirements - 1. around my age (15) 2. have over 100 subsribers 3. ready to hustle 4. have a ps4 5. my games are black ops 3...
  19. stAckzGaming


    Hi!!! my name is stAckZ and im looking for a group of 6-8 people to be in my group! Requirements: -Must have atleast 10 subs -Age: 13-16 -Must have a good sense of humor, great for youtube videos. -Must dedicate yourself to recording and being successful on youtube. -Must have a PS4 -Must...
  20. E


    My PSN is ShinySwampert Im making another YouTube channel called ELUSIVE I've had channels in the past and I'm really chill about this I just need some people to play with, and I plan on collabing with on my new channel! Im 15 btw I have GTA, COD, For Honor (Amazig if someone had), Resident...
  21. Doodel

    Gaming Looking for people to collab with

    Hey We are already a group of 3, but we would like some more people though since that would make the videos a lot funnier. Games: GTA 5 (PS4) Rocket League (PS4) FIFA (PS4) Cards Against Humanity (PC) Pinturillo (PC) Golf With Friends (PC) And other games as well. Must be 15+, have a decent mic...
  22. P

    Gaming PS4 collab

    i want to collab on PS4 and play gta5 with at least 4 people for my videos. I wanna do funny moments and different adversary modes. I'm also up for call of duty collabs. I hav 69 subscribers so far btw
  23. Paranoia O Rigins

    Gaming PS4 Only - Looking for Gamers to Create Fun Gaming Content With!

    1st off Names Paranoia Origins, Whats up? I won't ask for a number of subscribers from anyone because I nearly have 40 myself lmao. I want and hope to bring together 3 people like a 4 man group and record our gameplays and having fun with whatever we end up doing. I'm not looking for the...
  24. Paranoia O Rigins

    Gaming Looking for Awesome Gaming Channels and PS4 Gamers to Do Collaborations With

    I trying hard to find gamers who can work with me and create funny other types of gaming content together as a group. I'm a starting out YouTube Channel looking for people with PS4's to create some gaming content together. I'm pretty much free to start doing that with people at any time since...
  25. I

    Gaming Looking for ppl on PS4 for Funny moments in games like COD and GTA 5

    I'm a pretty small YT channel with a little over 100 subs and mainly do gaming content. I want to focus on funny moments in games and have fun and share with people. I would like for you to be at least 13 years old and be a little not crazy like most young people are. Also would love to develop...
  26. DubsThaGamer

    Gaming PS4/PC Funny Collab/Gaming Group

    Hello everyone, my name is Javo and i am looking for people to collab in future videos! Going to tell you the requirements/details first, then some stuff about me, including games i have in mind What type of videos? The types of videos we will be making are pretty much going to be like Vanoss...
  27. DubsThaGamer


    Small channel with 77 subscribers looking for youtubers to collab with for gaming channel (funny moments) on the ps4 or pc. PC Games: - Gmod - Fifa 17 - Brawlhalla - The Forest - Dead Island - Minecraft - H1Z1 PS4 Games: - Final Fantasy 15 - Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain - Destiny -...
  28. B

    Gaming Collaboration Group is accepting new memebers!

    TCK is opening the door for upcoming content creators. We are looking for more laid back gamers but are complete welcome to hardcore min-maxers Think of this group more of as a clan as we will try to collaborate with every member. We do have a discord server that is essentially open to...
  29. Jonesie

    Gaming PS4 collab?

    Hey guys, I just made a new channel, and I some new friends. I have a PS4 and a hella good mic. I have BO3, Destiny (I'll get the not-so-new update soon), MKX, last of us, GTA, etc. Comment: -Your channel and where to find you -Your age -Sub count -Games -What game you want to collab on -Times...
  30. ClassicShinner

    Gaming PS4 collab?

    Hey guys if you want to do a collab some day hmu on ps4 I have games such as call of duty BO3, NBA 2k17, Rocket League, etc. My psn is YouKnowChris123