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Nov 6, 2019
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I've been making videos for about a year now. I have a gaming channel. I had to teach myself EVERYTHING from editing in Hitfilms, editing in GIMP, what and how OBS works, i was a complete noob. I learned everything from Google and Youtube.I still am no master at it but i continue to try and get better. YouTube and everything is very new to me. For the first time in a year, i feel like my channel is starting to grow. My subscribers almost doubled since playing a new game. I really want to take advantage of the extra attention my channel has been getting. I'm not getting people to sub or interact like i hope. I don't want to sound ungratefulI to my current subs. It's awesome that i actually have the viewers that i do. I never thought i was going to get more than a couple views here and there. I don't know if I'm being impatient or if its my content. I started editing and making videos to help fight my depression. Its a great distraction. Gaming really helped me out in some bad places in my life. The friends i made while playing games like Destiny, really saved my life. So, my goal is to help others that are in a similar place. Anyway, i was hoping someone more qualified than i could look at my channel and give me some advice on how i can improve my sub count and grow my community. I really don't have anyone i can ask for an unbiased opinion. Any help would be appreciated. Please don't be too harsh, I'm still learning. Thank you!


Sep 5, 2013
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