collab 10 subs

  1. SamMcYT

    Gaming Looking for maybe a minecraft collab or even mabye a group!

    Hi my name is SamMc and Im looking to do a minecraft collab or even mabye start a group to play minecrat! If you wanna collab or even make a group my discord user is: SamMC#2110 Age:13-15 (Im 13) Subs: I Don't really care how many just wanna have fun and make content. My channel: SamMc With my...
  2. M

    Request I need one more person to join this collab

    ik this should be in the collab thread but I don't have access to it. I'm organizing a YouTube collaboration video. I have 2 people ready and need one more, I have 85 subs currently under the YouTube channel Meta Lore Online, if you are interested in joining this collab, send me a friend request...
  3. E

    Small YouTuber looking for a collab

    I’m a small YouTuber looking for another small YouTuber to collaborate with, I make Minecraft Java edition videos as well as other games, my discord is Enrasp008#8337 and my YouTube username is Enrasp008. Just fyi I am on eastern time.
  4. A

    Vlog Looking for a collab (culture differences)

    Hi everyone! My name is Anna and I started my YouTube channel about Russia (as I am a Russian). I'm looking for any collabs on culture differences. This is my second video, please have a look, here I'm answering some questions about Russia.
  5. B

    Vlog Collab

    Hello guys and girls my name is charlie but I go by the name bigchazza. So I live in the uk Essex and I was wondering if anyone fancy doing a collab helping each other out ,, my channel is about entertainment so just my normal day or prank videos or games and travel so I got a like water park...
  6. Dibge

    Gaming Looking to Join or Create a Gaming Crew

    Hey I am a small YouTuber with around 30 subs. I’m looking to create or join a gaming collab crew. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join, just comment your discord and we’ll get in touch! I am looking to grow with and help out anyone who wants to join. That includes collabs, making intros...
  7. Neft

    Gaming 17+ PC Collaberations (Small YouTubers)

    Hey, my name is Neft, I've been doing YouTube since 2012 but just started fresh this month, I'm looking for people that are passionate about creating content and not obsessed with the thought of getting famous on YouTube. The type of videos I make personally are gaming/critic mix, I'm not kid...
  8. B

    Gaming Looking for 5 people who have Fortnite on PC and have either the Floss, Fancy Feet, or Hype emote

    The title pretty much says everything, but to elaborate, I need 5 people to help me make a short little clip for an upcoming project. Everyone who helps will be credited at the end of the project. Participants must have either the Floss, Fancy Feet, or Hype emote. If you have either one of those...
  9. YoutubeJayson

    Meet Up/Gathering Oregon and California creators! Lets collab!

    Hi Are you in CA or OR and want to do a real life collaboration with us?? I am taking a band on tour next month and we want to make a visit with creators in each town to make content for your youtube channel. In one city we will be meeting with a yoga studio and recording the band taking some...
  10. LaVelleLaRue

    Comedy Let's Just Collab!

    OK FIRST OFF I DON'T CARE HOW MANY SUBS YOU HAVE 0 - 1,000,000 I want to have fun period. I don't care where you're located we can make it work. If your down to hustle and make your dreams come alive like I am well LET'S GO! If you're not in the USA that's ok too. I have some skype ideas we can...
  11. Dibge

    Other Looking for people to join in a gaming related podcast.

    Hey, I am looking for anyone who is interested and willing to join in a gaming centered podcast that a couple of friends and I have going. For anyone who is interested add me on discord. SplatHole#8510
  12. TheVividVegan

    Other Looking for other Vegan YouTubers to connect

    Hey there! I've just started out on YouTube but would love to connect with some other Youtubers. On my channel, you can find all things vegan so the people I would like to connect with would preferably have similar interests. I am based in London but I wouldn't mind connecting with people...
  13. Narelle

    Comedy Any youtubers out there located in Perth, Australia

    Hai fam, I was just wondering if there are any small youtubers out there who are located in perth western australia who would like to collab with me in doing challenges? if so please message me or reply to this thanks
  14. tabve

    Gaming Looking to make a crew

    I been looking for more youtuber to collab with. Want to play with people that are creative and funny in games. Subs count not that worry about. I'm 25, play on PC and PS4 I play games like Fortnite, PUBG, shockshell, mostly. If have other game let me. Let me know if anyone is interested or hit...
  15. P

    Gaming Looking for people to collab and make friends....

    My channel is Proconic. For some reason, the link does not work... I play any game!
  16. P

    Gaming I am looking for someone to collaborate with...

    If you want to collaborate with me, just go to my channel, Proconic, and comment! I stay active on youtube!
  17. CrunchyTvYT

    Gaming Collab for xb1 yt

    I do Xbox one gaming on YT and im looking for people to collab with so i can grow! reply and Dm me on twitter for a collab ;)
  18. P

    Gaming I am looking for a GAMING YOUTUBER FOR COLLAB

  19. P

    Gaming Anyone wants to collab?

    Anyone who wants to collab go to my youtube channel, Proconic, click on My first video and comment. I will reply within 1 day. Requirements: 10+ subs Must have 300+ views in total Brand new channel QUICK IF YOU WANT- I GOT OTHER PEOPLE IN LINE WAITING TO COLLAB WITH ME
  20. POG

    Gaming Looking for Video Submission's

    Hi, my name is JGTV and I represent PowerOnGaming on YTTalk. We are a group channel on YouTube. We are growing fast with about 165 subscribers in the last 36 days and we are still counting. We are a gaming group/channel with about 5 members! If you would like to submit a video to POG or have any...
  21. mekaylaray21

    Other looking for art channels

    im a new youtuber looking for other art related channels to collab with. good to have firealpaca/photoshop/medibang. any socialmmedia to contact each other. Will tell skype adn discord when replied to, thanks
  22. Kittory

    Gaming Looking for friends to play video games with :D (Closed)

    Hello! I've decided to finally actually start uploading videos on my channel, so my next problem is a lack of friends. I play a lot of Minecraft, but there are a couple problems with my multiplayer on it. I also have Who's Your Daddy, ARK, and Golf With Your Friends, plus a few other games. I...
  23. E


    My PSN is ShinySwampert Im making another YouTube channel called ELUSIVE I've had channels in the past and I'm really chill about this I just need some people to play with, and I plan on collabing with on my new channel! Im 15 btw I have GTA, COD, For Honor (Amazig if someone had), Resident...
  24. LaZzy Ghost

    Gaming PS4

    looking for someone with a ps4 to collabe with i play rainbow six siege the most right now. contact me through skype my username is LaZzy Ghost. my youtube channel is also Lazzy Ghost if you want to check that out.
  25. RoyDaaniel

    Gaming Looking for Youtube/Twitch Collab PUBG/LoL/CS:GO

    Hi! I recently started making youtube videos and I was hoping to meet someone who would want to create some content together with me and while doing that, support eachothers' Youtube channels. DM me on Twitter --> OGRoikku or message me on Youtube --> OGRGaming :3
  26. Dion.K

    Gaming Need Pc Gamers For YT!

    Hey guys I'm looking for people to record with on yt, I only have 15 subs but thats why i want a partner so that we can grow together. my contents quality is good so far even though i have only uploaded 7 vids because i started 8 days ago and plan to upload 1 vid every day from now on, I have a...
  27. caliInfinite

    Other Collab Anyone?

    Hello I'm Cali, A gay boy and I am looking for anyone that would like to collab on something. My brain is open to any ideas, thoughts, and reason. You can get a hold of me via email- I am not a fan of gaming though so I will not do a collab on that. The link to my...
  28. Tactic Zar

    Gaming Looking to Collab (Any Age) (PC) (Xbox One)

    Hello, My name is Tactic Zar, If you have seen my channel I am up for doing any type of gaming video,I am looking to Collab with anyone. I play Counter Strike, Rainbow six, COD, and I am always down to check out any other games, Lastly I have an Xbox one and I have COD, GTA, and more.
  29. ogelove

    Other I want someone to collab with,am into Entertainment and beauty

    hey great youtubers ,my channel is all about Entertainment and new just like a week old. looking for great collb to improve my views and sub..... thanks and keep smiling...****cheers***
  30. Paranoia O Rigins

    Gaming Looking for GTA 5 PS4 Gaming Collaborations with other youtubers/gamers

    I want to make a collaboration on Grand Theft Auto 5, The Divison, Smite, and Minecraft. I would like to make collaborations on Grand Theft Auto 5, The Division, Smite, and Minecraft (PS4) in which we will be trying all types of things to create funny, random, etc moments for our videos. For...