211 Videos 371 Subs 50k Views Please Help....

What's up everybody so I've been going at youtube for quite some time now and I seem to be stuck. I know of a major effect on my channel is game hopping. I've hopped around quite a few games and I know that confuses my viewers. I just wanted to get some feedback on my channel and what I can do to make it grow. I posted some stats in the title and those are current as of 4.21.18 any feedback is much appreciated. As of the banner and profile picture I currently have a design being worked on right now and I do plan on upgrading my channels visual.

Link To My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCopT03MGzFMlSf1kYfrdvuQ?view_as=subscriber
Okay so i am guilty of the same thing when it comes to game hopping, so I know how you feel. I am not in anyway a special snowflake myself, but I do see a few things that you can improve. Remeber I am not picking on you or putting you down, just things I see,

1. Your intro is 12 secs long, that is double what you need. if you want a intro it should be 5-8 secs long, shorter the better, and no dub step it died ages ago.
2. Channel art you said your working on, yea it needs some tlc.
3. Thumbnails is one of your biggest issues I see. They need to be neat more focused. Make sure the text stands out, some I seen I couldn't read because it blended together. A little secret when it comes to Fortnite, and Apex, just throw an arrow or 2 in the thumbnail. I don't know why but I add at least one or 2 arrows pointing at things in the thumbnail, it gets double the normal views. Why? IDK kids must love arrows.
4. Maybe to many videos a week. focus on quality not quantity. People rather see a 10 kill streak then 50 1 to 2 kills at a time.

A tip I do not advise, but if you noticed Fortnite/Apex creators that are popular check there content closely. 90% of there stuff is click bait, but they have 20k+ subs, and 100k view count on all videos. Why do people still sub, and watch their videos? They always promise giving skins, and huge amount of V-bucks away for free. Not every creator but a ton of them. Not sure about Apex, but Fortnite community is garbage.