Gaming Looking for GTA 5 PS4 Gaming Collaborations with other youtubers/gamers

May 3, 2017
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Fort Worth, TX
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I want to make a collaboration on Grand Theft Auto 5, The Divison, Smite, and Minecraft.

I would like to make collaborations on Grand Theft Auto 5, The Division, Smite, and Minecraft (PS4) in which we will be trying all types of things to create funny, random, etc moments for our videos.

For example, on GTA 5 we'd try some heists or other stuff in a private lobby with just us so we don't have random people messing up what we're trying to do. Or like we all fly up high as we can go into the air and see who can fall the closest to the ground without dying. Up to 4+ people.

Another example like on Minecraft building something epic interesting showing people how to make stuff.


Only requirments i ask for is at you have a youtube channel at least 10+ videos on your channel. Age 18+, Able to have time to record gaming content with each other. Must be willing to sub to each other. Able to record hours of gaming content.

1. Have a youtube channel
2. Have at least 10 Subscribers and 30 views
3. Age 18 and up preferred no offense to anyone younger (open to talking about it)
4. Able to record hours of content
5. List each other on their channel so their subscribers can check them out as well. ( reason I say this is it can really help each other gain more subs and views )

Private Messages, PS4, My Email, and Discord. (ask for the information)

I would like us to use PS4 Partys, but also we can use Discord, I would say skype but it keeps crashing too much for me.

The collaboration will take place on the PS4 or Discord both is best for myself at the moment. Like for an example when will we need to submit the content, when will we upload the video etc.
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