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    Call Girls in Bur Dubai +971529537014 Dubai Call Girls WhatsApp Numbers

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    VIP Model Call Girls Sharjah 0564419067 Sharjah Call Girls Numbers

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    Where to Get 0529238486 Bur Call Girls in Dubai?

    Where to Get 0529238486 Call Girls in Bur Dubai, Dubai Call Girls, Call Girls in Dubai, Indian Call Girls in Dubai , Pakistani Call Girls In Dubai , Russian Call girls In Dubai, Bur Dubai Call Girls, bur Juman Call Girls, Deira Call Girls, Marina Call Girls, Palm Jumeirah Call Girls, Al barsha...
  4. H

    2 million monthly views, but with low revenue

    Hi I'm in my second month of monatization on youtube. Had explosive growth with 10,000 subscribers and 2M views in one month. Now I'm really pleased and impressed by the results, but my revenue decreases because my cpm & rpm getting lower and lower. I've checked my audience and it's majority is...
  5. xxkittylee

    Meet Up/Gathering New youtuber from Maryland! Anyone want to collaborate in maryland?

    Hello I'm Kitty, I just started a new youtube channel few months back. I posted a few art videos and one vlog video. Youtube channel is xxkittylee . Not sure where I want to take this page but definitely want to collaborate with some people. Help me get started. Wondering if anyone in Maryland...
  6. P

    Advice on Making my YT Channel more Professional!

    SImply put, I was considering running an Ad to see if I could bring more viewers to my Youtube Channel, I made an Introduction Video for What i do on my channel and created a very cheap ad that ran for 1 day. I got a comment saying "You really paid Money to advertise this" and gained 1...
  7. M

    What are Instagram and Youtube accounts with videos that are poorly edited, but have a large following and high engagement rate

    Hi guys, Could you guys help me out with a suggestion and point out to me the Youtube and Instagram accounts with a large following, which have poorly edited videos?
  8. F

    Should I change my name or start a new channel?

    My channel has a little over 60,000 subscribers, but because me and my friends joke around a lot, they have leaked my identity at school, so teachers, staff, and random kids I don’t even know, know who I am. At home, my dad, mom, both sisters, uncle, and all of their friends also know who I am...
  9. M

    Want to improve

    I've been making videos for about a year now. I have a gaming channel. I had to teach myself EVERYTHING from editing in Hitfilms, editing in GIMP, what and how OBS works, i was a complete noob. I learned everything from Google and Youtube.I still am no master at it but i continue to try and get...
  10. Pochusaurus

    need help. don't know what to do

    How do you guys feel about subscribers sending packages "in good faith" to help the channel out/ to contribute material and such. I live in a foreign country and by that I mean I don't live in america where the general population of youtube viewers are. A subscriber sent me an email saying that...
  11. D

    Help! Video Making Software Advice

    Hi! I make videos (clips set to music, kinda like MTV). I've been using Sony Vegas Movie Studio 11, which I love but I'm looking upgrade as it's ten years old. Which computer and which program would you recommend? Thank you!
  12. kenziecantdraw

    How to Stay Motivated When Subs Are Dropping

    I started building my channel in Fall of 2018. By December I had over 700 subscribers. Unfortunately, due to a mental health issue, I had to take a break from YouTube and was inactive for 6 months. During that time I lost a couple subs, but mostly gained. I was even invited to become a...
  13. Alvarez Gaming

    Gaming Looking To Collab With Apex Legends Xbox One Players

    I'm looking for people who want to consistently make content and help each other grow. Im currently recording and playing a lot of apex legends on xbox one. I have around 370 subscribers and 50k views. Anybody interested please hit me and lets get grinding Link To My Channel...
  14. Alvarez Gaming

    211 Videos 371 Subs 50k Views Please Help....

    What's up everybody so I've been going at youtube for quite some time now and I seem to be stuck. I know of a major effect on my channel is game hopping. I've hopped around quite a few games and I know that confuses my viewers. I just wanted to get some feedback on my channel and what I can do...
  15. BeardyVlogs

    I need your help! Loss of will to record after a long day at work

    YO! so straight to the point. Does anyone have any advice on fighting through the urge to just chill out after a long day? Let me paint the scene for ya really quick. -Wake at 4am, go gym then straight to work after, finish work around 6pm, get home around 7pm. In bed by around 9/10. So...
  16. TeeDottie1

    [locked] I want to give up, advice please!!!!!!

    I'm an emotional wreck right now.. Our view have done nothing but going down, and it really sucks.. Do the people not like us, or what .. idk its just so stressful!!! If you can please give us some type of feedback.. any feedback is good feedback remember that !
  17. SwiftUnity

    Audio Advice - Gaming Commentary

    Hi! I'm looking for advice regarding editing audio for YouTube commentary. I really enjoy how Markiplier does his audio currently. If anyone knows any tips as to making a mic sound like his (in the ambiance), please shoot me a reply. I'm also looking for general advice with audio uploaded to YT...
  18. AaronSonyi

    Hide Sub Count?

    I feel like having a low sub count(I'm currently at 192) can discredit you from viewers taking you seriously. Like they might think you have a low count because you're not worth subbing to. I was wondering if anyone's hidden their sub count when they were small(under 1000 subs) and what kind of...
  19. Elderberry

    Video review

    Hello, I am trying to optimize my sky so that I can attract a bigger audience. Any feedback on this video would be awesome! I really want to get better and what I do.
  20. ASMRher

    Weird video requests from my viewers...I need advice...

    Hi guys, I've started making some ASMR videos about 3 weeks ago. One day a commenter joked about I should tape my mouth while making ASMR no talking videos(I usually do a whisper intro), and I thought it was funny so I made a video taping my mouth. That video did well, but now I'm getting all...
  21. Rad


    I have recently uploaded a christmas video and I had to use the boring old sound effects because usually my videos get copyrighted if I use any songs from youtube... Any advice or sources?
  22. LCGaming

    Any Advice On How To Improve???

    Hey everyone we were wondering if you could take the time out of your day to just give our channel a look and give us any pointers an such on what we could do to improve our channel and or content. We know that our channel will not grow over night, but we are just trying to see what we can do...
  23. PhysicsFreak101

    How to start/improve your Gaming/Funny Moments Channel!

    Okay first off, I've only been on YouTube for a little over 2 years so far, and been making funny moments style content for about 8 months, so if you guys have any other recommendations, please comment them down below! Now that we are done with that, I want to share how I make my videos, and...
  24. Stoner Gamer

    Getting used to speaking to a camera

    How has it been for everyone trying to talk to a camera for the first time. I find it a bit weird at the moment, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. What helps you?
  25. LUXO

    I'm looking for some feedback

    I'm looking for some feedback because I have to be doing something wrong because when I upload its quality content and I'm sharing my videos and still no views and my friend started after me about 2 months and he already has like 100 subs more than me its frustrating.
  26. Cassarilla

    Thumbnails for Cover Songs?

    So, I know that my thumbnails need some work. I've been posting every day lately so it's a lot of videos adding up. Five days a week I do singing/ukulele covers and I'm stuck between a couple of options for the thumbnails of those in particular. Doing what I'm have been which is just taking...
  27. RaskyGames11

    How do I grow and improve

    I've been doing youtube about a month or so now and I've gained about 76 subs. Which is awesome, but here lately it seems like my views have taken a dip and i haven't really been gaining any subs either and i stream a lot and i put lots of hours into the editing to make them entertaining but am...
  28. VeggiesForVegans

    Advice on Channel Design

    Hi there! I am a fairly new YouTuber with little experience. I have posted almost 30 videos, with 14 subs... not growing at a consistent rate whatsoever. Am I YouTubing wrong?, Designing wrong?, What am I doing wrong?!?! Please help... (You'll have to click my channel button at the end of my...
  29. kenziecantdraw

    Best ways to promote videos?

    Hey everyone! I just started posting my first videos this week and I'm just wondering about the best ways to promote your videos? How do you guys promote your videos? Thanks in advance for any help :) -McKenzie
  30. W

    Serious Question

    I know that most you, due to being in this community, will say yes to this question. However, I feel it necessary to ask it, not only for my own benefit but also to have a broader discussion on YouTube. The question is this: Is being a YouTuber worth it, and should someone who is focused on...