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  1. D

    YouTube is deleting my content please help I will pay $50-$100 a video

    Hallo there, i am gambling and recording it. therefor I have started to upload on YouTube as so many other, but YouTube keep deleting it and giving me strikes. Can anybody help my, because how can prodigy, trainwreck, watchgametv, life of steve and so on to it when I can't. i am looking for...
  2. Obadur

    Bester 1500€ - 1700€ Euro GAMING PC 2021! - Test & Zusammenbauen

    Den besten & schnellsten 1000€ - 2000€ 4K Gaming PC zusammenbauen bei CLS Computer. Der sehr gute NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti & Ryzen 5 5600X Gaming PC 2021 Zusammenbau & Test.. zumindest war das unsere Intension dahinter. Die BESTEN Gaming PCs gibt es auf: Gaming PC kaufen - Einen...
  3. Obadur

    1000€ - 1200€ Euro GAMING PC 2021!, GeForce RTX 3060-Ryzen 5 3600X

    Ein 1000 Euro Gaming PC mit hochwertigen Komponenten? Genau das haben wir in diesem Video für euch zusammengestellt und zwar mit dem ultimativen MSI Gaming PC 2021! Gaming PC kaufen - Einen individuellen PC günstig zusammenstellen und online kaufen & Gaming PC konfigurieren von CLS...
  4. Obadur

    1000€ Euro GAMING PC 2021!! | GAMING PC selber Zusammenbauen

    1000€ GAMING PC 2021, JEDER kann ihn haben!! Warum du JETZT einen PC bauen solltest... bevor es zu SPÄT ist!! Bester Gaming PC 2021 von 500,00 € bis 1.500,00 € zum zusammenbauen!! Test & Zusammenbau. In diesem Video zeigen wir Ihnen den besten und schnellsten Gaming PC für 1.000,00 €. Die...
  5. KooL KiD Gamers!

    Looking for feedback on my video if possible.

    Video took me a lot of time. So was hoping to see some feedback on it! Took me like 3 weeks to get this video done
  6. H

    Gaming Any tips on my ESO content would be helpful.

    Trying to grow my channel and love playing ESO so i figured i would try it out!!! Let me know any tips on my content and how my ESO builds are doing and where i can improve.
  7. Bleu


    [NEED ASAP] YO whats up my name is Bleu I'm a youtuber with 750 subs and i also stream on twitch pretty often i'm looking for a few people who play pc games and have a funny personality preferably ill be stream and recording almost everyday trying to grind to my first 1k and also help others...
  8. Y

    Gaming Anyone want to collab

    Reply if so i do gaming videos and am always open
  9. Wesugoi

    Gaming looking for people to collab with

    Hi, I've been working on videos for the past year and made over 100+ videos (they're all edited) despite that. I would love to play with some people that have a youtube channel as well so we could "work together" somehow and have the FUN of course. - so dm me if you're interested in twitter...
  10. YTMillsey


    Hey everyone here is my most recent video I'd like to be reviewed currently no commentary as new headset is on route to delivery after breaking last one. latest video Please also check out my channel, give my about me a read, look at recent video thumbnails and channel art and give me...
  11. A

    Gaming Looking for collab! on ps4

    Hey, I am looking for long term collab friends! I just started 2 weeks ago and small channel. Looking for to grow up together! Mainly playing Black ops series and COD on ps4 add me on: Acane_Gaming ps4 age: 20+ mature
  12. B


    I’m a small fortnite youtuber and was wondering if anyone was willing to colab. I have 7 subs and am trying to post videos regularly. dm me on reddit at tcat-2424 Discord:tcat2424 #9044
  13. Dibge

    Gaming Looking to Join or Create a Gaming Crew

    Hey I am a small YouTuber with around 30 subs. I’m looking to create or join a gaming collab crew. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join, just comment your discord and we’ll get in touch! I am looking to grow with and help out anyone who wants to join. That includes collabs, making intros...
  14. M

    Want to improve

    I've been making videos for about a year now. I have a gaming channel. I had to teach myself EVERYTHING from editing in Hitfilms, editing in GIMP, what and how OBS works, i was a complete noob. I learned everything from Google and Youtube.I still am no master at it but i continue to try and get...
  15. RealHift

    Gaming [17+] Starting YouTube Again [US/CA]

    Lot of people aren't online anymore nor do YouTube anymore, I just started YouTube up again, full-brand new channel, I'm looking for people in the same boat as me. They only requirements I'm pick about is: 17+ | Good Microphone | Decent PC add me on discord if you're interested: Hift#6179
  16. M

    Gaming Looking for Serious, Long-term Collaborations.

    Hello there fellow YouTubers. My name is Alex. I am apart of a group of YouTubers that are trying our best to upload regularly, edit well, and simply have a good time. However, we are in need a few extra YouTubers willing to do the same. I am making this forum to inform everyone that we are...
  17. Jonzmemes

    Gaming Xbox and pc gamers needed for recording!

    I'm looking to expand my recording group. I've only got 100 subs and all I ask is you have a good mic and are willing to play. Be entertaining and well get along. Reply with discord or twitter names My discord is: jonzmemes#5144
  18. Dawayne West

    Gaming Looking for more people to collab with my yt group

    Hey y'all me and my friends just started our gaming group called gamerz playz we basically mess around on games (on xbox for now) and have a good time we are right now only a 4 man team but we are up to collab with anyone no reauiremnets necessary the only requirement really is if you can take...
  19. cwebxiv

    Gaming Looking to make a ps4 YT group (small youtubers)

    After two years of not uploading ive decided to post on yt again. I've completely started over so i only have the one video from 4 months ago. So far im looking for 3 people. Games i play are: Fortnite Overwatch Minecraft NBA 2k Wwe 2K Borderlands Madden Friday the 13th RDR2 I have more but i...
  20. Gawain Johnson

    Gaming Looking to find/make a PC gaming group

    Yo my name is Gawain and/or MrDynamite and ive been on youtube for awhile just on and off making videos then deleting them and rebranding and things like that. Recently ive been in college so i havent really had time to do anything but now its summer and ive been thinking of really starting over...
  21. BadPixel

    Gaming Returning YouTuber, now streamer, looking for new friends and people to game with

    Hello my name is Jack, or Pixel I am 25, from the UK, I am a PC gamer, and have been for what seems like a millenia, but it's more like 10 years! I used to make videos in the past on various games, up until about November of last year. I then made the jump to twitch and having a blast, and not...
  22. FamousTheSnOOpy

    Gaming Floor is Lava Ltm!

    Little gaming clip I made.
  23. Dawayne West

    Gaming Ps4 or xbox youtubers???

    What a going on y'all I'm looking for mainly ps4 youtubers but I also play xbox. I'm pretty motivated to do YouTube after about a year off and now the grind is gonna be real! I'm pretty laid back and is willing to work with anyone no requirements I mostly play sports titles but am open to any...
  24. Shurikex

    Gaming Looking For A YouTube Partner

    Hello everyone my name is Shurikex I been doing YouTube in and out not at a constant level now with the holidays and and the new year to come I wanna take YouTube a bit more serious my aim is to try and create content daily and hopefully update videos 4 days out of the week. I have a full time...
  25. SuperOGKermit

    Gaming New Gaming Channel looking for people to record PC or Xbox with!

    Hello everyone my name is SuperOGKermit and i am looking for a good group of people that like to play games as much as i do and would like to do some videos together i am willing to play any type of game the games i play the most are Fortnite , Black ops 4 and GTA 5 i got a decent PC i can play...
  26. R

    Gaming Looking for xbox and pc youtubers

    Hey im just starting a new channel and looking for people to collab with. Sub count doesnt matter to me. Looking for people to are humorous and can keep bouncing jokes off right now im starting on xbox but i can play minigame type games too on pc like cards against humanity, uno, etc. I do plan...
  27. Shurikex

    Gaming Building A YouTube Gaming Channel

    My name is Shurikex I'm 24 years old I'm looking to form a new YouTube channel that focuses on Gaming and Technology stuff.Mostly around 2-4 members for content and must have a little bit of YouTube experience.And so is best for everyone on here please have a bit of editing skills...
  28. Ellythium

    Gaming New peeps to collab with

    Hello! I am open for any games from Racing, First Person Shooters, to horror. I am open to all of them :D Platform: I am a PC gamer. Timezone: EST Age: 16+ Subscribers: 191 Channel: Ellythium I would love to have new people to game with and to make videos with. I love meeting new people and...
  29. Ryzer

    Gaming Looking For New Collabs *Xbox One Only*

    Hey Guys Im Ryzer and Im looking for some new people to collab with on xbox one. I mostly play every game like fortnite to madden and many more games. *Requirements* Xbox One, Decent Mic, 13+, At least 350 Subcribers (if u have less we’ll talk, and You have to post frequently like once a week or...
  30. G

    Gaming PS4 Player Looking to have fun collabing with chill friends and make comedic videos

    Hey I'm GamesLikesFraschy and I have a YouTube channel with 50 subs or so, I'm 17 and going into summer vacation with a good desire to have the most fun possible laughing with new friends and making videos that others will enjoy. I just bought my first elgato and I have free time now every...