Gaming 17+ PC Collaberations (Small YouTubers)


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Hey, my name is Neft, I've been doing YouTube since 2012 but just started fresh this month, I'm looking for people that are passionate about creating content and not obsessed with the thought of getting famous on YouTube.
The type of videos I make personally are gaming/critic mix, I'm not kid friendly I have years of experience with editing and graphic designing.
Its hard to find people to record with that aren't telling racist jokes every sentence, I personally find dark humor funny but I've met people that don't say anything other then dark humor then it gets stale.

If you're 17+ and have a sense of humor and common sense, message me on discord: Neft#6179

Basic Requirements:
Decent PC
Good Quality Microphone (Blue Yeti, Blue Snowball, Audiotechnica AT2020)
Age: 17+

Note: Subscribers don't matter, If you have 100k subs or 10 subs It doesn't matter.