I'm looking for some feedback


I'm looking for some feedback because I have to be doing something wrong because when I upload its quality content and I'm sharing my videos and still no views and my friend started after me about 2 months and he already has like 100 subs more than me its frustrating.
Hi there. I know what you mean. It's not easy getting thousands of subscribers. There are a lot of uploaded videos constantly just uploaded. Keep up the hustle! You are in a very competitive group of channels. Also remember that some channels start off with a little more luck, but in the end I think hard work will really help you earn those loyal subscribers. A lot of channels that have a lot of subscribers and low view counts are because of inactive subscribers. Best of luck!
Gaming channel is niche nowadays especially if your video content is mostly aim towards Fortnite (from the look of your uploads). It hard to gain views if you doing play through since million of people do the same too. Need to spice things up and offered something unique from other gaming channels. Oh yeah, try to work out your thumbnails to make it look professional and not too cluttered. Good luck :)