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My PSN is ShinySwampert
Im making another YouTube channel called ELUSIVE
I've had channels in the past and I'm really chill about this I just need some people to play with, and I plan on collabing with on my new channel!
Im 15 btw
I have GTA, COD, For Honor (Amazig if someone had), Resident Evil, Rocket league, and a whole other ton of games ! Plan on making co op gameplays , as well as funny moments. Just gonna put on the camera and film :)
Btw ya gotta be a character lol, don't wanna talk to any dry people or boring people

PSN: ShinySwampert
IG: @mikkeerg
Twitter : @ElusiveFeets
Yo man I'm lewis from senpai rl and we would love to do a rocketleague, gta or any games collab with you add me or my friend Senpaiiewis . Btw its an i for iewis because the L was taken. tyvm for you time