1. C

    Can you give me feedback on my video?

    Hello, I'm very interested in the topic of YouTube channel development, as well as the possibilities of earning money online and ideally making a living from it. I've launched my new channel through which I aim to achieve this and I would like to receive feedback, whether it's about the idea...
  2. N

    Some coaching for those that's interested

    Hi there! For those of you that needs help with marketing and ways to profit off of your youtube contents,I hope that this will be of some help! I would love to share this with you guys - Feel free to click on this link if you're interested ^-^ - This is a guide for those...
  3. H

    How to start a youtube Commentary channel ?

    Hi guys, so I'm thinking of starting a youtube commentary channel, but I don't know how to come up with content like a famous commentary channel (Leon lush,leafyishere,etc..) , any suggestions on how to pick those kind of topics especially the cringy stuff on the internet.
  4. eoMinecraft

    [Video Review] Does this type of content have a future?

    I've noticed that over the years people have been getting into this 'earrape' thing a lot more, so I thought what if i just applied it to the whole video? Do you think there are people out there who would find this funny or?
  5. Darren Taylor

    Progress update you might find helpful

    I want to share an update of my progress on YouTube as many of my fellow small YouTubers might find it useful. I recently posted on this forum that after 2 years on YouTube I got to 2k subs. 1k earned in the first year and 1k in the second year :D I predicted that I would get 3k in year 3...
  6. V

    Voice Changing Female to Male

    Heya, so I'm completely new to this whole thing, YouTube, this site etc. Except for a few years ago when I tried my first hand at uploading Let's Plays. It was a couple cringey episodes of Bioshock but I didn't upload anything else past those videos. The major reason why I stopped was my voice...
  7. courtneyandderrick

    How To Grow Your Channel - Poll

    Let us know the best sources you use to expand your YouTube audience/grow your channel!
  8. mattandmarti

    Newbie: Audio Tips and Advice

    We're absolute newbies and I've been using premier for literally a week, would love a critique of the below. I feel like the overall volume is too low, any standards I should be adhering to or tools within Premier to make sure Im achieving correct levels throughout!?
  9. Rehannah

    How to get out of using a video camera for videos

    So in the past I would use a webcam or film with a phone. I'm tired of trying to prop up my phone to shoot and am saving up for a camera. In the mean time I wanted to try to get away from using a camera. Any tips? My channel is vlog-type but also does music I was thinking of doing lyric videos...
  10. Alvarez Gaming

    Gaming Looking To Collab With Apex Legends Xbox One Players

    I'm looking for people who want to consistently make content and help each other grow. Im currently recording and playing a lot of apex legends on xbox one. I have around 370 subscribers and 50k views. Anybody interested please hit me and lets get grinding Link To My Channel...
  11. Alvarez Gaming

    211 Videos 371 Subs 50k Views Please Help....

    What's up everybody so I've been going at youtube for quite some time now and I seem to be stuck. I know of a major effect on my channel is game hopping. I've hopped around quite a few games and I know that confuses my viewers. I just wanted to get some feedback on my channel and what I can do...
  12. GlobalDayz

    Requesting Channel Review

    I'd greatly appreciate anyone who could provide me w/a channel review. I was recently demonetized last month due to "reused content" following 3 yrs of being a creator & I'm currently attempting to modify my channel & my style to meet the latest guidelines while awaiting response following...
  13. Henners


    Hey, I've reached 100 subs. It has taken me a year and I hope to continue to grow. I would be appreciative for any tips to help further growth. Feel free to watch my 100 Sub Special which is OFFICIAL FORTNITE 2 GAMEPLAY ;) Thanks for reading this
  14. RuuD

    Advice for YT Noobs

    As someone that just got their channel setup, not completely just got some graphics and extra work to do but when im done i want to know how to spend my time wisely on and how to help myself grow. I plan on doing gaming videos/let's plays/walkthroughs. Mainly playing single player games but...
  15. RashadTheCreator

    Editing Tips and Tricks?

    Hey! I've been doing Youtube for over a year now and editing seems to be the part most people like the least. Sometimes I can't wait to edit a video and sometimes it feels like a chore. I was wondering if anyone had any useful tips or tricks in order to speed up the editing process or make it...
  16. AnxoiusAshley

    Making an effective art channel

    Hey so I'm just starting out and I know that I want my channel to be oriented around art and creativity. I love to draw and plan on making most of my videos me drawing on paper, digitally, or using other forms when I feel like it. My editing skills are definitely rough but that aside, what are...
  17. christielaw19

    Channel Review and tips

    Hi guys! I am a new youtuber and I'm still learning all of the ropes of youtube! I was wondering if anyone has time if they wouldn't mind checking out my channel and giving me some tips on how I can approve! I'm still working on a better profile banner, so any ideas or tips on that would be...
  18. PhysicsFreak101

    How to start/improve your Gaming/Funny Moments Channel!

    Okay first off, I've only been on YouTube for a little over 2 years so far, and been making funny moments style content for about 8 months, so if you guys have any other recommendations, please comment them down below! Now that we are done with that, I want to share how I make my videos, and...
  19. Sony1210

    Glowing Baby!

  20. LUXO

    I'm looking for some feedback

    I'm looking for some feedback because I have to be doing something wrong because when I upload its quality content and I'm sharing my videos and still no views and my friend started after me about 2 months and he already has like 100 subs more than me its frustrating.
  21. O

    multiple channels question

    Hello, So I've posted here before to ask this but now have a slightly different question. I know the advice before was keep everything on one channel but I've recently noticed that it's hard for people to tell if one if joking or not. I've noticed this lots with people who are comedians etc...
  22. RaskyGames11

    How do I grow and improve

    I've been doing youtube about a month or so now and I've gained about 76 subs. Which is awesome, but here lately it seems like my views have taken a dip and i haven't really been gaining any subs either and i stream a lot and i put lots of hours into the editing to make them entertaining but am...
  23. Jermone Hunter

    Give Me Some Feedback Ya'll

  24. Abdullahx9000

    Re uploading a video with a few improvements?

    I am really curious to know if it is alright to re upload my video with a few changes. Here is the story: So I put a LOT of effort into making a Big montage with lots of edits. In the beginning of the video I advertised my Twitter account in the first 10-20 seconds. I noticed now by looking at...
  25. GrimKingGrim

    Good format for review videos

    Hey guys, I'm trying to put together review videos for the future and I'm kind of unsure how to format it. Could I get some tips on how to format review videos to hold viewer attention?
  26. iCorkii

    I need advice

    Hi, my name is Alex, I'm a Youtuber with 3000 subscribers. I started making videos on this February 6, 2017, I hit 6k after just 2 weeks by making shooting star videos (the well-known meme). After 2 months I got tired of making memes and didn't have any upload ideas so I decided to upload...
  27. F[VI]E GUYS

    Lightworks Text Plugins?

    I have just swtiched from Shotcut video editor to using Lightworks v.14 (free version). After watching numerous tutorials, I think I got a beginners handle on it. One thing I noticed is the lack of text functions (or at least that I have found). Does anyone know of a place were I can get some...
  28. Henners

    Please review my channel

    Hi, I just reached 20 subs and thanks for all of your support. Could you give me some tips and advice to help me improve the quality of my content so I can continue to grow. Thanks
  29. Henners

    Hey, I got to 20 Subs

    Thanks for all of your support. Please could you give some tips and advice to help improve my content.
  30. Darren Taylor

    6 months on YouTube - My biggest lessons

    I have now been uploading content for 6 months and even though I am still a newbie, I have learned a lot from some amazing people on this forum and on YouTube to get to where I am now (at 447 subs). So here are my biggest lessons. I hope they help! 1 - Start small I used my smartphone on a mini...