1. iRob

    What Is Wrong With My Channel?

    Ok so I have been meaning to ask this question for a very long time but I guess I’m just to scared to know the answer I craated this channel back in 2013 and I have given up on it a couple times but I always find myself coming back to it. I noticed that recently I’ve been getting a lot of down...
  2. IVY

    How to get your first couple subs?

    I am trying youtube now and with an older channel I grew 700 subs in 3 weeks but with this channel in the first 7 days of this channel being up I only got around 2-3 subs. Any Tips or strategies to get get a first initial boost?
  3. JoeyCommon41

    Tips (for getting over the initial hump)

    Hi guys, I'm Joe and I have a question for the forum, a question that I guess really has many answers but I would like the community's opinion. How do you get a channel from no views to views ? So of course there is the content, then there is tags and being smart with titles and such things...
  4. K.piddy

    Need some Feedback

    i would like some feedback from anyone whos reading this, i already know my vid quality kinda sucks BUT what else could i improve, what do yall think? what are some tips and tricks yall used to gain more traffic to your channel?
  5. Your Buddy Gas

    Advice needed for instagram

    Hey guys I've been having instagram for a few days and here is what I've done so far to try to make it bigger Liking other's pictures Promoting to my friends Hashtags (do not work, but still are handy) Following others
  6. Vimiks

    Grow Your Minecraft Youtube Channel FAST

    Yo guys! My name is Vimiks and I’m going to be teaching you how to grow your channel and create a community quickly of 1,000 or more viewers. In this forum post, I’ll be leaving notes from the video about converting the server player base to subscribers, establishing your dominance as the main...
  7. Stephen Scott

    YouTube Scorecard App Launch

    We've been using a technology platform to help us score youtube channels from creators we work with. We are thinking about putting it out in the wild. It would be free, at least for the score and some specific real world tips too help grow along with some best practice a channel might be...
  8. hj154

    Is YouTubing even a possibility anymore?? (Advice needed)

    I enjoy YouTubing, but I haven't uploaded in forever. YouTube is my dream, and I have good software (Premiere Pro/Photoshop) and good equipment, but is it even possible to get noticed anymore? Is it too congested to gain an audience? Any advice or tips? Thanks....
  9. FreshPolygons

    3D Modeling Tutorials and Speed Modeling Videos

    Hi everyone! I just started a new channel focused on 3D modeling, with a beginner's guide to 3ds Max series, tips and techniques, as well as speed modeling videos. If you've always wanted to get into 3D modeling, whether for CG animation, motion graphics, or game design, you'll be well on your...
  10. B

    AdSense - why need a website?

    Hey you guys I'm new here, so sorry if this thread doesn't really belong here... We're planning on starting a YouTube channel. We already invested in a vlogging camera and shot and edited a video (it's not uploaded yet) and totally love doing it and create content! It takes a lot of time and...
  11. John Plays

    What is box4box

    I've been on YouTube awhile now and I've heard of all the usual gimmicks like sub4sub, like4like, view4view whatever but it's only since arriving on YTtalk that I've heard of this thing called box4box. Can someone explain to me what this is and is it as much a dead end as the rest of them? Thanks!
  12. OfficialAuxiliary

    Are my videos confusing and non-funny?

    I try to do my best at being both professional and funny which I hope makes the video more entertaining and easy to watch. What do you guys think, any improvements? Any feedback helps!
  13. ImChazza

    Proxy Gameplay (18-2) - Dirty Bomb - Live Commentary

    Today, we go 18-2 with Proxy! The aim to have the cleanest gameplay possible by trying to stay alive but play the objective.
  14. The Unwanted Letter

    Character dialogue with a mask?

    So i have a character in my film that...well doesn't wear a mask but duct tape, and i want him to speak dialogue, i thought at first it would be weird and unnatural yet Spiderman, Deadpool, and all these characters wear mask and talk through them and it seems so natural i mean yes granted...
  15. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Build Your YouTube Brands - 28 Tips

    Build Your YouTube Brand and STAND OUT! YouTube is a huge platform with millions of channels and maybe even billions of users watching hours & hours of video every second. This can be a huge needle in a haystack when it comes to companies or branding so you need to Build Your YouTube Brand...
  16. ImChazza

    How To Get More Kills in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    Today, we go over how to get more kills in PUBG, with some live commentary gameplay
  17. B

    Conversion rates?

    So my channel is only about a month old, growth the first two weeks exploded ( in my eyes) and i hit about 40 subs, but over the last week or two i've only gained 6 subs but my views are still going up, I just passed 400 views. I did a little experiment and posted a new video and didn't promote...
  18. Jeffrey Saldana

    Any Tips For Vloggers?

    Hi. i was wondering if any of you guys had any tips for me or anyone else as a vlogger? Anything would help
  19. Jerry Mtz

    Tips on Growing audience?

    I've been on YouTube for 3 years now, and I'm stuck at 120+ subs, any tips, or suggestions on what can I do to increase my audience or my view rate but it's not quite working. Any tips or suggestions?
  20. ImChazza

    Any tips for recording in OBS?

    Recently I have started recording with OBS because GeForce had too many inconsistencies. Just wondered if anyone has any small tips or pieces of advice?
  21. HowToDudes

    Constructive Criticism

    Does anyone here do constructive criticism? We really want to know what we can improve on, and don't take it easy on us either. :)
  22. crusadershorts

    [Guide] Script Writing - Scripting A Video: The Process

    [Guide] Script Writing - Scripting A Video: The Process So, YOU are wondering about scripting videos and the process? You've come to the right place. I run a lore and story channel that also produces loosely based video game content as well as videos regarding the background of some of our most...
  23. ColdCoastGaming

    Gungeon - New Boss (How Do I Beat Him?)

    Hey guys, Just put a new video up on the channel (see link at the end of the post) and toward the end I get completely annihilated by a boss I haven't seen before. Does anyone have any tips to beat this guy? I don't wanna read a guide / walkthrough because I'm old skool and prefer to keep the...
  24. ImChazza

    5 Tips on How to Win More Gunfights in PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds

    My first ever tips and tricks video for PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds! Thank you to anyone who decides to watch:)
  25. ProfessionalRik

    Increased Popularity Outside Home Region

    I've noticed that I'm more popular in other parts of the world than in the States. Not complaining; just wondering if this is happening to anyone else or if anyone can think of a way I can build on this potential fan-base. Back when I was on twitch regularly, my most active follower was...
  26. M

    How important is upload consitency?

    Hey guys, I'm wondering how important is consistency when uploading videos, as in, if I upload on Mondays, should I try to always upload on Mondays? I know some channels say "new videos on Wednesdays" and things like that, is it necessary to always upload on the same date and are there any...
  27. Heather White

    How Often Should You Rest & Recover In Between Workouts?

    My tips on why your body needs to rest in between workouts, how often you should recover, and what exactly a rest day looks like. I have more fit videos on my channel and I post new content every Monday & Friday. Come subscribe and join my tribe! The Importance of Rest & Recovery
  28. MechaJake

    When Would You Consider Monetization?

    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to get a gauge from a bunch of you as to when you would all consider monetizing your channel? I recognize that I'm nowhere near the point of considering monetization but I'm curious as to when some of you peeps did. Do you already monetize your work? If so, at what...
  29. BlueSlayrJ

    How to draw in views?

    I just made a brand new channel with the same name: BlueSlayrJ. I plan to do gaming and 2D and 3D animations like blender, but with 0 views and 0 subs, what is the point of even posting a video when theirs such a low chance of anyone even seeing it and I think most youtubers who give tips and...
  30. M

    What to expect when becoming "yt famous"

    Hey everyone, So I received a few more comments than usual this morning (which I'm very excited about!) and as I was responding, I got to thinking, what happens when you start receiving even MORE? People who receive hundreds of comments a day and have to also respond to users on other social...