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Yo guys! My name is Vimiks and I’m going to be teaching you how to grow your channel and create a community quickly of 1,000 or more viewers. In this forum post, I’ll be leaving notes from the video about converting the server player base to subscribers, establishing your dominance as the main content creator, leeching onto servers, as well as giving you a nice resource to learn about SEO or Search Engine Optimization.


This video is a 101 Level video and I will be making more in-depth tutorials on more specific topics later on. I will have 3 main courses for streamers, youtubers, as well as server owners.I will have 3 main courses for streamers, youtubers, as well as server owners. Graphic Design will potentially come later.

Convert Server Players to Subscribers:

This form of growing your channel works the best when you are just getting started, but you can do this at any size. The way to convert server players to subscribers is by “leeching” onto a server. You want to become the main content creator for the server. If you start on a small server with 10-20 consistent players and you have 3-5 subscribers on at a time then your subscribers will be talking about your channel, when your next video comes out, talking about you, your series, and overall just bringing your name and channel up over and over. This is in the hands of your subscribers, but you can accelerate this by interacting with your fanbase while on the server. In turn, this will force everyone on the server into your community. In the video, I give a good example of this and talk about what size servers you want to look at for this method.

Show up FIRST on youtube:

Want to have your videos on the front page of youtube when you search for the title? The way to do that is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a sure-fire way to grow your channel once you have a following. This won’t work most times if you have less than 100 organic views on a video, but it’s not impossible. Once you have your basic fanbase, learning SEO will help you immensely. You can rank your videos higher on google and youtube. My “How to Get More FPS in Minecraft” video ranks #1 for that term with over 150,000 views. My video showed up on youtube above people with 400k views when my video only had 1,700 views.

Your Quality Is Too Good:

Quality is something that obviously will help your channel grow. However, that is not why I have included it in this forum post. The reason I want to bring up quality is to show that there is a fine line in quality. You want to produce good videos that your subscribers will enjoy and will help your channel attract new viewers, but you don’t want to spend too much time editing and producing videos that will only get 50 views. I say this because if you are spending 3-4 hours on a video and it only gets 50 views you will get demotivated and burn out quicker.


This is something that is pretty simple to do and I encourage everyone to do this. Try to become as involved as possible in the community. If you want to become a factions youtuber, join faction discords and talk to other youtubers, graphic designers, server owners, other factions. Just talk to everyone. Also try to be as interactive as possible with your supporters. Find or create a group of other passionate youtubers, graphic designers, and anyone else with a following that you like in the community.

Explode Your Channel:

I hope you guys found this forum post/video helpful and hopefully your channel will start growing daily from these tips. Keep using all these tips and your channel will hit spikes over time and grow rapidly during those times. I hope this helped.

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