Gaming Ps4 Collab


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Looking to make videos with people who want to grow their channel, I mostly play on Ps4 as I prefer it but do play on PC and Xbox One.

Can make Funny Moments videos or walkthroughs or whatever you want, I really want to take youtube more serious so I am open to anything

I can play just about any game but the games I play most are
Rainbow Six Siege
Gta V
Battlefront 2
Battlefield 1
Gang Beasts lol
Rocket League
Need for speed
I can play any game the list goes on

Check out my channel to understand me better, MrJude12
Hello. I’d like to start a collab with you.
I’ve made my channel very recently and posted 3 videos.
As you know when you start your videos are kind bad. But I’ve gradually gotten better with editing.
Message me on Xbox @
My channel is BuddhaGaming
(Look for the BG in a computer logo. I have 3 vids up)