Gaming Collaboration Group is accepting new memebers!


New Member
TCK is opening the door for upcoming content creators.

We are looking for more laid back gamers but are complete welcome to hardcore min-maxers

Think of this group more of as a clan as we will try to collaborate with every member.

We do have a discord server that is essentially open to everyone despite if they make content or, not however, their are exclusive content creator channels.
Me and a friend of mine are looking to do some collabs.
We don't really have a ton of experience but are looking to learn alot more.
Your link doesn't seem to be working,
when I tried to look you up I found a channel, but I'm not sure it's yours since it doesn't look all that gaming related.
Hey, I would be very interested in this, i am on the PC and mostly play CS:GO/Rocket League and many other Steam games.